6 Best Business Password Managers Reviewed for 2024

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Why Trust Techopedia

The best business password managers help you store all relevant passwords in one place and under one master lock. Remember the episode of Simpsons when Homer accessed his brain and accidentally deleted files (memories) about his family? It might happen to you, as keeping hundreds of files (passwords) in your mind can be challenging. Imagine if some important password ends up in a “recycle bin.” There’s a chance you’ll never be able to recover it, or at least not in time.

On a serious note, password storage apps help you organize your business better, no matter how small or large. Not only that, but it serves as a protective shield against potential abusers and others who might cause harm to your business. Stay protected and learn more about the best business password managers for 2024 here.

Best Password Manager Business Tools Ranked

Finding the best business password managers can be tricky. You’ll encounter hundreds of password apps advertised as the best in the business. The harsh reality is that some exist only to lure you into using their services so that they can steal your information and damage your business.

To prevent that from happening, we reviewed over a hundred password managers. After testing countless password vaults, we have found 6 that excel in security, safety, pricing, and user-friendly business models. Take a look at our best password manager for business list:

  1. NordPass — The best business password manager overall for 2024, with strong security and great compatibility.
  2. Keeper — An innovative password manager with a self-destruct feature and unlimited device support.
  3. Kaspersky — Affordable multi-purpose manager with a range of features, including a browser extension, autofill functionality, and a password auditing tool.
  4. RoboForm — Budget password manager for business needs with tools for password sharing.
  5. 1Password — Reliable, easy-to-use service with a full security dashboard and options for multiple vaults.
  6. LogMeOnce — Great service for beginners with lots of space for secure file storage and great syncing options.

Best Business Password Manager Solutions Reviewed

Here’s everything you should know about the best business password managers. Let’s dig in.

1. NordPass — Overall, the Best Password Manager in 2024

NordPass is a great all-around password manager. This app was developed by NordSec, a respective cybersecurity company famous for the best VPN software — NordVPN. This secure password storage boasts a zero-knowledge policy.

Its architecture is structured so no one from the company can access or view your stored passwords. It encrypts the data you input and stores it in a separate server.

That way, it keeps essential information away from hackers or any harmful software that may attempt to breach the company’s military-grade protection. This is backed by several independent audits, such as the one from 2024, conducted by a reputable Cure53.


Platforms Supported Two-Factor Authentication Browser Plugins Pricing Free Plan Money-Back Guarantee Customer Service
Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux Yes Yes $3.59 Yes 30-days 24/7

Your passwords will be locked inside a vault protected by a master password. The best thing about NordPass is that it allows you to increase your protection by offering several MFA features.

Thus, this password manager allows you to use two or more verification factors whenever you want to access your account. You can also enable auto lock and ensure the account shuts down after being inactive for a particular time.

Also, you can set up a recovery code or even allow the app to delete copied item data every 30 seconds. Overall, NordPass is the best business password manager, regardless of whether you run a small or large enterprise.

Its freemium version is excellent if you intend to protect only one device. Plus, you can securely store unlimited passwords and banking details at no cost. However, if you have multiple devices to protect, we advise you to look for the premium versions – and you can get one of the best password managers for Windows and protect your mobile devices as well.

By purchasing a NordPass Business account, you can register up to 250 users. The monthly subscription is only $3.59 on a 2-year plan (cheaper than a pack of M&Ms at Walmart). If you’re unsatisfied with its services, NordPass will refund you in the first 30 days.

Pros pros

  • Has free version
  • Affordable price
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • A huge number of browser plugins
  • Available across platforms

Cons cons

  • Customer support for the freemium version

2. Keeper — Innovative Password Manager with a Self-Destruct Feature

Keeper is a versatile password manager suitable for regular users and business owners. Moreover, Keeper’s pretty creative with its pricing structure. As a result, it offers accounts specifically designed for students plus military and medical personnel.

This password manager offers several key features that make your password vault almost impenetrable. Keeper uses industry-standard AES-256 encryption to make your data less readable to potential abusers.

Keeper-password manager

Platforms Supported Two-Factor Authentication Browser Plugins Pricing Free Plan Money-Back Guarantee Customer Service
Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Yes Yes $2 Business Account

$2.91 Personal Account

No No 24/7 via tickets

Simultaneously, it boasts Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2 (PBKDF2), a hashing algorithm based on NIST standards. The purpose of PBKDF2 is to help you during brute force attacks and prevent breachers from guessing your master password.

Self-destruct is another interesting feature. It erases all locally saved passwords and makes it impossible for hackers to steal your passwords (even if they somehow penetrate the Keeper’s firewall).

You won’t be able to use Keeper services for free, as there’s no freemium account. However, there’s a way for you to test its usefulness. Register with the best enterprise password manager and enjoy a 14-day free trial.

After the test period, you can choose whether you wish to proceed with its services. Also, remember that Keeper doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Finally, you can use Keeper’s password vault for unlimited devices.

Pros pros

  • Supports an unlimited number of devices
  • 14-day free trial
  • AES-256 and PBKDF2 encryption
  • Multiple account types

Cons cons

  • No free version

3. Kaspersky – Affordable Multi-Purpose Password Manager

NOTE: In April of 2024, Joe Biden and Donald Trump signed an order to prohibit Kaspersky Lab from providing certain products to U.S. companies and citizens. While nothing has been fully confirmed yet, the change might result in Kaspersky Lab products being banned in the U.S. For more details, see our full breakdown of Kaspersky’s U.S. ban.

Kaspersky is the best free password manager for many reasons. Even if you decide to go for the paid version, it won’t cost you more than $1.2 monthly. Beyond this, Kaspersky also offers one of the best cheap VPNs.

Kaspersky password manager

Platforms Supported Two-Factor Authentication Browser Plugins Pricing Free Plan Money-Back Guarantee Customer Service
Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Yes Yes $14.99 per year Yes 30-days 24/7

The free version offers up to 15 inputs. The good news is that you can combine passwords, credit card details, notes, or documents. Plus, the Freemium plan supports the auto-fill option.

Thus, even while switching websites, the extension will work flawlessly. The app will automatically fill in your credentials on sites you visit. That includes credit card details when you purchase online. However, the paid version offers a bit more options.

First of all, Kaspersky monitors the web and searches for data leaks. If anyone uses your credentials, the password manager app will identify and report it to you. Simultaneously, once you sign up for the paid version, it’ll check your existing passwords for weak or duplicate logins.

Moreover, it’ll display when you changed your passwords the last time and remind you to update them.

Pros pros

  • Cheap pricing
  • Available for free
  • Password generator
  • Management tools

Cons cons

  • No biometric logins on iOS and Android

4. RoboForm — Budget Option, Ideal for Small Businesses

RoboForm is one of the best password managers. It premiered in the early 2000s and has delivered efficient and effective services since. Plus, You can test it at no cost. The free version of this password app offers you unlimited logins.


Platforms Supported Two-Factor Authentication Browser Plugins Pricing Free Plan Money-Back Guarantee Customer Service
Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Yes Yes $3.35 Yes 30-days 24/7

Also, the auto-fill feature and the password generator are enabled. In addition, RoboForm will evaluate the strength of your passwords for free. However, you won’t have dedicated and super-fast support. On the other hand, the Business account comes with a vast ocean of possibilities.

It offers multiple password management solutions, allowing users to separate business and personal logins. Also, it supports unlimited sharing groups, so you can share passwords between users.

The end recipient receives a login key only they can use, which limits the chance of someone or something intercepting the message. Because of that, RoboForm could be considered the best corporate password manager.

The business account comes with no contract obligations. You pay as you go. On top of that, RoboForm offers a refund within 30 days from the moment you register.

For more details, read our in-depth RoboForm review.

Pros pros

  • Auto-fill feature
  • Freemium account
  • Speedy customer support
  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Great password app for small businesses

Cons cons

  • No support for free account users

5. 1Password – Reliable Service with Full Security Dashboard

1Password is an ideal password keeper for more experienced users. It boasts several outstanding features and enhanced firewall protection. It’s undoubtedly among the best password managers for business, especially if you frequently change locations.


Platforms Supported Two-Factor Authentication Browser Plugins Pricing Free Plan Money-Back Guarantee Customer Service
iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome OS, Linux, Mac Yes Yes $7.99 14-day free trial No 24/7

First of all, it offers the possibility of creating multiple vaults. As a result, it allows you to organize your logins easier. On top of that, by triggering the Travel mode, you can choose which vaults or specific passwords you can access during your travel.

1Password comes with industry-standard AES-256 encryption. However, one feature stands out in particular. The app-based Watchtower makes sure you’re protected 24/7. It evaluates your passwords and notifies you if there’s a weak login you should change.

Also, it alerts you if there are any reused passwords. Finally, the Watchtower feature will notify you if there’s a site that supports 2FA, which you missed using.

For further analysis, check out our comprehensive 1Password review.

Pros pros

  • Multiple Vaults
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • Watchtower feature
  • Great for traveling

Cons cons

  • No money-back guarantee

LogMeOnce is a safe and secure password app with many additional features. It offers Free, Professional, Premium, Ultimate, and Family plans. This makes it one of the best password managers for business and a decent option for individual users.


Platforms Supported Two-Factor Authentication Browser Plugins Pricing Free Plan Money-Back Guarantee Customer Service
iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome OS, Linux, Mac Yes Yes $3.00 14-day free trial 30-days 24/7

The free plan allows you to store up to 1MB and up to 3 credit cards, allowing you to easily shop online. Also, 2FA is enabled for the freemium version, which isn’t something you’ll see with most of its competitors.

Because of that, LogMeOnce is included on the best password managers UK list for 2024. Beyond this, you can use the Password Generator to design custom logins.

To top it off, the Identity Risk Scorecard informs you if you need to change some passwords to make them stronger and harder to penetrate. Also, LogMeOnce will monitor the Dark Web and track if someone uses your passwords to access your favorite websites.

Pros pros

  • Multiple pricing plans
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Dark Web Monitor
  • Free version available

Cons cons

  • A bit complex interface

Best Business Password Manager Software Compared

Here’s a handy table highlighting the key differences between our business password managers:

Password Manager Platforms Supported Two-factor Authentication Browser Plugins Pricing Free Plan Money-back Guarantee Customer Service
NordPass Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux Yes Yes $3.59 Yes 30-days 24/7
Keeper Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Yes Yes $2 Business Account

$2.91 Personal Account

No No 24/7 via tickets
Kaspersky Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Yes Yes $14.99 per year Yes 30-days 24/7
RoboForm Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Yes Yes $3.35 Yes 30-days 24/7
1Password iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome OS, Linux, Mac Yes Yes $7.99 14-day free trial No 24/7
LogMeOnce iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome OS, Linux, Mac Yes Yes $3.00 14-day free trial 30-days 24/7

Why Your Business Needs a Password Manager | Key Benefits

An average business uses dozens of passwords shared between dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people. Losing your login credentials can put your business in severe danger. Some might lose their password, or your system can get infected with harmful software.

Getting the best antivirus software is one solution. But it shouldn’t be the only one. Registering with the best business password managers will provide you with many benefits, such as:

Protection Against Hackers

A hacker will typically look for the weakest password. Once they get in, it could be a matter of time before they’ll crack the rest of your logins, not to mention the damage they can do once they take complete control of your business account.

The best password manager for business will hide all your passwords inside an impenetrable vault protected by a master password and backed with an additional 2FA security layer.

Also, password apps for business use will search for weak passwords and inform you how and in what way to change your logins to make them impossible to crack.

Safer Password Sharing

More often than not, your employees will have to share passwords when completing more challenging tasks. If you do it the old-fashioned way (storing logins in notes, docs, or on a piece of paper) increases the risk of losing passwords, which could end in the wrong hands.

Login apps help you with password management. You can send business-related and personal passwords through encrypted in-app software and stay protected 24/7. Moreover, you can choose which employee or a project group can access specific passwords.

You can create temporary guest accounts with limited access and decide which logins are visible.

Web Monitoring

Password apps do a lot of work in the background. The best business password manager will constantly scan the web and look for data leaks. The app will notify you if someone outside your business uses your logins.

This way, the password manager will aim to prevent identity theft and minimize the damage to your business.

Increase Productivity

Imagine having to type a password for each website you visit repeatedly. There’s a chance you might have dozens of accounts, and memorizing every login is nearly impossible to achieve. Password managers allow you to choose which websites to save your logins.

Truth be told, your email account will offer the same option. The question is, do you trust your email is well-protected?

Saving your logins in secure storage and allowing password managers to auto-fill passwords on selected sites improve your employees’ workflow and prevent people from forgetting old and lesser-used passwords.

How We Ranked the Best Password Manager

The main criteria we consider when choosing the best business password managers are:


Every password manager from this list features military-grade AES-256 encryption. One of the most secure encryption algorithms makes our password apps virtually impenetrable.

In addition, our top picks boast a zero-knowledge policy. It means that a manager app will store your master password on a separate cloud no one can access.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Every password manager must include a secondary method of authentication. In case you wonder what two-factor or multi-factor authentication is, here’s the simplest explanation:

Two-Factor Authentication is an additional layer of security that keeps you protected if the first layer gets compromised for any reason. This can be a one-time password (SMS or email), a biometric recognition app, or a unique code generated.

Availability and Browser Extensions

The best password manager for business must be available across platforms. As a result, you can share passwords between Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

Also, secure login apps must have top-notch browser extensions to allow more accessible and manageable password-filling options. Check out our guide to the best password managers for Chrome.


Downloading and registering the best password managers shouldn’t make you feel like reading a book in Mandarin. We pick straightforward and beginner-friendly platforms only, so you can get started with the best password manager for iPhone quickly.

Affordable Price

We aim to deliver the best bang for your buck. You’ll find plenty of cheap and even free password management services. Choose the one that suits your needs the best and enjoy.

Besides the above, these are the top 8 features to look for when choosing the best password managers for your business.

Techopedia’s Other Password Manager Guides

Our team has guides for every need. We’ve tested, reviewed, and compared countless password managers to help our readers like you decide on the best one for your needs. Here are our most popular ones:


The best business password managers can help you protect your data against hackers and harmful software.

It automatically generates a strong password for your online accounts. Simultaneously, password storage apps will inform you to improve your passwords and search the web to prevent data leakage and identity theft.

NordPass is by far the best password app in the business. It boasts an AES-256 encryption that is almost impossible to crack. The app will also secure you with multi-factor authentication, which supports one-time password and biometric lock systems.

Its browser extension is well-organized and user-friendly, making it effortless to use. Plus, it’s free — ideal for occasional web users. If you run a small business, we recommend the Business plan, as it unlocks premium services and connects up to 250 users.

You can get this account at a low price of only $3.59 and a refund within the first 30 days. Stop wasting your time; get NordPass today and protect your business.

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