Twitch Tightens the Belt: Banning Streams with Intimate Overlays

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Key Takeaways

  • Twitch cracks down on streams featuring intimate body parts.
  • New regulations effective March 29 target clothed body part displays.
  • Twitch's stricter guidelines respond to the trend sparked by Morgpie's streams.

Twitch has announced a crackdown on controversial streams explicitly showing the streamers’ intimate body parts. 

Effective March 29, Twitch will enforce stricter regulations. They will prohibit streams that prominently feature clothed intimate body parts such as buttocks, groins, or breasts.

The decision comes in response to a growing trend. Streamers utilize green screens to overlay their gameplay on close-up shots of body parts, including butts and breasts. This trend gained attention after a streamer named Morgpie streamed her Fortnite gameplay, which was projected on a closeup of her behind.

Following Morgpie’s lead, other streamers began overlaying their games on various body parts, both real and fictional, such as anime thighs or exaggerated breasts. This practice has been deemed inappropriate by Twitch and is now officially banned.

Twitch’s prohibition extends to both clothed and unclothed depictions of intimate body parts by the platform’s policy against nudity, regardless of the medium used.

Twitch’s decision to reinforce its guidelines comes after previous revisions prompted by Morgpie’s activities on the platform.

Morgpie’s streams, which suggested she was gaming topless, led Twitch to reconsider its rules regarding sexual content. Ultimately, the platform decided to prohibit users from simulating nudity in their streams, leading to the current ban on streams overlaying intimate body parts.