Tesla’s 2024 Model 3 Performance Reaches 60MPH in 2.9 Seconds

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Key Takeaways

  • Tesla has unveiled the Model 3 Performance based on its latest EV design.
  • The new sedan can hit 60MPH in 2.9 seconds while delivering better handling.
  • Prices start at $40,490 in the U.S.

Tesla has released a new Model 3 Performance based on its 2024 redesign of the electric sedan.

The previously hinted-at EV centers on a fourth-generation drive unit that Tesla claimed could provide 510HP, a 163MPH top speed, and improvements to continuous power (22%), peak power (32%) and peak torque (16%) versus the outgoing Model 3 Performance. The result is a car that can deliver 60MPH in an estimated 2.9 seconds.

Tesla also promised better handling. There’s better traction out of turns while keeping traction control’s involvement to a minimum. Staggered 20-inch wheels (with Pirelli P Zero tires), adaptive damping, new sports seats, and a unified Track Mode V3 all promise a nimbler vehicle even as they improve stability and comfort.

Refinements from the standard 2024 Model 3 apply to the Performance trim as well. It’s more aerodynamic and better-balanced, the company said.  You can also expect lower rolling resistance and better range, with a claimed 296 miles of driving that compares favorably to the base RWD car.

The Model 3 Performance is available now starting at $40,490 in the U.S., with deliveries expected between May and June. It qualifies for the federal EV tax credit.

The Model S Plaid remains Tesla’s quickest production car with a reported 0-60MPH time under 2 seconds and a 200MPH top speed. The Model 3 Performance is still fast, though, and gives the brand a better alternative to emerging competition like the BMW i4.

It comes at a critical moment for Tesla. The company’s deliveries fell short in the latest quarter, prompting large-scale layoffs and price cuts. More difficult news may follow when the firm reports earnings the evening of April 23rd. It’s also dealing with an overall challenging EV market that has prompted Ford, GM, and others to shift more attention to hybrids.

The Performance upgrade could help boost demand, particularly among enthusiasts who want fast EVs but can’t justify the cost or size of Tesla’s other models. However, more hopes rest on an expected (though unannounced) Model Y revision that would bring the Model 3’s overhauled features to one of the most popular cars in the world.