Twitter Officially Moves to

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Key Takeaways

  • Twitter has moved all its core systems to
  • Visiting the old site will now (sometimes) redirect you to the new one.
  • Musk has wanted X-branded companies for years.

Long after completing his acquisition, Elon Musk has confirmed that all “core” Twitter systems have moved to

Sign in on the web and X will let you know it’s changing its address from Twitter, but that privacy and security will “remain the same.”

Twitter has been migrating many of its brand elements to X, including logos, accounts, and various service names. TweetDeck became X Pro, for instance. Until now, though, you could assume that you’d stay on the old domain if you visited an appropriate link.

The technical transition began in August 2023. It’s not clear why the company has taken a long while to change over.

Musk has been fascinated by X-branded products and services for decades. He launched as an online bank in 1999 before merging it with a competitor and, in 2001, renaming as PayPal. He founded SpaceX (short for Space Exploration Technologies Corporation) in 2002.

The entrepreneur has also been eager to expand X beyond Twitter’s original social media focus to create a “super app” akin to China’s WeChat. This includes long-form videos and internet calling as well as plans for shopping and sports. The domain change is a subtle but important step toward that goal.