Tesla Cybertruck Updates Will Make It A Better Off-Roader

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Key Takeaways

  • Tesla has previewed Cybertruck updates that will improve off-roading.
  • Special modes will improve traction and balance on different terrain types.
  • There's even support for the Cybertent.

Tesla has previewed Cybertruck updates that should improve the electric pickup’s off-road abilities, even when it’s parked.

An Overland Mode promises better handling and traction whenever you’re driving on deep snow, gravel, rock, or sand. Baja Mode, meanwhile, improves balance and free handling when you’ve turned down stability assistance.

Some off-road modes are tied to specific Cybertruck variants. Dual-motor AWD trucks can use a Locking Differentials setting to redirect torque when a wheel touches slippery or uneven terrain. If you have the flagship tri-motor “Cyberbeast,” a Front Locking Differential toggle gives you a virtual rear lock that’s always enabled in Overland Mode.

Trail Assist serves as a cruise control-like option that maintains your speed while driving the Cybertruck off-road. It can keep the wheels from slipping during both ascents and descents, Tesla said.

The updates will also bring support for the long-promised Cybertent. If you have the camping accessory attached, a special mode will level the suspension, keep the tonneau cover open, and maintain power for essentials like air conditioning, lights, and power outlets.

There’s an update for on-road driving as well. A Slippery Surface feature improves traction on wet and icy roads. You can even invoke the virtual rear differential to get traction, although Tesla warned this should only be used “temporarily.”

Tesla didn’t say when the Cybertruck off-road updates would be ready. However, they should fill in significant gaps and help the EV compete against alternatives like the Rivian R1T and Ford F-150 Lightning.

The patches might help mend the Cybertruck’s reputation. The company is still struggling to ramp up production, and had to recall all 3,878 examples this month to address a sticking accelerator pedal. While it won’t guarantee higher sales, it may ensure that more customers stick to their preorders and help counter a very rough first quarter.