Spotify Claims Apple Is Blocking Its EU App: Why the Conflict?

Key Takeaways

  • Spotify accuses Apple of delaying its EU app update for subscription transparency.
  • The app update enables direct subscription links, bypassing Apple's system.
  • The conflict highlights tensions in app distribution and monetization policies.

Spotify blames Apple for delaying approval for its iPhone app update in the European Union.

The update is crucial for Spotify to adhere to new EU regulations. It includes direct links and pricing information for its subscription services within the app.

After being fined $2 billion by the European Union for anti-competitive practices, Apple finds itself at the center of another controversy.

Spotify alleges that Apple is intentionally delaying updates to its app, which are designed to comply with a recent European Commission ruling. This ruling mandates that Apple allow app developers to inform users of alternative subscription options, directly challenging Apple’s previous restrictions.

Conflict Between Spotify and Apple

On March 5, Spotify responded to these regulatory changes by submitting an app update enabling EU customers to view subscription options and pricing information within the Spotify app. This bypasses Apple’s payment system.

Despite this effort to comply, Spotify claims that Apple has not acknowledged or responded to their submission, effectively freezing any app updates, including those for bug fixes or new features.

In a communication to the European Commission seen by The Verge, Spotify expressed concerns over Apple’s non-compliance. The company suggests that Apple’s inaction could be a strategic attempt to avoid adhering to the Commission’s decisions.

Spotify’s frustration is evident as they await Apple’s approval to proceed with the update, emphasizing the discrepancy between Apple’s claimed review efficiency and the ongoing delay.

This conflict arises amid broader discussions on digital market regulations in the EU. European Commission recently intervened in cases involving other major tech firms. The situation underscores the ongoing tension between app developers and platform owners, particularly in how apps are distributed and monetized within these controlled ecosystems.

Apple has not commented on Spotify’s claims or the alleged delay in update approvals.