Volvo Recalls Every EX30 Over a Software Glitch

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Key Takeaways

  • Volvo is recalling almost 72,000 fully-electric EX30 SUV models due to a software glitch.
  • The bug could cause the vehicle’s speedometer to enter test mode.
  • It should be a quick fix with an over-the-air (OTA) update at home or a dealership.

Volvo has recalled all 71,965 EX30 models produced to date over a software bug that could cause the compact electric SUV’s speedometer to enter test mode. 

The fix is a quick over-the-air (OTA) update that owners can accept on the vehicle or have installed free of charge at a dealership.

It’s not the first time Volvo’s fully electric vehicles have faced issues. Production of the larger EX90 was delayed from late 2023 due to the software complexity of its LiDAR system, with the first models entering production last week.

Despite this glitch, the EX30 is potentially one of the more appealing EVs currently available when it starts at $34,950 in the US. After hitting the market in late 2023, it sold 14,500 in the first quarter, with strong sales of over 35,000 throughout May 2024. Volvo is working towards a 100% electric future by 2030, with fully electric vehicles accounting for 25% of its May sales.

Volvo isn’t alone when it comes to software bugs impacting its vehicles. We’ve seen several Tesla recalls, the most recent at the end of May, when the company recalled over 125,000 EVs over faulty seat belt warnings. 

According to the BBC, Tesla recalled more than 1.6 million cars in China in January 2024 due to issues with assisted driving functions and door-locking systems, with an OTA update fixing the problem. This follows its December 2023 recall of 2 million cars over Autopilot problems following numerous crashes.