Outplaying the Competition: How Scorpion Casino’s ($SCORP) Revenue-Sharing Model Sets It Apart in the Online Casino Industry

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Scorpion Casino is outplaying its competition through a unique and effective revenue-sharing model, allowing all $SCORP investors to get a piece of the action.

Scorpion Casino intends to become the number one crypto-based gambling platform where players can take a cut of the platform’s profits.

The presale continues to gain momentum as investors rush to position themselves in the SOLIDProof verified project, which includes the relevant casino licensing and heavyweight backers.

Scorpion Casino Raises $10 Million in Presale Funding.

Scorpion Casino has raised an impressive $10 million in its fundraising efforts as investors continue participating in the presale to become early adopters of the token.

The project intends to let its users earn a share of the revenues generated on the platform, allowing them to become casino owners by simply holding the $SCORP token.

As a result, Scorpion Casino has devised an ecosystem that provides incentives to help it stand out in the online casino industry.


In particular, its revenue-sharing model is unique, but Scorpion Casino also has a highly professional platform with heavyweight backers.

Revenue-Sharing Model Set to Drive Adoption

The revenue-sharing model is driving adoption in the presale and is expected to help bring popularity to the platform.

It allows $SCORP holders to earn from the platform revenues generated by wagers.

The team will use a percentage of the platform revenues to buy back $SCORP tokens from the open market.

The tokens bought during the buyback will then be distributed to $SCORP holders, with 50% automatically being sent to $SCORP stakers.

In addition to the revenue sharing, the Scorpion Casino team will introduce deflation by burning the other 50% of the $SCORP purchased through the buybacks, turning $SCORP into a deflationary asset.

The rising demand through buybacks and the falling supply through burning have investors believing that $SCORP will see consistent value appreciation.

High-Profile Casino Built to Compete With Giants

The Scorpion Casino platform is also built to provide a better user experience to its players than the giants in its sector.

To achieve this, Scorpion Casino has partnered with the major gaming providers in the industry, including AMATIC and Evolution. As a result, Scorpion Casino can offer over 200 games, including popular themes like blackjack, poker, slots, and roulette.

Scorpion Casino also has its own sportsbook through an integration with BetRadar. The partnership allows $SCORP to offer over 30,000 betting options to its users across popular sports like football, tennis, boxing, and MMA.

The platform also has some very high-profile backers pushing it. For example, Scorpion Casino has partnered with significant crypto incubator Tenset. This incubator has helped countless presale projects surge by over 100x from launching, and investors believe Tenset will produce similar returns for $SCORP.

Finally, it’s important to mention that Scorpion Casino is a fully licensed casino, obtaining its credentials from the Curacao eGaming licensing entity. This makes the platform completely transparent and provably fair.  

The team behind the project is also verified through Assure DeFi, and Solidproof has audited its smart contracts.

Final Opportunity to Buy: ONLY 500K $SCORP Left

This is the final opportunity to buy $SCORP, with the team announcing that just 500K $SCORP are left to purchase.

The native token will be the default platform’s betting and payment currency, providing exceptional utility.

If you purchase more than $1,000 $SCORP in the presale, you are automatically enrolled in the Elite Scorpion Members Club. This exclusive club provides VIP Services, such as cashback on the Casino, extra staking rewards when staking, and access to exclusive events.

Overall, Scorpion Casino provides an exciting opportunity to earn a passive income and hold the next Rollbit token, capable of 100x returns.

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