WWDC 2024: What to Look Forward to at Apple’s Biggest Event

Key Takeaways

  • Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is being held from June 10 to June 14.
  • The event will be mostly online.
  • iOS 18 is likely to feature heavily throughout the event.

Apple has just announced the dates for its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024, from June 10 to June 14. This year, the conference is mainly online, with a special in-person event on the first day at Apple Park.

WWDC is a key event for developers, showcasing the latest updates in iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and the new visionOS.

Upcoming Apple Updates

WWDC’s main spotlight is on software, and the buzz for 2024 hints that iOS 18 might bring the most significant changes to the iPhone in years, mainly through artificial intelligence (AI) advancements. These AI features are also expected to make their way into macOS.

iOS 18 and iPadOS 18:  Leap Towards AI

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, iOS 18 is set to be a major update, focusing on AI to introduce new features and designs. AI could transform several apps and functions across the system:

  • Creating Apple Music playlists automatically based on your mood.
  • Offering AI help in writing documents in Pages and making presentations in Keynote.
  • Assisting developers with AI code suggestions in Xcode.
    Enhancing Spotlight search.
  • Upgrading Siri with better conversation skills and personalized responses.
  • Improving Siri and Messages app interactions for smarter message handling.
  • Allowing complex tasks to be automated through Siri with Shortcuts.

iOS 18 is also expected to bring design tweaks, possibly borrowing elements from visionOS, but it won’t be a complete redesign. Users might get more freedom to personalize their Home Screen, including adjusting how app icons are arranged, creating spaces between icons, and introducing rows and columns for a more customized layout. This update could rival the previous major changes we saw with the Lock Screen in iOS 16.

Additionally, iOS 18 is set to adopt RCS for the Messages app, enhancing communication between iPhone and Android users. This means sending photos, videos, and participating in group chats will be smoother, with features like emoji reactions, read receipts, and typing indicators available across platforms.

macOS 15: Sharing AI Advances with iOS

Since macOS and iOS often share features, it will likely inherit many of iOS 18’s AI enhancements.

Apple traditionally names macOS versions after California landmarks, with several potential names still in reserve, including Redwood, Grizzly, and Sequoia.

Other Software Updates

Expect updates across Apple’s software lineup, including watchOS 11, tvOS 18, HomePod Software 18, and visionOS 2, though specific details on these are still under wraps.

Building a Tech Community

Susan Prescott, Apple’s VP of Worldwide Developer Relations, emphasized the conference’s role in bringing developers together. WWDC celebrates technology and community, where developers share ideas and explore new opportunities. The event is designed to foster collaboration and innovation within the tech world.

Special Day at Apple Park

An exciting part of WWDC 2024 is attending a special event at Apple Park on June 10. Attendees can watch the keynote live, participate in activities, and meet the Apple team. Spaces are limited, so interested developers and students should apply early.

Requests will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. PT on Wednesday, April 3.

Supporting Young Developers

The Swift Student Challenge is a significant part of WWDC, demonstrating Apple’s commitment to encouraging young developers. This challenge rewards students with outstanding projects by offering them a chance to attend the event at Apple Park, aiming to inspire the next generation of tech innovators.

The contest encourages students from around the globe to use their coding skills creatively, making app playgrounds that reflect real-world skills they can apply in their future careers.For the 2024 edition, out of 350 talented winners, 50 will stand out as Distinguished Winners for their exceptional projects, earning a special visit to Apple’s Cupertino campus. All winners gain a one-year membership to the Apple Developer Program, a free chance to take the App Development with c certification exam, and a unique gift from Apple.

The challenge motivates participants to address real-life issues through coding, from enhancing mental health resources to promoting sustainability, proving the significant role of technology in solving societal challenges.