Threads is Testing a TweetDeck-style Multi-Column Web View

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Key Takeaways

  • Threads is trying a TweetDeck-like multi-column layout on the web.
  • You can pin columns for favorite topics and feeds.
  • This helps match features from the paid X Pro service.

Instagram’s Threads is testing a multi-column view on the web with a very strong resemblance to TweetDeck and X Pro.

As Mark Zuckerberg showed in a post, the feature lets you pin columns for different topics, accounts, notifications, saved posts, and feed types. You can have a column devoted to workout inspirations alongside your For You section and mentions, for instance.

The Threads columns also update in real-time like TweetDeck. If there’s a live event, you’ll have a better chance of following along as it develops.

Pinned columns in Threads

Parent company Meta is only providing access to a small number of people, and hasn’t offered a timetable for when it might become more widely available. We’ve asked Meta for comment and will let you know if there’s more to share.

If the multi-column view rolls out, it will give Threads a close parallel to the modern incarnation of TweetDeck, the paid X Pro service. While Threads doesn’t currently have multi-account support, it’s also free. That could make it alluring to people disillusioned with X (formerly Twitter) under Elon Musk, or who just want to look multiple columns without a subscription.

There are equivalents for other X alternatives, including Mastodon’s web tool as as well as unofficial support on Bluesky.  However, Threads also has a relatively large base of over 130  million monthly active users as of February. The multi-column feature could maintain that support, particularly among journalists and others who want as-it-happens social media tracking.