Spotify Lossless Music Might Cost an Additional $5 Per Month

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Key Takeaways

  • Spotify's lossless plan might cost at least $5 more per month.
  • You would pay about $17 per month to get higher-quality music and other perks.
  • This would make it more expensive than competition like Apple.

A rumored Spotify lossless audio tier might cost $5 more per month, albeit with a few new features.

Bloomberg sources claimed the new plan, possibly called Music Pro, would demand “at least” that premium in exchange for perks like automatically creating playlists tied to important activities and dates. Remixes

Spotify has already declined to comment on the rumor, calling it “speculation.” Code discovered this spring suggests a release might be close.

The company just recently raised the price of Premium to $12 per month. If the report is accurate, Spotify would charge $17 per month for lossless service. That would make it significantly more expensive than Apple Music and other competitors that include high-quality audio as a matter of course, albeit without the same playlists.

There’s nonetheless pressure on Spotify to act. It announced its lossless plan, originally called Spotify HiFi, in early 2021 with the intention of a launch that year. Nothing happened, though, and the streaming giant has instead devoted more of its attention to audiobooks and podcasts.

Music is still Spotify’s main business, however, and the company still dominates the subscription field. Lossless audio could help Spotify keep listeners who want higher-quality sound, but would rather pay more than switch services and risk losing their favorite playlists.