NFTs Backed by Fully-Insured Porsche, Bentley, and Ferrari – Dreamcars Presale Opens to Grand Reception

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In the world of luxury car ownership, a new and exciting opportunity has emerged, thanks to the power of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Dreamcars, a pioneering crypto project, is revolutionizing the way people own and experience prestigious vehicles by offering fractional ownership through NFTs backed by fully-insured Porsche, Bentley, Ferrari, and other high-end car brands.

The ongoing presale of Dreamcars’ native cryptocurrency, $DCARS, has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from the crypto community and luxury car enthusiasts alike. The project’s unique concept of allowing individuals to own a share of their dream cars at an affordable price point has captured the imagination of many, leading to a surge of interest and investment in this presale period.

Unleashing the Dream of Luxury Car Ownership

Traditionally, owning a luxury car has been a distant dream for many due to the exorbitant costs involved. Dreamcars aims to change this narrative by introducing a groundbreaking concept: fractional ownership of luxury rental cars through blockchain technology. By purchasing $DCARS tokens, individuals can own fractions of prestigious cars like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and more.

Each Dreamcars NFT is backed by a physical car, fully insured. These cars are then divided into fractions, with prices starting at just $10, making luxury car ownership accessible to a broader audience.

Ongoing Presale and How To Participate 

The ongoing $DCARS presale offers investors the opportunity to purchase tokens at discounted prices before they list on exchanges. Currently, the presale token is available at $0.0105, with over $264,000 raised so far, demonstrating the strong investor interest in the platform’s potential to disrupt the luxury car market significantly.

$DCARS tokens will be listed on exchanges at $0.03 per token. Which mean those who buy now will automatically have their holdings increase in value by more than 200% upon listing. This is apart from whatever increases that the exchange listing fuels. This anticipated bullish price appreciation has contributed to the grand reception of the presale, as investors seek to capitalize on the potential gains of 5x to 10x upon exchange listing.


Joining the Dreamcars presale is a straightforward process. First, investors need to connect their wallet, either MetaMask or Trust Wallet, to the platform. Next, they can confirm the transaction by purchasing $DCARS tokens using USDT (BEP20 & ERC20), ETH, or BNB. Once the presale concludes, investors can claim their $DCARS tokens and become part of the crypto project ecosystem.

$DCARS Changing Industry

Generating Passive Income Through Rentals

One of the key advantages of owning a Dreamcars NFT is the potential to earn passive income through the rental of the underlying physical car. As the cars are part of the Dreamcars Rental Car fleet, owners of the corresponding NFTs will receive a portion of the rental income generated by their fractional ownership.

This innovative approach not only allows individuals to build their dream car collection but also provides an additional source of income, with the potential to earn up to 60% annual percentage yield (APY) on their investment. This substantial return on investment has been a major driving force behind the overwhelming reception of the $DCARS presale, attracting both crypto enthusiasts and luxury car admirers.

Similarly, diversifying wealth and mitigating risk during times of high inflation and cryptocurrency volatility can be achieved by investing in something tangible and easily understandable assets, like a car rental business. This crypto project offers an alternative asset creation opportunity, providing a stable, growth-oriented investment option that can serve as an additional source of income and a way to diversify portfolios.

Market and Lending Opportunity

The traditional luxury car market has long been plagued by challenges such as limited supply, barriers to entry, and difficulties in converting luxury cars into cash. Dreamcars addresses these issues by offering asset-backed NFTs, which provide collectors with collateralized lending opportunities and unlock liquidity.

Aside from lending opportunities, to further incentivize participation and reward loyal investors, the project has introduced the Exclusive Dreamcars Members Club. By joining this club, starting from just $1000, members not only receive additional $DCARS tokens but also unlock exceptional rewards and perks.

The club features five different tiers, with the highest tier (Tier 5) offering the Dreamcars Lamborghini NFT, 50% bonus $DCARS, platinum staking rewards, 5% rental car credits, 10% luxury car ownership, and the exclusive DreamCars VIP Package for those who invest $100,000 or more.

Positive Reception and Market Disruption

The Dreamcars presale has been met with an overwhelmingly positive reception due to its innovative approach to luxury car ownership, the potential for passive income generation, and the opportunity to diversify wealth through a tangible asset. As the project continues to gain traction and expand its reach, it is poised to disrupt the luxury car market, making the dream of owning prestigious vehicles a reality for a broader audience.

Moreso, financial stability and wealth preservation are always paramount concerns and Dreamcars offers a compelling solution by combining the allure of luxury cars with the potential for passive income and asset appreciation. By leveraging blockchain technology and NFTs, the platform has opened the doors to a world previously reserved for the ultra-wealthy, democratizing access to high-end vehicles and creating a new paradigm for car ownership.

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