X Offers Free Premiums for Influencers: Do Scammers Benefit Too?

Key Takeaways

  • Elon Musk offers free access to premium X features for verified accounts with 2,500 subscribers or more.
  • Accounts with 5,000+ subscribers also receive Premium+ services without charge under Musk's new policy.
  • Concerns persist within the X community about potential loopholes that scammers could exploit, raising doubts about the effectiveness of the initiative.
  • Elon Musk introduced free access to premium X features for accounts with 2,500 verified subscribers or more.

    According to his recent tweet, 2,500+ accounts will get Premium features, previously marking verified profiles. Meanwhile 5,000+ will gain access to Premium+ services without charge.

    Despite Elon Musk’s intentions to tackle scammers, the move sparks debate within the X community about its effectiveness in curbing fraudulent activities.

    While some praise the decision, others express concerns about possible loopholes that scammers could exploit to abuse the platform’s features. Game developer Tyler Glaiel opined that 2,500+ subscribers can be easily gained by a bot farm. 

    Critics worry that the new system might incentivize scammers to collaborate and manipulate the verification process to perpetrate cyberattacks more efficiently.

    X’s previous initiatives to address scam accounts, such as scaling back pricing for verified organizations, indicate the platform’s awareness of the issue.

    However, questions remain about whether the latest move will deter scammers or inadvertently facilitate their activities.