Worldwalker Games Enters “Hibernation” After Wildermyth Release

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Key Takeaways

  • Worldwalker Games is entering "hibernation" after completing active development on Wildermyth.
  • The studio will continue supporting Wildermyth with bug fixes and platform expansions.
  • Future projects are hinted at, but the team remains proud of their achievements with Wildermyth.

Worldwalker Games, the independent studio behind the beloved PC RPG Wildermyth, has announced it is entering a state of “hibernation” as it completed the active development of the game.

This decision came after Wildermyth’s latest Omenroad expansion was successfully released earlier this month.

On May 29, co-owner Nate Austin shared the news in a heartfelt message to the community on X, highlighting the team’s achievements and expressing gratitude to fans.

Austin explained that the decision to enter hibernation was planned and not due to external pressures.

“Wildermyth has been a wonderful journey for us, but that journey has now come to an end. We feel proud of what we’ve accomplished and lucky to have an incredible team and an amazing community. And it’s never fun to bring something to an end, but sadly, this is that time,” Austin stated in the announcement.

While active development has ceased, Worldwalker Games will continue to support Wildermyth by fixing critical bugs and maintaining its online presence. This includes ongoing support for the game’s Discord, wiki, social media, support emails, and merch store. Additionally, plans to bring Wildermyth to other platforms remain unaffected, ensuring the game will reach a broader audience.

The team will also fulfill commitments related to the Wildermyth soundtrack Kickstarter, integrating live recordings into the game and making them available as a purchasable OST. French and Spanish translations for the Omenroad expansion will be completed as planned.

Austin reflected on the studio’s journey: “We’re an independent studio, which means we’re not answerable to investors. Nobody is shutting us down. We are going into hibernation because we are done with this project.”

He added that the studio is extremely proud of Omenroad’s success and emphasized that the decision to pause operations does not reflect any issues with the expansion’s performance.

As Worldwalker Games takes this hiatus, fans are encouraged to continue exploring the world of Wildermyth and sharing their experiences. Austin hinted at the possibility of future projects, stating, “I’m pretty sure we’ll eventually find something else to pour our passion into, and we’ll let you know about it when the time comes.”

Wildermyth: Brief Story

Wildermyth, known for its unique blend of procedurally generated storytelling and tactical RPG elements, has garnered a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim since its 2021 release. The game’s ability to create rich, narrative-driven experiences has resonated with players, making it a standout title in the RPG genre.


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