Tesla’s Latest Layoffs Include All of Its Supercharger Team

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Key Takeaways

  • Tesla is laying off more employees after slashing jobs days earlier.
  • The cuts reportedly include the EV charging head and the entire Supercharger team.
  • Elon Musk wants to be "absolutely hard core" about job cuts.

Tesla is expanding its layoffs to include more executives and whole teams, including the Supercharger division.

The Information has obtained email from Elon Musk to executives noting that EV charging Senior Director Rebecca Tinucci and virtually all of the 500-person Supercharger team has been cut. Tesla will keep building some new Superchargers, but it’s not clear if the company is altering its expansion rate as a result.

Other layoffs at Tesla include the public policy team under previously departed Rohan Patel. Daniel Ho, the Vehicle Programs Director who was a program manager for most of the company’s car lineup, has also left.

Tesla disbanded its communications team years ago and wasn’t available for comment.

Musk signaled in his email that he wanted Tesla to be “absolutely hard core” about layoffs. Leaders whose team members didn’t “obviously” pass muster would also be let go, he added.

The layoffs came just days after Tesla cut more than 10% of its workforce, or more than 14,000 people. Musk said at the time that there had been unnecessary duplication in roles, and that a reduction was necessary to help power the “next phase of growth.”

Tesla faced a rare sales miss in the first quarter of the year, with deliveries and revenue dropping between a rough EV market and factors like the ramp-up of U.S. production for the revamped Model 3. The automaker said at the time that it was still “investing” in growth areas that included its Supercharger network.

The layoffs might help Tesla protect profits and refocus. However, there are concerns the company is scaling back right when it might need to expand. Supercharger stations already tend to be busy, and that issue might only worsen now that many other brands (such as Ford, Honda, and Rivian) are adding support for Tesla’s NACS charging standard.