Tesla’s ‘Ludicrous’ Model 3 Details Accidentally Exposed Online

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Key Takeaways

  • Tesla set to launch a new "Ludicrous" variant of the Model 3, revealed through website source code leaks.
  • Model 3 Performance to include a unique design, adaptive suspension, and over 500 horsepower for enhanced driving dynamics.
  • Despite "Ludicrous" mention, the car is mainly referred to as Model 3 Performance, suggesting the name will continue.

Tesla is reportedly on the brink of unveiling a new variant of its Model 3, “Ludicrous,” after details were inadvertently exposed on its website.

Although not immediately visible to average users, information about the upcoming model was found embedded in the website’s source code, as revealed by enthusiasts at Tesla Motors Club and reported by Electrek.

The Model 3 Performance, referred to as “Ludicrous” following prior rumors, is a performance-enhanced version of Tesla’s popular Model 3. Initial glimpses of the car were offered during a private event in Malibu, and now further details about its specifications have surfaced, approaching an official confirmation.

Key features unearthed from the source code of Tesla’s UK website include:

  • A distinctive design exclusive to the Model 3 Performance, featuring new front and rear fascias, a rear diffuser, and a carbon fiber spoiler, all aimed at enhancing high-speed stability.
  • An all-new adaptive suspension system powered by Tesla’s proprietary software, designed to improve control while maintaining comfort.
  • The latest iteration of the driving mode combines adaptive suspension with a performance-tuned powertrain for a more responsive driving experience.
  • Track Mode V3 allows extensive customization of handling balance, stability controls, and regenerative braking.
  • Redesigned seats with improved bolsters for better support and ventilation for comfort.
  • A bespoke chassis and suspension setup for precise, sharp response to driver inputs.
  • Forged performance wheels and enhanced braking systems for better handling and consistent performance.

Furthermore, the source code revealed that the new high-performance drive units are set to deliver over 500 horsepower, and the car will accelerate from 0-60 mph in a yet unspecified number of seconds, marking it as the most potent Model 3 to date.

Although the name “Ludicrous” appeared once in the code, the car is consistently described as the Model 3 Performance, suggesting the name might not change from its prior iteration, which was discontinued in 2023 following the launch of the updated “Highland” Model 3.

This leak, still accessible via Tesla’s website, hints that the launch of the new Tesla Model 3 Performance (or Ludicrous) could be imminent, capturing the attention of both Tesla enthusiasts and the automotive industry.