Trump’s 2024 Campaign Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Donations

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Key Takeaways

  • Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign now accepts crypto donations, including Bitcoin, Ether, and altcoins like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin.
  • This move targets young male voters and marks a shift in political fundraising by recognizing digital currencies.
  • Trump joins other pro-crypto candidates like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., highlighting the growing role of crypto in US elections.

Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign team has declared its readiness to receive crypto donations.

The campaign has set up a donation page that enables “all federally permissible donors” to contribute to its political committees using any tradable crypto asset on the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange.

The campaign is open to receiving a variety of well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, and USDC, as well as other altcoins like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin.

This announcement reinforces Trump’s image as a crypto-friendly candidate and targets a key demographic of young male voters who are increasingly involved in digital assets.

It also signals a major shift in political fundraising methods and highlights the increasing recognition of digital currencies in the United States.

The campaign’s acceptance of digital currencies is part of a strategy to build what it refers to as a “crypto army” in the lead-up to Election Day. Some prominent X users have already expressed their support to the crypto candidate.

Crypto Donations in US

The culture of crypto donations in the American presidential election did not start today. In 2015, Reuters reported that Sen. Rand Paul accepted Bitcoin donations for his presidential campaign. By embracing crypto, Trump will join Robert F. Kennedy Jr., another pro-crypto presidential aspirant, in the upcoming US presidential election.

While cryptocurrency is not outlawed in the United States, some people are concerned about its decentralized nature and anonymity. It can pose challenges in verifying the authenticity of the donors. In 2022, President Biden signed an executive order to create a regulatory framework for digital assets.

The 2024 US election will be held in November.