Xbox Cracks Down on VPN Use with Game Pass Pricing Amendments

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Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft revises Xbox Game Pass extensions to 13 months in select countries to standardize global pricing.
  • EA Play retains a 36-month extension, except in Argentina and Turkey, where it is capped at 13 months.
  • The new policy aims to eliminate cheaper VPN pricing, raising concerns about increased costs among users.

Microsoft is changing Xbox Game Pass subscriptions in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, and Turkey.

Previously, players in these regions could extend their subscriptions for up to 36 months at a discounted rate due to regional pricing.

To standardize costs globally, Microsoft has reduced the extension limit to 13 months for Game Pass Core, Game Pass for Console, and PC Game Pass subscriptions in these countries. This change does not affect Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions.

According to Xbox Support page, EA Play subscriptions can be extended up to a maximum of 36 months in all countries where the service is accessible. However, in Argentina and Turkey, the extension limit is capped at 13 months.

The move comes after Microsoft identified a discrepancy between regional pricing and global subscription costs. For example, a Game Pass Core subscription that costs $9.99 in the US translates to a much lower price in some regions, like $4.92 in Turkey and $4.97 in Argentina.

This price difference led players outside these regions to use VPNs to purchase subscriptions at cheaper rates. Microsoft aims to crack down on such practices and establish a more uniform pricing structure for Game Pass.

However, the change has sparked criticism on social media. Users are concerned about the higher costs associated with shorter extensions. The new policy may also impact users who previously relied on VPNs for cheaper subscriptions.

This Microsoft new pricing policy will prioritize a consistent pricing model for Xbox Game Pass subscriptions globally. While it might affect players who previously benefited from regional discounts, one could argue that it creates a fairer system for all users in the long run.

How gamers in the affected regions will respond to these changes remains to be seen. They might both adapt to the new extension limits or seek alternative game time with Xbox competitor PlayStation.