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  • DevOps

    When DevOps Goes Bad

    DevOps – it's an innovative idea and intriguing proposition, that companies can improve software production and other operations by becoming more agile – by breaking down barriers between development and operations, by eliminating information silos and getting people talking together.At the same time, DevOps isn't a thing that can be...

    By: Justin Stoltzfus | Contributor

  • DevOps

    DevOps Managers Explain What They Do

    The concept of “DevOps,” of blending the two processes of software development and software operation, has moved mountains in the business world. Companies are scrambling to get on board with this innovative philosophy about how to move projects through a pipeline and promote streamlined, continuous software delivery.In this dynamic environment,...

    By: Justin Stoltzfus | Contributor

  • DevOps

    Developments in DevOps

    Customers of business enterprises want them to respond to their changing needs appropriately and quickly. However, various limitations have been preventing businesses from responding to such requirements as quickly as they'd like. One of the most glaring limitations has been the isolated ways different departments have worked. DevOps now enables...

    By: Kaushik Pal | Technology writer

  • Business Software

    Why DevOps Is Important for Your IT Strategy

    Irrespective of what your IT strategy is, it can be safely guessed that every IT strategy aims at timely delivery of quality software, fixing issues quickly, improving user experience and optimal utilization of resources. Traditional models of software development have, to varying extents, failed to achieve these goals. Companies have...

    By: Kaushik Pal | Technology writer

  • DevOps

    DevOps 101

    A new buzzword is making the rounds in the tech community, especially on digital resumes. It’s called DevOps, which is a "portmanteau" (or, for the less verbose, a word combination) of the words "development" and "operations." What it is in practice is a software development method that aims to integrate...

    By: Justin Stoltzfus | Contributor

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    What Does DevOps Mean?The term DevOps is commonly considered a combination of the concepts of development and operations. It is used in IT to refer to roles or processes that bridge various departments – usually development and operations teams – to achieve a certain project management philosophy that involves more...

  • Now's the Time to Stop Worrying About Tech Regulation – Here's Why
    Privacy and Compliance

    Now’s the Time to Stop Worrying About Tech Regulation – Here’s Why

    Regulation is one of tech’s perennial hot topics. Since the arrival of GDPR in 2016, changes to industry rule books have been a standard feature in the news cycle. They’re on the R&D agenda too, as vendors and consultancies spend a mint promoting regulation-related services. GDPR put the sector on...

    By: Mark De Wolf | Tech Writer

  • Top 6 Entry-Level Cloud Computing Jobs | Kickstart Your Career Now
    Cloud Computing

    Best 6 Entry-Level Cloud Computing in 2024

    Are you considering a career in cloud computing? If so, this might be the ideal time to jump in and make an impact in this ever-evolving field. The need for skilled cloud professionals is soaring as more businesses move their operations to the cloud to streamline operations, reduce costs, and...

    By: Linda Rosencrance | Technology journalist

  • What is a Google Core Update? Definition, Impact & Examples

    Google Core Update

    What is Google Core Update? A Google Core Update is a major change or modification to the underlying algorithms that Google uses to rank web pages on search engine result pages (SERPs).  Core Updates are significant enough to be announced publicly on Google’s Developer Blog because they have the potential...

  • Hardest Cybersecurity Jobs to Fill in 2024

    Hardest Cybersecurity Jobs to Fill in 2024: Top Roles & Skills

    The cybersecurity job market is projected to grow by an impressive 32% through 2032, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), with about 16,800 openings for information security analysts each year. This growth rate is significantly faster than the average for all occupations, underlining the critical demand for...

    By: John Meah | Cybersecurity Expert