Best Password Managers for Families in 2024

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The best password manager for families will offer a convenient and secure way to protect your loved ones’ digital lives. With the increasing number of online accounts and devices in each household, keeping track of passwords has become a daunting task. Password managers simplify this process by providing a centralized vault for securely storing, organizing, and sharing login credentials.

When choosing a password manager for your family, look for features for managing multiple devices and users, such as unlimited device access and secure password sharing. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the best password managers for families based on our testing and research to help you make an informed decision.

The Best Password Manager for Families

Here’s a shortlist of the best family password managers available today and what each one is best for.

  1. NordPass – Best for secure family password sharing
  2. ByePass – Best for families making online purchases
  3. 1Password – Best premium password manager for families
  4. Keeper – Best for families needing lots of storage
  5. RoboForm – Most user-friendly interface
  6. Enpass – Most affordable password manager for families
  7. Dashlane – Best password manager for large families
  8. LastPass – Best for comprehensive family management

The Best Password Managers for the Family Reviewed

To rank the best password managers for families, we’ve evaluated each provider based on criteria such as family-specific features, security measures, ease of use, cross-platform compatibility, and price.

Our testing process involved in-depth analysis and hands-on assessments to identify the providers best suited for different family needs in 2024.

1. NordPass – Best Password Manager for Secure Family Password Sharing

Nordpass logo

Family Plan Price $2.79/month (two years)
Top Features Secure Password Sharing, Data Breach Scanner, Password Health Checker
Max Devices Unlimited
Password Storage Unlimited
Why We Picked It

NordPass is an excellent choice for families looking for a password manager that prioritizes secure password sharing. Developed by NordVPN, a leading VPN provider, it offers a family-friendly solution that combines ease of use with advanced security features for six family members.


The sharing process is straightforward and secure with NordPass, thanks to XChaCha20 encryption, which safeguards data during sharing and storage. Permissions can be set for shared items, allowing control over who can view and modify the information.

The built-in data breach scanner continuously monitors accounts and sends alerts if any of your details have been compromised or exposed. The password health checker, meanwhile, identifies old, weak, or reused passwords, prompting users to replace them and maintain account security.

NordPass has performed well in independent security audits and employs a zero-knowledge architecture, ensuring data is encrypted before reaching NordPass’ servers, and the company never has full access to your information.

Additional security features include multi-factor authentication and biometric logins. However, while NordPass includes file attachments, it doesn’t offer independent secure file storage unless you opt for the NordLocker service, which comes at an additional cost.


The NordPass family plan, which supports up to six family members, costs $2.79/month (two-year plan) with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing families to test the service risk-free.


  • Secure password sharing
  • Data breach scanner
  • Password Health features
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Limited free account

2. iolo ByePass – Best for Families Making Online Purchases

iolo logo

Family Plan Price $1.66/month (annual)
Top Features Virtual Credit Card, Login Guardian, Dark Web Scan
Max Devices Unlimited
Password Storage Unlimited
Why We Picked It

ByePass from Iolo is an excellent choice for families that do a lot of online shopping and need to securely store and share login credentials across multiple devices.


ByePass utilizes modern encryption to keep your sensitive information secure and accessible only to you and your family.

The password manager’s virtual credit card feature ensures vendors never have access to or store your actual card details. This means you can control exactly when and how often charges can be run on the card, and it reduces the risk of your financial data being exposed in the event of a data breach.

The Login Guardian, meanwhile, allows you to log out of the service from anywhere, ensuring your account remains secure even if you forget to log out on a shared device.

ByePass also provides unlimited password storage, an intelligent autofill feature, and a password generator to help you create strong, unique passwords for each of your online accounts.

The Dark Web Scan tool is another valuable feature for families, as it checks for any compromised passwords that have appeared in data breaches and prompts you to change them.


ByePass is a cost-effective solution, with a single plan priced at $1.66/month when paid annually. ByePass also has a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to test the full range of features without any risk, and there’s a limited free plan.


  • Remote logout feature
  • Excellent credit card protection
  • Affordable pricing
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Limited device support
  • Free trial service is limited

3. 1Password – Best Premium Password Manager for Families

A logo of 1Password

Family Plan Price $4.99/month (annual)
Top Features Unlimited Shared Vaults, Account Recovery, Travel Mode
Max Devices Unlimited
Password Storage Unlimited
Why We Picked It

1Password is one of the best password managers for families. With its intuitive interface and sharing capabilities, 1Password makes it easy for families to manage and share sensitive information like passwords, credit card details, and important documents.


One of 1Password’s standout features is its capacity for unlimited shared vaults. Family members can create and share as many vaults as they want, ensuring that everyone has access to the passwords and information they need.

The account recovery feature adds a fallback option by allowing you to designate a trusted family member who can help you regain access to your account if needed.

In addition to its family-focused features, 1Password provides strong security measures. It employs end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption to protect your data and is the only password manager we’ve seen that offers a travel mode.

This temporarily removes sensitive information from your devices when crossing borders, protecting your data from potential security risks.


1Password’s family plan covers up to five family members for $4.99/month, billed annually. Additional users can be added for $1/month. While there’s no free version, 1Password offers a 14-day trial on all its plans, but it has no refund policy after the trial period ends.


  • Unlimited shared vaults
  • Easy setup and intuitive apps
  • Robust security features
  • Account recovery feature


  • No free version available
  • No refund policy

4. Keeper – Best Password Manager for Families Needing Lots of Storage

Keeper logo

Family Plan Price $6.25/month (annual)
Top Features 10GB Secure File Storage, Encrypted Messaging, Form Filling
Max Devices Unlimited
Password Storage Unlimited
Why We Picked It

Keeper is an excellent choice for families needing to store more than just passwords. Every family plan includes a generous 10GB of secure file storage, which is considerably more than most competitors offer.


Keeper allows your family to securely store and share a wide variety of sensitive information beyond logins, such as financial documents, ID backups, photos, and more. Keeper encrypts all files and data at rest and in transit using AES 256-bit encryption for maximum security.

Other Keeper features include KeeperChat for encrypted messaging between vault members, allowing you to communicate securely without having to leave the Keeper app. Autofill functionality, meanwhile, lets you quickly fill out web forms with personal details and credit card information stored in your vault.

The family plan includes five private vaults, and sharing is simple with Keeper’s intuitive interface. You can quickly share individual records or entire folders with specific family members or the whole family with just a few clicks.


The Keeper family plan costs $6.25 per month, billed annually. While Keeper doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee, you can test out all the family-friendly features with a 30-day trial before committing.


  • 10GB storage
  • Encrypted messaging
  • Multiple private vaults
  • Unlimited devices and password storage


  • No money-back guarantee
  • More expensive than some competitors

5. RoboForm – Most User-Friendly Family Password Manager Interface

Roboform logo

Family Plan Price $3.98/month (annual)
Top Features User-Friendly Interface, Form Filling, One-Click Logins
Max Devices Unlimited
Password Storage Unlimited
Why We Picked It

RoboForm is a good choice for families looking for a secure password manager with a user-friendly interface. Its intuitive design and straightforward features make it easy for family members of all ages and technical skill levels to securely manage and share passwords, ensuring a seamless experience.


One-click logins make accessing your family’s favorite websites a breeze. Once you’ve saved a login, RoboForm will automatically fill in your credentials whenever you visit the site, saving you time and hassle.

It also includes a powerful form-filling tool that streamlines online shopping, account creation, and other tasks that require repetitive data entry.

RoboForm uses AES-256 encryption to protect stored data and has had its security independently audited. Other notable features include support for multi-factor authentication, a password generator, and a security center, which provides an overview of your password health.


The family plan costs $3.98/month, billed annually, for up to five users and includes all the password provider’s premium features. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee but only a free trial for business users.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy and secure sharing options
  • Powerful form-filling capabilities
  • Budget-friendly family plan


      • No free trial for non-business users
      • Lacks some advanced features

      6. Enpass – Most Affordable Password Manager for Family Use

      Enpass logo

      Family Plan Price $2.99/month (annual)
      Top Features Affordable, Local Data Storage Option, Cross-Platform Support
      Max Devices Unlimited
      Password Storage Unlimited
      Why We Picked It

      Enpass stands out as the best budget-friendly password manager for families, offering a feature-rich plan at a competitive price.


      What sets Enpass apart is its flexible approach to data storage. Unlike most password managers that store your data on their servers, Enpass lets you choose between syncing your vault locally across your devices or storing it on third-party cloud services like Dropbox, iCloud, or Google Drive.

      This gives your family complete control over your sensitive information and ensures no attack on Enpass’s servers could compromise your vault.

      Other notable Enpass features include a built-in password audit tool to help you identify and fix weak, reused, or compromised passwords, as well as a highly customizable interface to tailor the look and feel of the app to your liking.


      For just $2.99 per month, billed annually, up to six family members can share the benefits of Enpass’ premium features.

      While Enpass doesn’t offer a free trial for the family plan, though one is available for business users, there is a limited free version for individual users.


      • Budget-friendly family plan
      • Customizable interface
      • Flexible data storage options
      • Unlimited password storage


        • No free trial for the family plan

        7. Dashlane – Best Password Manager for Large Families

        Dashlane logo

        Family Plan Price $7.49/month (annual)
        Top Features 10 users, Family Management Dashboard, VPN
        Max Devices Unlimited
        Password Storage Unlimited
        Why We Picked It

        Dashlane is the best password manager for large families, thanks to its generous user limit.


        While many competitors restrict family plans to five or six users, Dashlane’s family plan covers up to ten users, making it ideal for bigger households. With unlimited device syncing and 1GB of encrypted storage, everyone can access their passwords from all their gadgets.

        Dashlane also includes a VPN in the family plan, with a single connection, providing an extra layer of protection when your family connects to the internet.

        Beyond its family-friendly features, Dashlane offers a strong password generator, autofill capabilities, and robust security. It also offers biometric logins for convenience and dark web monitoring to alert you if your information is compromised.


        Dashlane’s family plan costs $7.49 per month, billed annually, which is excellent considering it covers up to ten users. You can try Dashlane risk-free with a 30-day free trial of the Premium plan. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you plenty of time to ensure the password manager meets your family’s needs.


        • Covers up to ten users
        • Includes a VPN for secure browsing
        • Dark web monitoring
        • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee


        • Pricier than some competitors
        • No trial option for the family plan

        LastPass logo

        Family Plan Price $4/month (annual)
        Top Features Family Dashboard, Emergency Access, Security Dashboard
        Max Devices Unlimited
        Password Storage Unlimited
        Why We Picked It

        LastPass is the best password manager for comprehensive family management, offering a set of features designed to streamline your whole family’s digital life.


        LastPass’ family dashboard is a standout feature, providing a centralized hub for managing all the family members’ accounts. From the dashboard, the family manager can easily add or remove members, monitor account activity, and adjust sharing permissions. This level of transparency and control is invaluable.

        LastPass’ emergency access feature provides a secure way for designated family members to request account access when needed – for example, if an individual forgets their master password – ensuring crucial information remains accessible.

        In addition, the built-in security dashboard provides an overview of each family member’s password health, helping identify and address potential vulnerabilities. It’s worth mentioning that LastPass experienced a data breach in December 2022, which may raise concerns about the security of the platform for some.


        LastPass offers its family plan for $4 per month, billed annually. While there’s no free plan for families, LastPass does offer a 30-day free trial, allowing new users to test the service risk-free. For product comparisons, check out our guide to the best LastPass alternatives.


        • Comprehensive family dashboard
        • Emergency access
        • Robust security features
        • Affordable family plan pricing


        • Security concerns
        • Some features are complex

        Best Password Managers for Families Compared

        Here’s an overview of all the family password managers we tested, along with their key features and functionality, so you can easily compare them.

        Password Manager NordPass ByePass 1Password Keeper RoboForm Enpass Dashlane LastPass
        Family Plan Price $2.79/month (two years) $1.66/month (annual) $4.99/month (annual) $6.25/month (annual) $3.98/month (annual) $2.99/month (annual) $7.49/month (annual) $4/month (annual)
        Max Devices Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
        Password Generator
        Password Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
        Notable Features Secure Password Sharing, Data Breach Scanner, Password Health Checker Virtual Credit Card, Login Guardian, Dark Web Scan Unlimited Shared Vaults, Account Recovery, Travel Mode 10GB Secure File Storage, Encrypted Messaging, Form Filling User-Friendly Interface, Form Filling, One-Click Logins Affordable Pricing, Local Data Storage Option, Cross-Platform Support 10 Users, Family Management Dashboard, VPN Family Dashboard, Emergency Access, Security Dashboard
        Compatibility Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux Windows, iOS, Android, Browsers Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux Windows, macOS, iOS, Android Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
        Money-Back Guarantee 30 days 30 days 14-day trial 30-day trial 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days
        Free Plan

        How We Tested the Best Family Password Managers

        To ensure our recommendations are accurate and reliable, we’ve put numerous family password managers through a rigorous testing process. Our evaluation methodology covered the following essential criteria to identify the best family password manager.

        • Security – We evaluated the encryption methods, secure sharing capabilities, multi-factor authentication options, and additional security features used.
        • Features – We assessed the range of features offered by each password manager, concentrating on those that are particularly beneficial for family use, such as shared folders, individual vaults, granular access controls, robust password generation, reliable autofilling, and seamless cross-platform synchronization.
        • Ease of Use – We conducted hands-on testing of each password manager’s user interface, evaluating how intuitive it was for different use cases, the simplicity of setting up family-specific features, and the convenience of accessing the password manager across different browsers and mobile devices.
        • Customer Reviews – We analyzed user feedback from multiple sources to gauge real-world experiences with each password manager, assessing their reliability, customer support, and overall customer satisfaction levels in the context of family use.
        • Pricing – We compared the costs and value of each password manager’s family plan, factoring in the number of users, storage allowances, ongoing promotions, and the availability of trials and money-back guarantees.

        How to Choose the Best Password Manager for Family Use

        Choosing a password manager for your family is an important decision that requires careful consideration. With so many options available, it’s worth evaluating the key features required for your family’s security needs. Here are some crucial factors to keep in mind:

        Secure SharingCross-Platform CompatibilityUser-Friendly InterfaceTwo-Factor AuthenticationAffordable Plans

        Look for a password manager that offers secure sharing of passwords, notes, and other sensitive information between family members.

        Ensure the password manager supports all your family’s devices and platforms, such as Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

        Choose a password manager with a clean, intuitive interface that’s easy for all family members to navigate, regardless of their technical expertise.

        Opt for a password manager that offers two-factor authentication (2FA) to add an extra layer of security for your family’s password vault.

        Compare the pricing and features of different family plans to find one that offers the best value for your family’s needs. Keep in mind that the cheapest option may not be the best if it doesn’t include the features you need.

        Why Do I Need a Password Manager for My Family?

        A family password manager provides a secure and convenient way to store, share, and manage passwords for joint accounts like a household Netflix subscription, as well as the numerous logins families typically accumulate.

        This allows everyone to access these accounts without compromising security or resorting to insecure methods of password sharing, such as sending them via unencrypted messages. Many password managers let you set up shared folders to help organize, manage, and store passwords.

        Using a password manager encourages good digital habits, particularly for children. By getting them accustomed to using a password manager, they learn the importance of creating strong, unique passwords and not sharing them insecurely.

        For older children and teens, a family password manager can provide a safe way to manage their online independence. They can manage their own passwords within the family plan, while their parents can maintain oversight, ensuring a balance between autonomy and security.

        In addition to these benefits, having a password manager can be a lifesaver in emergency situations. If a family member becomes incapacitated, having passwords securely stored and accessible to trusted emergency contacts ensures that important accounts can still be accessed.

        Can More Than One Person Use the Same Password Manager?

        Yes, most password managers offer shared password manager options for families and business teams. Generally, these provide separate accounts or vaults for different individuals and offer significant discounts on a per-user basis, so a password manager for couples can be a great decision.

        A major benefit is that family members can assist with account recovery if the master password is lost or the individual is incapacitated. Family password managers often also provide features to make password manager sharing between accounts even easier.

        One potential downside is that a password manager family plan will generally need an admin. Even if this individual can’t access vaults directly, they’ll likely be able to set up emergency access and guest access.

        Because of this, shared password managers are only really suitable where individuals have a high degree of trust in each other, such as in a family or when managing business login details in a work environment.

        Safety and Security with the Best Password Managers for Families

        Password managers make it easy to create and store strong, unique passwords for all your online accounts. Having all your details stored in one place, though, means that it’s very important to have a high standard of security in place.

        The providers included in our shortlist generally provide excellent security. NordPass for example, uses the advanced XChaCha20 encryption algorithm, while providers like NordPass, 1Password, and RoboForm all run independent security audits on their services. You might also consider open source providers, like Bitwarden, which allow the user community to review and audit their code.

        From a user perspective, it’s important to implement robust protection and good practice for your password manager account, using a strong master password, deploying multi-factor authentication, updating passwords for individual accounts, and staying abreast of data breaches and alerts to weak and repeated passwords.

        In terms of personal security with a shared password manager account, you should be aware of other account users. For example, you probably wouldn’t want to add personal logins on a business password manager account, and friends would need to have an extremely high degree of trust to share a password manager.

        How to Share a Password Safely

        The best password manager for families will make it easy to share passwords. 1Password, for example, includes a shared vault for family members with the family plan, so you can share passwords straight away.

        Here are step-by-step instructions on how to share another vault with a family member in 1Password for Windows and how to add passwords to it.

        1. Manage Access for your vault

          Open the Windows 1Password desktop app. Go to the sidebar, and right-click on the vault to be shared, and then click Manage Access.
          <strong>Manage Access for your vault</strong>
        2. Add People

          Next, select Add People and click on the individuals you want to give access to. When complete, click Next and then Share, and your vault is now shared.
        3. Adding items to a shared vault

          If you want to add items to this shared vault, you can drag it in the sidebar in the Windows app. You can also right-click on the item, select Move, then choose a vault to move it to, or you can copy it by instead selecting Duplicate.

          You’ll need to make sure you’re in the right account or that you have All Accounts selected in the sidebar.

        Here’s how to share a password with someone who’s not a family plan member in 1Password, using the Windows app.

        1. Select the item to share

          Go to the 1Password Windows app, navigate to the item to share, select it, and click Share.
        2. Choose how to share and with whom

          You can then give your link an expiry date and set who you’ll share it with using Add email.
        3. Send the link

          Finally, click Copy Link, and you can send the item to the individuals you want to share it with. No changes you make to the item will be shared with these individuals unless you send them a new link.
        4. Stop sharing

          If you want to stop sharing an item, go to the item in the 1Password app. Select it, and click the down arrow, then View History. Next, select the minus symbol and Delete link – and, once clicked, the link will no longer be accessible.
          <strong>Stop sharing</strong>

        Are There Free Password Managers for Families?

        While most password managers designed for families require a subscription, a few offer free plans.

        Bitwarden provides a free plan that allows two users to securely share passwords in up to two collections. It’s a good fit for couples or small families who want to share passwords for joint accounts or categories such as household utilities or streaming services.

        The plan includes unlimited password storage, syncing across devices, and secure password sharing – but you’ll need to upgrade for emergency access and file attachments.

        Similarly, Dashlane offers a free plan – though it’s limited to 25 passwords and one device – as does Keeper, with ten records on one mobile device.

        However, depending on the provider, free services may not have the same security resources as paid alternatives, leaving them more vulnerable to data breaches and other security threats. They may also generate revenue through methods that could compromise the privacy of your family’s data, such as selling user information to third parties or displaying targeted advertisements.

        Given this and the fact that free plans are typically only for one user, it’s better to look for an affordable paid plan rather than the best free password manager for families.

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