Spotify’s Educational Leap: Video Courses Now Streaming for UK Learners

Key Takeaways

  • Spotify launches video-based learning in the UK, diversifying into digital education with content across music, creativity, business, and wellness.
  • The platform offers free access to the first two lessons of each course, mirroring its audiobook model, and integrates these resources within its app.
  • Expanding into educational videos and full music videos positions Spotify as a direct competitor to established online learning platforms and YouTube.

Spotify is venturing into digital education with the launch of video-based learning modules. The feature was initially rolled out in the UK.

Spotify introduces diverse educational content, spanning music creation, artistic expression, business insights, and wellness practices. The company collaborated with educational content creators like Skillshare, BBC Maestro, PLAYvirtuoso, and Thinkific to add the feature.

The educational content is rich and varied, ranging from music production and songwriting to broader subjects such as entrepreneurship, culinary arts, financial literacy, physical well-being, and artistic skills, including painting and digital design.

Spotify Education Hub
Spotify Education Hub | Source: Spotify website

Spotify’s premium and free-tier users can access the initial two lessons of each course at no cost, with the option to purchase full course access afterward.

It mirrors the platform’s audiobook model, which offers free monthly listening hours before requiring a purchase for more. These instructional videos are easily accessible within the Spotify app, under the home and browse sections, or via a dedicated landing page for educational content.

Spotify vs. YouTube?

This move aligns with Spotify’s ongoing strategy to diversify its content offerings, extending beyond music to include podcasts and audiobooks, reflecting its ambition to become a comprehensive digital entertainment hub. Spotify highlights the enthusiastic reception of educational and self-improvement content among its user base as a critical motivator for this expansion into educational videos.

Spotify’s exploration of video-based courses in the UK represents its latest innovation. It positions the platform as a competitor in the online learning space, a market already populated by established entities such as edX, Coursera, and Khan Academy. According to Babar Zafar, Spotify’s VP of product development, Spotify aims to leverage its strong user engagement with audio content to forge a new path in video education with this initiative.

Additionally, Spotify is expanding its content in several countries by incorporating full music videos. It targets a broader audience and directly competes with platforms like YouTube. This video feature is available in the UK, Brazil, Germany, and other countries, with plans for further expansion yet to be announced.