Spotify Premium Launches AI Playlist for Custom Music Mixes

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Key Takeaways

  • Spotify has launched AI Playlist, letting users create playlists by entering text into a chat.
  • For now, the function is in beta and available only for users in the UK and Australia.
  • Prompts for playlists that mix different music genres, feelings, musicians, or time periods tend to be the most successful.

Spotify Premium users now have a new AI feature that allows them to create personalized playlists by simply entering ideas or themes into a chat. 

Spotify combines its algorithm with artificial intelligence (AI) to craft these unique playlists. They are currently available to users in the United Kingdom and Australia using Android and iOS.

Merging Tech with Creativity for Tailored Playlists

The AI Playlist feature allows Spotify users to explore a new level of music curation. By entering prompts related to genres, emotions, or even specific scenarios like “music for a sunny day” or “songs for feeling brave,” the feature offers playlists that match personal tastes and moods.

Spotify users can create playlists using prompts related to locations, animals, actions, film characters, colors, or even emojis. Prompts that mix different music genres, feelings, musicians, or periods tend to be the most successful.

Spotify is also known for helping users discover new music, with billions of discoveries happening daily through the platform. The AI Playlist adds to this experience, encouraging users to use detailed prompts to generate playlists that genuinely resonate with them.

How to Use Spotify AI Playlist

  1. Find the Feature: Open the Spotify app, go to “Your Library,” and click the “+” sign.
  2. Start Creating: Choose “AI Playlist,” then pick a suggested prompt or type in your own. Spotify will then recommend a list of songs.
  3. Make It Yours: Listen to the suggestions, remove what doesn’t fit, and if you have specific requests (like “more pop” or “less upbeat”), you can adjust the playlist further.
  4. Save and Enjoy: Once happy, hit “Create” to save your personalized playlist in Your Library.

AI Playlist Test

Techopedia hasn’t had the opportunity to try out this feature yet directly. However, Jess Weatherbed at The Verge has given it a go and shared her findings on how it performs:

  • Effective Matching: Jess discovered that the AI Playlist could accurately create playlists based on very specific requests. For example, it came up with a playlist filled with techno music suited for a “vampire hunter from Blade (1998),” interestingly named “Blade’s Essence” by the AI, without needing further details.
  • Refinement Options Available: In the beta version of AI Playlist, users have several ways to tweak their playlists, such as adding more prompts or removing songs that don’t fit.
  • Some Restrictions Apply: There are a few restrictions to note. The AI Playlist won’t generate playlists from prompts about non-musical subjects like news or specific brands, and steers clear of potentially offensive content.
  • Jess’s Own Experience: Using the AI Playlists was quick and fun for Jess, making it simpler to put together playlists that align with a particular mood or theme. She found it to be a handy tool for finding new music that suits a specific taste. This feature offers users more control over creating playlists compared to Spotify’s AI DJ, which automatically makes playlists from a user’s entire listening history with fewer options for customization.

Mike Russel has also live-tested this feature on YouTube, as shown in the video below.