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Dashlane is a trustworthy premium password manager

Dashlane is one of the best password managers on the market today, thanks to industry-leading security features like a built-in VPN and dark web monitoring.

While Dashlane is considered one of the more premium password managers, it has all the essential features you need to keep your passwords and sensitive information safe. Furthermore, it simplifies password management by storing them in a secure vault, so you no longer need to remember them whenever you want to log in to an application or website.


  • Zero-trust architecture
  • Built-in VPN on all plans
  • Dark web monitoring
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Store unlimited passwords on paid plans


  • Premium prices
  • Lacks an independent audit
  • It's tricky to import passwords

Dashlane is easily one of the best password managers on the market today and for good reason. It offers military-grade encryption methods and numerous other security measures, like biometric authentication, secure encryption, form filling, and more.

In our Dashlane review, we will examine what makes this password manager a strong choice for keeping passwords safe. We will mainly focus on its features, security, pricing, and customer support.

What is Dashlane?

Dashlane is a password manager and digital wallet application created to simplify and enhance online security. The company was founded in 2009 by Bernard Liautaud and is based in New York City, USA.

Since its inception, it has become one of the leading password management solutions worldwide. It offers plans for individuals and businesses and is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. It’s equipped with many extra features that make it more than your standard password manager, which is why we rank it as one of the best password managers.

Is Dashlane Safe and Secure?

Yes, Dashlane is safe. In addition to its military-grade encryption methodology, it offers two-factor authentication (2FA) and follows a zero-trust architecture. Plus, all the data you keep on Dashlane is encrypted before it’s saved, making it much more secure.

Furthermore, you can only access your data with a master password, which means only you have access to your data. You should keep your master password safe, as it’s the only key to access your information.

Lastly, Dashlane has never been involved in a data breach, which significantly increases users’ trust. That said, we would like to see an independent password security auditing to further increase trustworthiness.

Dashlane Pricing and Plans

Dashlane offers two personal and two professional use plans. Its Friends and Family plans allow for ten users under a single subscription and include a VPN, a password hygiene dashboard, and other features that make it one of the best password managers for families.

Plans Starting Price Features
Premium $4.99/month Password generator, dark web monitoring, VPN, unlimited devices, secure sharing, passwordless login
Friends & Family $7.49/month Everything in the Premium package for ten users
Business $8.00/month Everything in the Premium package + password health score, group sharing, single sign-on, SCIM provisioning, SIEM integration
Enterprise Contact for price Everything in the Business Plan + dedicated customer service, onboarding technical engineer
Premium – $4.99/month

Premium Plan

Dashlane Premium is the cheapest package on offer and, compared to competitors, shines in the sheer number of features available. It will cost you a total of $59.99/year, and it can be used on an unlimited number of devices and store an unlimited number of passwords and passkeys.

Friends & Family – $7.49/month

Friends & Family Plan

This package is the same as the Premium package, with the only difference being that it allows up to 10 members on a single subscription. It will cost you an additional $30.00/year. It includes shared vaults, and you’ll also get access to a family and friends management dashboard for easy management.

Interestingly, only one VPN license is included, meaning only the account holder can use it. However, it can be used on a router, meaning anyone who connects to your router will benefit from a VPN connection.

Business – $8/seat/month

Business Plan

The Business plan is a great package for smaller businesses. It includes everything in the Premium package plus a few extras.

There is a single sign-on (SSO) feature that allows Dashlane users to sign in once and access all the services they need. This speeds up productivity and increases security, as users don’t need to keep track of multiple passwords. SCIM provisioning and phone support are also available.

Furthermore, all Business plan users get access to the friends and family plan for free, which means users can implement the security Dashlane offers at home.

Enterprise – Contact Sales for Price

Enterprise Plan

This plan is best for larger companies. It offers everything on the Business plan, including some extras, like an assigned customer success manager and a technical engineer to assist when onboarding new users.

You can also request a demo, which is great for those who are interested in purchasing Dashlane’s password manager for their business but are unsure which provider to choose.

Is Dashlane Good For Business?

Yes, Dashlane is a premium password manager for businesses of all sizes. Users can access a password vault, a VPN, and an additional friends and family plan free of charge.

Furthermore, Dashlane’s business plans are very comprehensive, as they include SSO integration and an activity and audit log for administrators.

Is Dashlane Free?

Yes, Dashlane offers a free plan, but it’s limited to a single device and can only save 25 items (passwords, passkeys, notes, etc.), so it’s not the best free password manager option. However, it does generate strong passwords and auto-fill forms for you.

Now, to experience Dashlane’s full potential, you can take advantage of its risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

How Does Dashlane Work? Dashlane Security Features

When compared to other password managers, like 1Password, Dashlane is more expensive. However, it has many features that other password managers don’t offer, which explains its price. Here’s what Dashlanes has to offer:

Dashlane Encryption and InfrastructureDashlane Password GeneratorForm FillingDashlane Secure NotesPassword SharingDashlane PasskeysPhishing AlertsHotspot Shield VPNDashlane Reports and Dark Web Monitoring

Dashlane Encryption and Infrastructure

Dashlane encrypts all your data using 256-bit AES encryption. It also uses zero-knowledge architecture, which means that not even Dashlane has access to your passwords and other sensitive information stored in your vaults.

Furthermore, your data is encrypted on your device, meaning your data and sensitive information are already encrypted before they reach Dashlane’s servers. This adds that extra security.

Dashlane Password Generator

Like most password managers, Dashlane provides an easy-to-use password generator. With it, you can generate random passwords using letters, numbers, and symbols, creating passwords between 4 and 40 characters long.

Alternatively, competitors like RoboForm allow you to create up to 512 characters long passwords.

Dashlane Password Generator

One notable Dashlane feature is its Generator History. If you’ve generated a strong password but have forgotten to save it, you can use this feature to go back and manually copy the password you are looking for. This is a unique feature that not many password managers offer.

Form Filling

Form filling is a standard feature offered by all reputable password managers. Dashlane can help you save time by automatically filling out forms with the relevant data needed to sign up for something or enter payment data when purchasing something online.

Dashlane form filling

Dashlane Secure Notes

The secure notes feature enables you to safely store important information. These notes can be anything from Wi-Fii passwords to credit card details and software keys.

You can also lock these notes, which means if you want to access them, you’ll need to enter your master password, which only the account holder should know.

Dashlane Secure Notes

Furthermore, you can store sensitive documents in this vault. It has 1GB of storage space, and the uploaded file can be up to 15 MB. Importantly, you can share any secure notes if they have a document attached to them.

Password Sharing

Like sharing secure notes, you can also share passwords with trusted people. The recipient should also have a Dashlane account to receive any shared information, and it can be done through the web or mobile Dashlane app.

Password Sharing with Dashlane

Recipients will then receive an email and a notification in the Dashlanes Sharing Center. Administrators can also create sharing groups. This is a great feature for businesses, as groups can be created based on departments. It creates an organized environment for sensitive information to be shared, and it also saves time, as items are shared just once.

Dashlane Passkeys

Passkeys are an authentication method for logging in to websites without using a password. Interestingly, due to their convenience, passkeys may replace passwords as the main way to access your accounts in the future.

When you create a passkey, you essentially create two keys that connect you to a site. These keys are connected in a complex mathematical relationship and consist of long strings of numbers. The first key is private and stored in your Dashlane account, and the second key is public.

Dashlane Passkeys

It’s considered safe because the public key is useless without the private key. These keys act as an authentication barrier and only allow access if both keys are compatible. This is a form of asymmetric encryption.

Phishing Alerts

An attempt to steal sensitive information like usernames and passwords is called phishing. Cybercriminals posing as legitimate companies often do this via email. To prevent this, Dashlane sends you an alert when someone is trying to steal your data.

Dashlane Anti-Phishing

Dashlane offers two types of phishing alerts:

  1. The first alert will warn you if you visit a website posing as a legitimate Dashlane website.
  2. Now, the second will warn you if you enter your password to access an untrusted website.

Dashlane VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN is a simplistic virtual private network offered by Dashlane. While the virtual private network is on a more basic level, it’s still a very nice add-on included with all Dashlane plans.

Dashlane VPN

For example, there are no extra features like split tunneling or a kill switch; however, it does provide an extra layer of security while browsing the internet. Alternatively, if you are interested in a secure and reliable VPN, take a look at the best VPN services.

Dashlane Reports and Dark Web Monitoring

Dashlane comes with dark web monitoring and a password health tool. The live dark web monitoring will scan the dark web for personal data related to your email address. If it finds anything, it generates a report and alerts you to change your credentials.

Dashlane Dark Web Monitoring

The password health tool will examine your passwords and alert you to any reused or weak passwords. Any compromised passwords will also appear in a report so you know which passwords need fixing.

Dashlane Compatibility and Ease of Use

Dashlane provides apps for mobile devices only. If you want to use it on your PC, you will need to use the web app rather than a downloadable app. That being said, the available Dashlane’s features are powerful enough to keep your passwords and other digital data safe. It’s also extremely easy to use, even for beginners.

Dashlane Desktop AppDashlane Mobile AppDashlane Browser Extensions

Dashlane Desktop App

Dashlane is a fully web-based application. It used to provide a desktop version for Windows and iOS; however, in 2022, it announced discontinuing such an option. Regardless, you can create a desktop shortcut to easily access the Dashlane web app without having to log in via the extension.

You can do this by navigating to Dashlane in your browser and selecting the 3-dot menu at the top right of your screen. Then, select ‘More tools’ and ‘Create shortcut’, save it as ‘Dashlane’, and tick the box next to ‘Open as window’. You can then pin it to your taskbar for easy access.

Dashlane Mobile App

Dashlane’s mobile app is available for iOS and Android. It gives you access to everything Dashlane offers, including the password generator, password sharing, password health monitoring, VPN, and dark web monitoring.

The iOS version isn’t as feature-rich as its Android counterpart. For example, you can’t import any passwords; however, you’ll still get access to important features to keep your passwords secure.

Interestingly, you can use Dashlane’s mobile app as an authenticator to bypass additional third-party apps like Microsoft Authenticator to access websites that use 2FA.

Dashlane Browser Extensions

The browser extension is equipped with many useful tools and is extremely user-friendly. It allows you to access your saved passwords and generate new ones. You can also use its auto-fill feature for easy access, changing various settings, and navigating to different websites.

However, if you want access to features like your secure notes, payment details, and saved ID information, you’ll need to hop over to the web app. Furthermore, while Dashlane allows you to import passwords from other platforms, it’s quite tricky, as it requires you to download a .csv file from your browser or another password manager.

How Does Dashlane Compare Against Other Password Managers?

Let’s take a look at how Dashlane fares against other popular password managers:

Password Manager Starting Price Free Version Max Devices Password Vault / Generator
Dashlane $4.99/month 30-day free trial Unlimited
1Password $2.99/month 14-day free trial Unlimited
Bitwarden $1.00/month Free plan and 7-day free trial Unlimited
Nordpass $1.49/month Free plan and 30-day free trial Unlimited
Keeper $2.92/month Free plan and 30-day free trial Unlimited Vault: Add on – $0.83/user/month for 10GB
Generator: Yes

Dashlane vs 1Password

Both 1Password and Dashlane offer excellent features like unlimited devices and 1GB of file storage per user. The main difference between the two is their pricing. 1Password is cheaper but doesn’t offer a free plan like Dashlane.

Another notable difference between Dshlane and 1Password is that the latter offers a Travel Mode feature. It temporarily turns off users’ vaults when they travel abroad. Dashlane offers a one-click password change, which is more convenient when updating credentials.

Bitwarden vs Dashlane

In this Dashlane vs Bitdefender faceoff, it’s clear that Bitwarden is considerably cheaper than Dashlane. However, Dashlane offers more extra features like a VPN and dark web monitoring. It also has stronger customer support, which makes it an excellent choice for less tech-savvy users. Bitwarden is open-source and offers support for self-hosting, which makes it a better option for more tech-savvy users.

If you’re looking for a low-cost password manager, Bitwarden is for you. However, if you want a comprehensive password security suite, Dashlane is the winner.

NordPass vs Dashlane

For various reasons, NordPass and Dashlane are considered among the best password managers on the market. When it comes to features on offer, both are very similar. For example, both offer top-class encryption; however, NordPass has a more modern algorithm (xChaCha20), whereas Dashlane uses 256-bit AES encryption.

Lastly, NordPass is much cheaper than Dashlane and has undergone a third-party audit that confirmed no data-related problems.

Dashlane vs Keeper

Dashlane and Keeper are very good password managers, offering excellent security features. Keeper is more affordable, while Dashlane is more user-friendly. Dashlane stands out for its extra features, such as its VPN.

Furthermore, both offer free plans; however, Keeper allows you to store unlimited passwords on its free plan, whereas Dashlane limits it to 25 passwords. If you want to store more, you’ll need to opt for a paid version.

How to Set Up Dashlane

Ease of use is one area where Dashlane shines, and setting it up really couldn't be easier.

  1. Visit Dashlane and Choose Your Plan

    Head over to Dashlane’s official website and choose the best plan for your needs.

    <strong>Visit Dashlane and Choose Your Plan</strong>
  2. Complete Purchase

    Depending on whether you opt for a free version or a paid plan, you’ll either have to download the browser extension or complete the purchase.

    <strong>Complete Purchase</strong>
  3. Setup Account

    Once you’ve successfully downloaded the extension, you will be directed to the web application and asked to enter your email address.

    <strong>Setup Account</strong>
  4. Create a Master Password

    After linking your email address, you will be asked to create a master password. Ensure you keep this password safe as it unlocks all of your passwords you will eventually save in your vault.

    <strong>Create a Master Password</strong>
  5. Store Your Passwords Safely

    The next time you sign up for something, you’ll see the Dashlane logo in the email input box. Clicking on it will open the password generator. Here, you can generate a strong password and save it in your Dashlane vault for easy access the next time you use that particular account.

    <strong>Store Your Passwords Safely</strong>

Customer Support and Dashlane Reviews from Users

When it comes to customer support, users on the paid plans get access to email support seven days a week in English. For those who prefer French or German, this is available Monday through Friday. There is also a live chat feature available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. US Eastern Time.

A customer's review of Dashlane

Their website also has an extensive range of FAQs and helpful resources. Users on the Business plans get access to phone support.

According to Trustpilot, over 5,500 users have reviewed Dashlane, and it received 4.5 stars, with 76% rating it 5 out of 5.

A customer's review of Dashlane

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