The Best Password Managers for Android in 2024 Compared

If you had a time machine and went back to explain the best Android password manager to your grandfather, he’d probably picture a giant robot in a suit. But we now know Androids are tiny machines we use daily, while the big robots from your grandfather’s mind are called — the Transformers. That’s how fast technology progresses.

Speaking of progress, it sometimes seems like our lives can fit into a tiny Android device. We use them to communicate and access social networks, work platforms, and bank accounts. But what happens if someone breaks into our smartphones? Can they steal our identity? Can they mess up our business or cause someone to lose their job? Sadly, they can — unless you use the best password manager app for Android.

The Best Password Managers for Android

There’s no reason to panic if you don’t have an Android password manager. Not yet, at least. We’ve tested dozens of password security providers to help you increase your online security. The following best password manager app Android list will show you the best password security software providers that excel in safety, features, pricing, customer service, and more:

  1. NordPass — Overall, the best password manager for Android, with advanced security authentication and cross-platform flexibility.
  2. Enpass — A unique Android password manager app with a once-off lifetime plan ($114.99), innovative passkeys for easy, safe access, and control over where your passwords are stored.
  3. Keeper — Powerful, beginner-friendly app with lots of sharing options, a customizable password vault, and a zero-knowledge policy.
  4. RoboForm — Budget-friendly password manager for Android that offers reliable protection and strong encryption, and various sharing options.
  5. 1Password — Popular, accessible service that comes with numerous security features and support for multiple vaults
  6. LogMeOnce — Secure, affordable service with strong encryption, which supports multiple browser extensions

The Top Android Password Management Apps Reviewed

As the go-to source of information for tech reviews, our team takes immense pride in its testing methodology. We’ve tested and compared the market’s top mobile password managers to give you everything you need to know about each one — their pricing, pros and cons, and key standout features.

1. NordPass — Overall, the Best Android Password Manager

NordPass is a modern and easy-to-navigate password manager for Android. It boasts military-grade protection and a few notable features you won’t find with other pass vaults. Plus, you can test it for free.

The freemium account allows you to connect only one device and supports autosave and autofill options. It also lets you store your credit or debit card details and take notes. But that’s about it.

NordPass Best Password Manager for Android

Pricing Free Plan Devices Supported Money-Back Guarantee
$2.29 Yes 6 30-days

If you’re looking for enhanced protection, go for the premium plan. The upgraded versions allow you to stay logged in while switching between devices. Also, NordPass will scan the web and look for data breaches.

If another IP address uses the same passwords or credentials, the best password manager Android solution will alert you. NordPass aims to prevent you from reusing your passwords, plus it’ll also detect weak passwords and let you know you need to change them.

If you don’t feel inspired to generate your password, NordPass will do it for you. Password Generator is a prominent feature that allows you to customize your logins. You can set the length of your password and choose the type of characters you wish for NordPass to include.

You can safely share your passwords with people you trust. Consequently, if there’s an emergency, you can allow access to your password vault to a specific person or group of people with one tap on your phone.


  • Autofill option
  • Free version
  • The family plan supports 6 users
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable price
  • Best PW manager Reddit recommendation


  • The free plan supports only one device

2. Enpass — A Unique Android PW App With a Once-Off Lifetime Plan

Our list of the best password managers for Android wouldn’t be complete without Enpass. If you haven’t heard of it until now, prepare to be amazed at how this tool goes above and beyond to differentiate itself from its rivals.

For starters, you’d have a hard time finding any other password manager that offers a once-off plan that gives you lifetime access for just $114.99 — this includes unlimited devices, password vaults, and passkey support.

We were impressed with the new passkey feature — where two keys need to come together to unlock your account — one is stored encrypted on your device, and the other on the app. Well, what does this mean?

Enpass for Android

Pricing Free plan Devices Supported Money-Back Guarantee
$2.29/month N/A 1-Unlimited 30-days

Put simply, you won’t have to worry about having these lost or stolen, as the attacker would need both keys to unlock the account. This also means that with passkey technology, you won’t need to remember a password again, as it happens automatically.

So, it offers faster and, more importantly, safer Android password management, but there’s more. Unlike most, Enpass gives its users an insane amount of control over where their passwords and data are stored.

So unlike others who keep all the vaults on a central server, Enpass bolsters the security on offer by letting you store your information locally over Wi-Fi, in a cloud account of your choice (i.e. Google Drive), or even completely offline.

All this makes it the go-to Android PW manager, not only for individuals and families but also for businesses. For companies, Enpass offers an audit dashboard that can highlight any employees using unsafe passwords or accounts on breached websites.

Beyond this, you get all the basics, including master password recovery, vault sharing, separate vaults for work and home accounts, custom templates, plus auto-fill capabilities and a password generator. Moreover, it even comes with built-in 2FA.


  • Has numerous plans for all budgets
  • Offers a once-off lifetime plan
  • Lets you manage where you store your data
  • Boasts a lot of customization options
  • Has Two-Factor Authentication built-in


  • Rigid password strength assessment

3. Keeper — Ideal for Beginners

Keeper boasts intuitive and customizable password vault templates that allow you to organize your passwords easily. It’s a great Android password manager for beginners and less tech-savvy users.

Keeper password manager for Android

Pricing Free Plan Devices Supported Money-Back Guarantee
$2.91 No Unlimited No

Industry-standard AES-256 encryption will protect passwords on your Android device. It’s the same encryption algorithm banks and governments use to protect their data. Besides an almost impenetrable firewall, Keeper boasts a zero-knowledge policy.

The password manager will keep your logins encrypted in its cloud server. Keeper doesn’t have access to your passwords, and even if it did, it wouldn’t be able to read your logins because of the strong encryption.

You’ll love all the ways you can customize your password vault. We found in our Keeper review that you can add unlimited passwords and create group folders to better organize your logins, credit card details, notes, addresses, and pictures.

This is great for online shopping and even crypto investors. You can save your Metamask login details and keep your KYC documents inside the vault. When a great opportunity arrives, you must act fast, and this is precisely what Keeper offers.

BreachWatch is another cool feature by Keeper. It scans the Dark Web and looks for breached accounts. If someone uses your credentials, it’ll alert you and offer to change your password and enable two-factor authentication.



  • BreachWatch comes with an additional cost

4. RoboForm — Budget-Friendly Password Manager for Android

RoboForm has everything one great password manager should have — strong encryption, an intuitive app, and a few handy security features. You won’t see a similar password generator anywhere on the market.

This feature makes it a strong competitor at the top of the password manager Android list. You can generate a strong password of up to 16 characters by default. However, the app allows you to tweak your passwords to make them stronger and almost impenetrable.


Pricing Free Plan Devices Supported Money-Back Guarantee
$29.95/year — 5-year subscription Yes 9 30-days

You can create an entry of up to 512 characters. It allows you to create a strong password combining uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Also, you can exclude similar characters and make your online accounts safer.

RoboForm also offers an excellent password security tool. It shows you the number of weak, reused, and compromised passwords. You can see the status of your entry under the Password Strength option.

Moreover, it’ll display your overall security store in percentages, showing you how vulnerable your online accounts are. The lower the score, the lower your password protection is.

Emergency access is a great recovery option if you lose your phone or master password. You can select a person who’ll have access to your password vault in an emergency.


  • Password generator allows up to 512 characters
  • Scans for compromised passwords
  • Emergency access feature
  • Affordable price


  • USB security keys not supported

5. 1Password — Popular, Accessible Service with Customizable Vaults

1Password allows you to store an unlimited number of passwords. It boasts several interesting features experienced users will love. It’s the best password manager for Android if you use more passwords than an average person.

1password dashboard

Pricing Free Plan Devices Supported Money-Back Guarantee
$1.99 14-day free trial Unlimited No

The 1Password’s vault will help you sort your logins, allowing you to create multiple vaults. You can store different folders with your social network logins or manage your business passwords. Travel mode is another feature that will enable you to manage passwords on Android better.

You can create a separate vault that allows you to access specific passwords only. The remainder of your entries will remain hidden until you exit the travel mode. Also, this feature allows you to enter the virtual payment card details and hide your regular payment option information.


  • Unlimited passwords accepted
  • Supports multiple vaults
  • Travel mode
  • Watchtower feature


  • No money-back guarantee

LogMeOnce is a powerful Android password manager. Besides being an excellent password app for Android, it supports other platforms like Mac, iOS, Windows, and Linux.

logmeonce password manager

Pricing Free Plan Devices Supported Money-Back Guarantee
$2.50 7-day free trial Unlimited 30-days

Like other providers from our best password manager Android list, LogMeOnce offers several useful security features that ensure your passwords are strong and protected.

Its security center will identify weak passwords, remind you to alter reused logins and alert you if anyone on the Dark Web uses your credentials. Depending on your chosen plan, you can get between 1 and 10 MB of storage.

If you need the best password manager for Android to protect your logins — 1 MB is everything you need. However, if you need to share a huge chunk of documents, we recommend going for the Professional account, which offers up to 10 MB of storage.


  • Available across platforms
  • Dark Web monitoring
  • Up to 10 MB of storage
  • Supports multiple browser extensions


  • A bit complex interface

The Best Password Manager Apps for Android Compared

Here’s a quick head-to-head comparison of the best Android password manager tools to help you compare them:

Password Manager Pricing Free Plan Devices Supported Money-back Guarantee
NordPass $2.29/month Yes 6 30-days
Enpass $2.29/month No 1-Unlimited 30-days
Keeper $2.91/month No Unlimited No
RoboForm $29.95/year — 5-year subscription Yes 9 30-days
1Password $1.99/month 14-day free trial Unlimited No
LogMeOnce $2.50/month 7-day free trial Unlimited 30-days

Why Do I Need a Password Manager On My Android Device?

If you have two or three passwords to remember, there’s no need to search for the best password app for Android. However, if you visit over three online accounts every day or frequently purchase online, your chances of becoming a victim of an online attack grow. Here’s why you should use an Android password manager:

You Don’t Need to Remember Them All

Today, a person uses more than one social network. Technically, you can use the same login details for your Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Telegram, Bank Account, Steam app, and others. However, that way, you significantly increase the risk of becoming a victim of hackers or ransomware attacks.

Even if you tweak your passwords a bit, you’re still in danger if your logins are similar. Let’s face it; there are many passwords to remember. Because of that, people tend to keep their logins simple to memorize them easily. By doing so, they unwillingly help hackers to crack into their accounts.

Thanks to password managers, you can lock your saved passwords on Android inside an impenetrable vault. The vault has only one password, which will be the only credential you need to remember. So, instead of memorizing dozens or even hundreds of passwords and email combinations, you need only one in this case.

Increased Security

Your online account logins, passwords, and documents are safe behind the master password. The best password manager for Android, like NordPass, will offer Password Generator, a security feature that creates strong login entries.

This makes your master password safe from hackers, who find it almost impossible to penetrate. However, if you leave your device unlocked or someone steals your master password, your data could be at severe risk.

Even if hackers aren’t the ones you worry about, imagine a friend accessing your Instagram and posting a not-so-representative picture of you from last weekend. The best password managers also support multi-factor authentication.

This extra layer of security prevents you (or anyone else) from accessing your account with a master password only. Your password manager will require an SMS or email code, QR code, or biometric recognition tool to enter your account. Even if you lose your phone or someone snaps your master password, they won’t be able to access your password vault without your fingertip or a randomly generated code.

If you’re particularly concerned about security, you should also look at using an Android VPN solution – with plenty of great options to pick from in our guide.

Protect Your Online Identity

Android password managers have many great built-in security features beyond keeping your passwords safe. NordPass, for example, has integrated software that scans the web in the background, looking for security breaches.

If someone, let’s say your ex, “accidentally” has saved credentials of your social network and “occasionally” uses it to follow your online activities, your password manager will find out and inform you. Most password vaults will also monitor the Dark Web and see whether your credentials appeared outside your Android device.

How Do I Choose the Best Android Password Manager?

If you’re an occasional web visitor, selecting a provider from our list of the best password managers for Android will do the job. However, here are the top factors to consider when choosing the best password manager for Android devices to keep your valuable passwords safe:


Your passwords will be safe behind a solid and impenetrable wall. The best password manager for Android will use AES-256 encryption. This security algorithm will make your password vault impassable against brute-force attacks.

If you wonder how secure it is, remember that no one has ever cracked AES-256. Other password managers like NordPass rely on XChaCha20 security protocols. This is a relatively new algorithm protection system that aims to overthrow AES-256. When picking your password manager tool, you should look for no less than AES-256 or XChaCha20.

Extra Features

As previously mentioned, the best Android password manager has a few built-in security features. The password generator is one of the most attractive you can find. This tool will generate a strong password and help you stay protected.

Also, a great password keeper scans the web looking for data breaches. Beyond this, it’ll scan the dark parts of the web, which is particularly useful if you hold business passwords on your Android phone.

Furthermore, password managers should inform you about weak passwords and demand you improve them. At the same time, your credentials keeper should remind you to occasionally change your passwords.

Free Plan

There’s a good reason people pay for services. This is especially important when it comes to your online security. However, a complimentary plan can be a great testing ground.

You can use a freemium version of a password manager to see if it suits you. If you see any value, you should use the paid version to maximize your online security.

Device Number

Having the best password manager Android is excellent. But what happens if you need to switch to a laptop quickly, or perhaps you decide to buy a new iOS device?

In cases such as these, you need a versatile password keeper. Luckily, most of the best password managers for Android support multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, or Linux – so you can also get the best password manager for Windows 11 bundled in.

Money-Back Guarantee

Refunds shouldn’t be a major deal-breaker. After all, having a password manager isn’t an expensive affair. Still, you can download the best password manager Android app and decide it’s not what you were after later.

A great password manager provider will allow you to change your mind and walk out from it at no cost to your budget. Most password keepers will allow you a refund within the first 30 – 60 days from the moment you register.

Customer Service

Customer support is a great safety net for many first-timers. The best password manager Android offers immediate help to their users. Sometimes you may encounter minor issues that demand immediate attention.

In that case, you should pick a password keeper provider with a live chat option. Also, having an active phone line helps people feel safer if something goes south.

Conclusion | What’s the Best Android Password Manager in 2024?

Over the years, Android devices have become prevalent tools for managing online accounts. Simultaneously, using smartphones to access social networks, bank accounts, and business-related platforms can increase exposure to cyber-attacks and identity theft.

Because of that, it becomes crucial to use an Android password manager to protect your online credentials and prevent losing them in the first place. Our analyses have confirmed that NordPass is the best password manager Android for personal and business use.

It offers state-of-the-art encryption and many useful features to increase your security during online activities. Whether you choose a free or paid plan, NordPass offers superb password protection.

However, if you frequently use your smartphone while working, we advise you to use the paid plan for the maximum use of NordPass password protection. Waste no time; get NordPass at only $2.29 with a 30-day money-back guarantee and stay protected 24/7.

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