You Can Monitor Blood Sugar in Real Time on an Apple Watch With Dexcom’s G7

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Key Takeaways

  • Dexcom's G7 blood sugar monitor now talks directly to your Apple Watch.
  • You can get real-time glucose levels while leaving your iPhone at home.
  • Non-invasive monitoring is still some ways off.

Dexcom has given people with diabetes a potentially valuable tool by enabling real-time blood sugar monitoring on the Apple Watch when you pair it directly with the company’s G7 system.

Wearers in the US, UK, and Ireland now don’t have to bring their iPhones with them to get their blood glucose levels. You can go for a run or otherwise leave home knowing you can keep your diabetes under tighter control.

Other countries will have access later this month. The feature requires at least an Apple Watch Series 6 running watchOS 10, an iPhone running iOS 17, and version 2.1 of the Dexcom G7 app. You’ll need the iPhone to set up the G7 and pair it with your smartwatch.

The addition might be important for diabetes management. Dexcom makes some of the most popular blood sugar monitoring equipment on the market, and the need to have a smartphone on hand has limited what G7 owners could do.  This won’t eliminate the need for an insulin pump in some cases, but it still promises more freedom.

The next major step should involve non-invasive monitoring, although that may take a long time. Apple is rumored to be researching non-invasive blood sugar tracking on future Watch models, but the current technology is said to be far too bulky. For now, the combination of a sensor patch and smartwatch may be as convenient as it gets.