X Teases An ‘X TV’ Streaming Video App

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Key Takeaways

  • X has previewed an upcoming "X TV" app.
  • The smart TV software will have AI-powered categories and trending topics,
  • It's coming as X looks for more ways to boost sagging revenue.

X (formerly Twitter) has previewed an “X TV” app devoted to streaming video.

Company chief Linda Yaccarino said X TV would include trending videos, “AI-powered” topic sections, more capable video search, and mobile app integration that includes resuming videos and “effortless” casting.

The app should be available sometime soon for “most” smart TVs, Yaccarino added.

The interface in the preview (shown below) looks much like YouTube’s, with rows of recommendations based on what’s trending and a “For You” section.  The look is spartan besides a search bar and a handful of controls in a sidebar.

The introduction comes long after Elon Musk vowed to make X more of a WeChat-style “super app” that does many things, including a greater emphasis on video. The company has experimented with original video content, but most of its selection revolves around user-created material. As such, X TV may compete more with YouTube than Netflix or Prime Video.

X TV may be important for the company’s financials. The social media pioneer’s revenues have been on the decline since Musk took over in late 2022, even with more monthly active users. It still depends heavily on advertising despite subscription offerings,  according to Business of Apps. A smart TV app could boost ad revenue, not to mention open the door to video-focused paid services.