X Officially Allows Adult Content

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Key Takeaways

  • X has updated its rules to officially permit adult content.
  • The material has to be consensual and properly labelled.
  • There are concerns the company might not filter out abusive content.

X has changed its policies to officially permit adult content on its platform, including porn and some other graphic material.

The new rules let people post adult imagery and text on X so long as it’s “consensually produced and distributed” and clearly labelled. The social network said it would restrict access to children as well as those adults who don’t want to see it.

The policy isn’t absolute. X still forbids sexual violence as well as anything that’s “excessively gory.” Posts that incite or threaten violence are also forbidden.

In the rule update, the social media company believed that sexuality could be a “legitimate form of artistic expression,” and that adults had the power to make and interact with content that reflects their beliefs about sex.

Elon Musk has loosened content restrictions on the platform since he bought Twitter in 2022, despite objections from those concerned he reenabled hate speech and misinformation. More recently, X has tested hosting adult content through dedicated communities.

The strategy could help X monetize porn by fostering communities based around it, particularly with paid subscriptions. However, it also risks drawing scrutiny from governments worried that it might let non-consensual material slip through.

As TechCrunch explained, Australia issued a fine against X in October 2023 after it failed to provide information about child sexual abuse material (CSAM). Governments like India have also demanded that X pull child abuse content. While the new approach may be more welcoming, it also carries significant risks if there isn’t matching policy enforcement.