The Best Enterprise Payroll Software for 2024: Compared

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Managing a large number of employees requires an agile payroll system. The best enterprise payroll software streamlines employee payment processes, enhances efficiency, and ensures compliance. It also empowers you to handle multiple pay rates, complex deductions, overtime, and other complex payroll processing.

Given that every business’s needs vary, I’ve reviewed dozens of payroll services to find the best options for you. In this guide, I’ll walk you through some of the best platforms for handling enterprise payroll in 2024.

The Best Enterprise Payroll Solutions 2024

Deel - Compliant global payroll software


Rippling - Excellent streamlined payroll software


Paychex - Scalable payroll software


Remote - Cost-effective EOR solution


Sage - In-depth advanced payroll reporting for enterprises


OysterHR - Excellent international payroll software


OnPay - Best-in-class integrations for payroll


ADP Workforce Now - All-in-one software for payroll


Paycor - Advanced reporting for HR + payroll


Gusto - Fast and easy payroll software


The Best Payroll Software for Large Businesses

  1. Deel: Best for Global Payroll Management
  2. Rippling: Best for Payroll Automation
  3. Paychex: Best for User Experience
  4. Remote: Best EOR Services
  5. Sage: Best for Advanced Reporting
  6. OysterHR: Best for Hiring International Talents
  7. OnPay: Best for Simple Tax Filing Automation
  8. ADP Workforce Now: Best for Full-Service Payroll Management
  9. Paycor: Best for Payroll Reporting and Dashboards
  10. Gusto: Best for Fast and Effortless Payroll

The Best Payroll for Enterprises Reviewed

To provide you with a detailed and balanced payroll software review, I focused on criteria such as software with global reach, enterprise-level integrations, sophisticated and customizable reporting tools, scalability, and the capacity to manage large employee headcounts.

1. Deel – Best for Global Payroll Management

Deel Logo

Free Trial N/A
Starting Price $19 per employee/month
Maximum Employee Count 1,000+
Countries Covered 150+
Top Features Global Payroll Reports, Localized Compliance Experts, Global Hiring Knowledge Hub
Why We Picked It

I chose Deel as the ideal solution for businesses that outsource projects to global contractors or mostly remote workforces. Deel offers enterprise-level payroll and EOR solutions for more than 150 countries. It is an effective provider of payroll compliance, with localized experts for its major markets, several built-in data protection features, and employment liability protections.

You also get instant wage and tax calculations, sync direct deposits and payslips with your accounting software, and include free HRIS software for businesses under 200 employees.

  • Global Payroll Reports: As a global payroll software, Deel analyzes your employees’ data to generate a monthly report tailored to your company’s requirements. It handles currency changes and presents total costs in your preferred currency.
  • Localized Compliance Experts: Deel has over 200 local legal experts, making it easy to help large companies compliantly onboard workers worldwide. It handles local laws, onboarding and local holidays, payroll based on individual employees’ location and labor laws.
  • Global Hiring: Deel simplifies global talent recruitment and onboarding. It provides a faster onboarding process that covers all relevant procedures, including document collecting and contract signing.

    Deel’s clear pricing allows businesses to find the best option for their needs easily. Its free plan is only available on the HR plan.

    • Deel HR: Free for companies under 200 employees
    • Deel US Payroll: $19 per employee/month
    • Deel Engage: $20/employee/month
    • Deel Payroll: $29 per employee/month
    • Deel Contractor Management: $49/month
    • Deel US PEO: $79 per employee/month
    • Deel EOR: $599/month
    • Deel Immigration: Custom

    Deel’s Payroll plan is a good option for running payroll in a large organization with employees around the globe. Its features include salary and tax payments, employee benefits and deductions, local filing, and report customization.

    Who's It Best For
    Deel is an excellent option for companies managing global contractors or remote workforces across multiple countries, thanks to its EOR service and compliant global payroll management.


    • Government declarations and immigration support
    • Handles entities and employment liability in 150 countries
    • Quick and scalable employee onboarding
    • Offers localized compliance experts


    • No mobile app option
    • Limited customization options for workflows


    2. Rippling – Best for Payroll Automation

    Rippling Logo

    Free Trial N/A
    Starting Price Starting from $8/month per employee
    Maximum Employee Count 2000+
    Countries Covered 185+
    Top Features Prebuilt Integration Recipes, Unified HR, Finance, and IT Management, Admin Roles and Permission Setting
    Why We Picked It

    Rippling is a leading payroll provider for large businesses, helping users scale their operations with its automation and integrations. Its automation covers the full payroll lifecycle management, including state and worldwide compliance workflows, tax filing, general ledger syncing, and custom administrative tasks.

    I found benefits management straightforward with Rippling as you can streamline all benefits in one place, from health insurance to 401Ks. Rippling offers dozens of solutions across finance and accounting, HR, IT, legal and compliance, recruiting, and other essential enterprise operations, creating a holistic approach to business management.

    • Prebuilt Integrations: Rippling integrates with over 600 applications to provide businesses access to more features.
    • Admin Roles and Permissions: You can easily automate employees’ access with Rippling’s workflow manager, which helps you build permission profiles based on employees’ levels and custom rules.
    • Tax filing: Federal, state, and local taxes are automatically calculated. Garnishments are also supported, and the system can pay them out on your behalf.

      Rippling price plans are available based on request to suit different organizational needs. Pricing starts at $8 per user per month. Although Rippling does not specify the products this pricing applies to, you can contact the sales team for more information.

      You can also request a 30-minute product demo by filling in your company details.

      Who's It Best For
      Rippling suits large organizations looking to streamline payroll processes through advanced automation and integrations.


      • Automation for various parts of payroll workflow
      • Easy-to-use integration and automation recipes
      • Extensive integration library
      • Its starting price appears affordable compared to competitors


      • Limited customization for user privileges
      • Its comprehensive features may be overwhelming for beginners
      • Total cost may be expensive
      Rippling Payroll


      3. Paychex – Best for User Experience

      Paychex Logo

      Free Trial N/A
      Starting Price $39 per month plus $5 per employee (First 3 months free)
      Maximum Employee Count 1,000+
      Countries Covered 140+, and works with international partners
      Top Features Automated Payroll Tax Admin, Mobile App for Employers and Employees, Employee Retention Tax Credit Support
      Why We Picked It

      I found Paychex to be a payroll solutions provider that effectively balances the needs of enterprise leaders and their workforce. This is primarily done through Paychex’s customer-favorite mobile app, which allows administrators to customize payroll metrics and easily review data and reports.

      Employees can use the mobile app to quickly review their documents and update their preferred payment method. Paychex offers many options for how and when employees get paid, which is a distinct advantage when hiring hourly workers and contractors.

      • Payment Flexibility: Paychex offers many options for how and when employees get paid, which is a distinct advantage when hiring hourly workers and contractors.
      • Mobile App: Employees can use the mobile app to review their documents and update their preferred payment method quickly.
      • Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) Support: Paychex assists businesses in understanding, calculating, and claiming their ERTC. Paychex monitors all necessary documents and updates them to support the ERTC claim.

      Paychex offers custom-based price plans to suit specific business needs.

      Plan Essentials Select Pro Enterprise
      1 month $39/month + $5 per employee Custom Custom Custom

        Paychex price plans are only available upon request, but you get your first 3 months free when you sign up for a plan.

        Who's It Best For
        Paychex is best for large businesses requiring intuitive and customizable payroll management solutions that prioritize ease of use.


        • Intuitive user interface on mobile and desktop
        • Easy to learn for employees and employers
        • Employee self-service and quick payment options
        • Positive reviews of customer support


        • Per-user pricing is expensive for enterprises
        • Limited multi-state and international features
        • Unclear if Select or Pro plans work for enterprises


        4. Remote – Best Employer of Record (EOR) Services

        Remote Logo

        Free Trial Yes, with its HR management
        Starting Price $29 per contractor per month
        Maximum Employee Count Not specified
        Countries Covered 200+
        Top Features Localized Contract Management, Fully Owned Entities, Legal, HR, and Finance Experts
        Why We Picked It

        Remote is a leading payroll software solution that focuses primarily on remote workers and contractors worldwide. As one of the best EOR platforms I’ve tried, Remote helps you grow your international team using a single platform.

        You can set up multiple payroll runs and view them on one dashboard. HR teams can manage and approve expenses, PTO, and any job role or pay changes. The easy-to-use dashboard shows you the predicted vs. actual payroll cost for every country so you can plan your cashflow accurately.

        • Localized Contract Management: Global contract processes are managed by providing you with customized, updated, and compliant contracts. It automatically creates employment contracts that adhere to the specific legal requirements of your employee’s country, enhancing compliance with local labor laws.
        • Fully-Owned Entities: Remote has legal entities in different countries, facilitating direct employment and payroll processes. This gives HR more time to focus on other business activities.
        • Legal, HR, and Finance Experts: Local professionals help businesses manage their payroll processes to ensure everything is handled correctly and efficiently.

        Remote offers a transparent price that scales with business needs:

        Plan HR Management Contractor Management Payroll Employer of Record Remote Talent Contractor Management Plus
        1 month $0/month $29/contractor/month $50/employee/month $599/month $119/month $99/contractor/month

          Remote’s Payroll plan is suitable for any business type to centralize their payroll management. Its features include local compliance for every country, support from in-house payroll experts, and tax and labor authority.

          You can also request a custom rate based on your expansion goals.

          Who's It Best For
          Remote is tailored for enterprises managing a diverse global workforce of remote workers and contractors with extensive international payroll capabilities.


          • Wide country reach of 200+
          • Facilitates contractor payroll and compliance
          • User-friendly interface
          • Provides specialist support to streamline contractor management


          • Limited reporting customizations
          • Per-employee pricing may be expensive for enterprises
          • It does not specify enterprise headcount capacity
          • Fewer built-in integrations


          5. Sage – Best for Advanced Reporting

          Sage Logo

          Free Trial N/A
          Starting Price Custom
          Maximum Employee Count 300+
          Countries Covered 200+
          Top Features Payroll Automation, Real-time Data & Reports, Seamless Integration
          Why We Picked It

          Sage is a powerful program that provides a complete payroll solution to help businesses manage their workers. I found its in-depth payroll reports helpful for business owners to make data-driven decisions.

          Its fully automated payroll procedure eliminates the need for manual processes while ensuring proper monitoring. The system calculates employee wages and taxes for hourly and full-time employees and minimizes any errors by calculating deductions (like any benefits, 401Ks, or state/federal taxes ) and overtime rates, too.

          • Seamless Integration: Integrates with other business systems to ensure critical processes are seamlessly integrated, facilitating smooth workflow. It integrates with ERPs, HRs, and other third-party tools.
          • Real-time Data & Reports: With real-time data, you’ll gain insights into tax contributions across your team, employee data, payroll history, and more.
          • Payroll Automation: Sage automates repetitive and time-consuming payroll processes such as wage calculation, deductions, taxes, and benefits, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors.

          Sage uses quote-based pricing to adapt solutions to specific business needs.

          Plan Sage HRMS Sage Intacct Payroll powered by ADP
          1 month Custom Custom

            Sage HRMS is an on-premise system that businesses of any size or type may use. It has features such as employee benefits management, interactive analytics, and employee time and attendance analytics.

            Sage doesn’t offer a free plan but allows users to request a demo.

            Who's It Best For
            Sage is suitable for organizations that need complex automation to manage employee payroll processing. Sage’s automation enables comprehensive reporting and interactive analytics, providing businesses with crucial insights into their processes.


            • Interactive reporting and analytics
            • Integrates seamlessly with other business tools
            • Automates repetitive payroll processes
            • Comprehensive advice on payroll systems


            • There’s no free plan
            • The first implementation requires payment
            • Its comprehensive features may overwhelm beginners
            Sage Payroll


            6. OysterHR – Best for Hiring International Talents

            Oyster Logo

            Free Trial Yes, 30 days for the Contractor plan
            Starting Price Starting from $29/employee/month
            Maximum Employee Count Unspecified
            Countries Covered 180+
            Top Features Deep Local Intelligence, Payroll Simplification, Visa Sponsorship
            Why We Picked It

            OysterHR stands out for its exceptional international payroll capabilities, making it easy to manage payroll across multiple countries. Oyster supports over 140 currencies and ensures timely and accurate payments in your employees’ preferred currency.

            Additionally, OysterHR simplifies tax compliance and deductions for different regions and offers detailed payroll reporting to help your businesses stay on top of financial obligations.

            • Deep Local Intelligence: Receive you with the insights and resources needed to employ global talents compliantly. With this local insight, you can decide on competitive offers to attract the best talent to your organization.
            • Payroll Simplification: Simplifies your complex payroll needs by providing easy-to-use workflows that support multi-currency payment. It also provides access to its in-house payroll specialists to help you and provide feedback when needed.
            • Visa Sponsorship: There’s no longer a barrier to transitioning your contractor or remote worker to work on-premise. OysterHR offers visa sponsorship as an add-on where you get the help of immigration experts who streamline the visa application process for you and your team.

            OysterHR offers a pay-as-you-go monthly price option across all its price plans. Its price plans are in four tiers, with a 30-day free trial on its Contractor plan.

            Plan Contractor Global Payroll Employer of Record Scale
            1 month $29/contractor/month $50/employee/month $599/employee/month Custom

              The Global Payroll plan is feature-rich to support unlimited team members’ payments. It offers solutions such as multi-country payroll, payment accuracy and compliance, payroll specialist support, payslips, report generation, and workflow integration with HRIS.

              With its 30-day free trial, which allows companies to hire, pay, and manage contractors, we consider it a good deal. You can also request a demo.

              Who's It Best For
              OysterHR is the best option for organizations seeking payroll software that can help them manage hiring, paying, and managing international talents.


              • Offers a 30-day free trial to explore the platform
              • Facilitates a speedy global hiring process
              • Has the capability to support an unlimited number of team members
              • Easy-to-use interface


              • Its customer support process needs improvement
              • Deleting an already-created invoice can be a hassle
              • Oyster’s per-user pricing can be expensive
              OysterHR Payroll


              7. OnPay – Best for Simple Tax Filing Automation

              OnPay Logo

              Free Trial Yes, 30-days
              Starting Price Starting from $40/month + $6/month/employee
              Maximum Employee Count 500+
              Countries Covered US Only
              Top Features W-2 and 1099 Workers, Remote Workers Tax Filing, Industry Specific Payroll Services
              Why We Picked It

              I chose OnPay as the best payroll software for tax filing automation because it provides HR and finance teams with a seamless tax season. The platform prides itself on being uncomplicated, and I must agree. You get everything you need for payroll, HR, and benefits management on a simple platform.

              Despite its simple pricing, OnPay offers many valuable features, like unlimited payroll runs, 1099 contractors and W-2 employees, and more.

              • Remote Workers Tax Filing: Managing multiple states’ taxes can be cumbersome for HRs to manage manually. OnPay manages and automates tax calculations and payments everywhere your workers are located.
              • Integration with Time Tracking: As a simple software that caters to midsize business needs, OnPay provides basic integrations with major business apps. For instance, you can integrate with accounting tools such as QuickBooks, Xero, and more to track time and manage employees’ projects.
              • Industry-Specific Payroll Services: OnPay offers industry-standard payroll services for industries such as restaurants, non-profits, farms and agriculture, churches and clergy, and companies with 500+ employees. This fosters confidence as different industries may require different payroll approaches.

              OnPay price offer is simple and direct with only one plan. Its monthly plan costs $40/month as the base fee and $6/month per employee.

              Despite offering direct and simple pricing, OnPay allows users to use its service free for a month.

              Who's It Best For
              OnPay is suitable for organizations in the US with more than 100 employees who need a simple payroll system to automate employees’ payroll. OnPay offers multi-state payroll processing and monitors tax legislation changes to help you stay compliant.


              • Easy to set up and use
              • Offers uncomplicated pricing information
              • Automated tax filings and payments in all 50 states
              • Supports time tracking


              • It does not offer global payroll services
              • Fewer industry-specific integrations
              • Some users mentioned delays in customer response


              8. ADP Workforce Now – Best for Full-Service Payroll Management

              ADP Logo

              Free Trial Free demo
              Starting Price Custom (First 4 months free)
              Maximum Employee Count 1,000+
              Countries Covered 140+
              Top Features Highly Configurable Reports, HCM Capabilities with ADP SmartCompliance, AI and Error Detection
              Why We Picked It

              I chose ADP Workforce Now as the best option for full-service payroll management due to its high scalability and thousands of internal experts on legal and finance issues. The Workforce Now platform includes HR, talent management, and benefits management, making it a complete all-in-one solution.

              Today, it is one of the most recognized enterprise payroll providers. It comes with built-in tax management, global payroll solutions, and employee self-service for pay stubs and W-2 forms, as well as time tracking.

              • High-Level Compliance Monitoring: Regardless of your industry, ADP offers compliance management to help you stay ahead of business obligations. ADP SmartCompliance helps managers reduce the burden of human capital management (HCM) compliance activities.
              • Speedy Payroll Processing: ADP’s service is comprehensive enough to offer faster and easier payroll processing locally and globally.
              • AI and Error Detection: Human expertise is combined with AI-powered technology to help you stay on top of workplace changes and manage different business needs. These technologies can detect changes quickly, providing accurate information and data so you can make informed decisions.

                ADP’s online payroll service is feature-rich and tailored to different business sizes. The plans for companies with 50+ employees are divided into Select, Plus, and Premium.

                The Premium plan would best suit enterprise businesses as it includes benefits administration and automated time-tracking.

                You can request a free demo for a more in-depth view of the software and when you sign up you receive your first 4 months free.

                Who's It Best For
                ADP’s enterprise software best suits large companies seeking comprehensive payroll solutions to manage payroll processing.


                • Knowledgeable internal payroll experts
                • Broad global reach
                • Enterprise-level analytics and AI assessment
                • Offers mobile application
                • Employee self-service portal


                • There is no price transparency
                • Steep learning curve
                • Confusing price plans
                ADP Workforce Now


                9. Paycor- Best for Payroll Reporting and Dashboards

                Paycor Logo

                Free Trial Yes, 30-days
                Starting Price Custom
                Maximum Employee Count 1,000+
                Countries Covered US only
                Top Features Compensation Planning, Compensation Insights and Benchmarking, Wage Garnishments
                Why We Picked It

                Paycor is an HCM and payroll software provider that has built many core features supporting enterprise payroll, especially its reporting and dashboarding feature set.

                Its reporting system includes detailed compensation insights and benchmarks against competitors for future planning, monitoring employee productivity metrics, and reviewing tax reports. You can also set up custom reports that match any additional payroll, tax, or compliance requirements of a specific industry.

                • Compensation Planning: This feature helps businesses develop compensation plans matching their goals and employee performance. With Paycor, you can budget for salary increases and other expenses to maintain financial control and predictability.
                • Compensation Insights and Benchmarking: With its comprehensive report interface, you can access trend analysis and market data, which helps you adjust your compensation packages. This insight enables you to maintain fairness and identify any discrepancies or biases.
                • Wage Garnishments: Paycor empowers you with legal requirements and data analytics to accurately deduct garnishments from employees’ salaries without manual data entry.

                Paycor offers price plans based on company size and the number of employees:

                Plan Below 50 Employees 50 – 1000 Employees
                Complete Custom
                Core Custom
                HCM Cor Custom

                  The HCM Cor plan is designed for companies with 50 to over 1000 employees. Its pricing information is available upon request, and Paycor offers a free one-month trial for this plan. Its features include payroll, HR, and analytics solutions.

                  Unlike most payroll software on our list, Paycor’s one-month free trial makes it a good deal. This allows users to explore the software and make informed decisions.

                  Who's It Best For
                  Paycor’s payroll software best suits enterprises needing robust reporting and analytics capabilities, enhanced by an AI-powered digital assistant for intuitive data interpretation.


                  • Comprehensive HCM solution
                  • Diverse prebuilt and customizable reports
                  • Career management and compensation planning
                  • A free trial is available


                  • Only available in the U.S.
                  • Limited pricing transparency
                  • No payroll-only plan for enterprises


                  10. Gusto – Best for Fast and Effortless Payroll

                  gusto logo

                  Free Trial Yes, 3 months free
                  Starting Price $40/month + $6/month per person
                  Maximum Employee Count Not specified
                  Countries Covered 120+
                  Top Features Payroll Autopilot, Time and Expense Management Integrations, Licensed Benefits Advisors
                  Why We Picked It

                  Gusto is a payroll software solution that primarily offers features for SMBs but still has the chops to handle enterprise payroll use cases. I found the clean and straightforward user interface to be a standout feature, especially when looking at admin dashboards and home pages. Users of all experience levels can easily toggle between each tab to move forward quickly and accurately with different payroll tasks.

                  The platform offers solutions for more than 120 countries, builds out advanced and customizable reports that keep up with enterprise-level solutions, and makes it easy for admins to manage employee and contractor payments simultaneously.

                  • Tax Management: Get automatic tax calculations and state tax registration in all 50 states. Local, state, and federal tax filing is also included with Gusto payroll.
                  • Licensed Benefits Advisors: Local experts work with businesses to provide health insurance that matches their team interests. This is a fantastic way of offering customized benefits to employees.
                  • Payroll Autopilot: Gusto allows users to run as many payrolls as possible. With its contractor add-on, you can make cross-border payments to international contractors. Also, it provides flexibility in paying employees with different pay rates and schedules.

                  Gusto offers transparent pricing that’s feature-based to suit businesses as they grow.

                  Plan Simple Plus Premium
                  1 month $40/month + $6/month per person $60/month + $9/month per person Custom

                    The Gusto Plus subscription includes additional onboarding and hiring tools, workforce costing and management, performance reviews, and other benefits.

                    I like Gusto’s no-long-term commitment approach, free account setup, and scalability. Furthermore, Gusto’s free three-month trial makes it a good deal, giving you additional time to evaluate the program.

                    Who's It Best For
                    Gusto is a good fit for enterprises looking for easy-to-use payroll management with a clean and intuitive user interface.


                    • Free trial and frequent discounts
                    • Simple user interface and admin dashboard
                    • Employee self-service features
                    • No long-term contract


                    • Per-user pricing may be expensive for enterprises
                    • Mostly U.S.-based features
                    • Focused primarily on SMBs
                    • May not be able to support organizations with more than 200 employees
                    Gusto Payroll


                    The Best Payroll Software for Enterprise Businesses 2024 – Compared

                    The table below summarizes all the important features of each enterprise payroll software reviewed in this article. This comparison enables you to understand better what each solution excels at and select the one that is the best fit for your business:

                    Payroll Software Best For Free Trial Starting Price Countries Covered Top Features Time Tracking
                    Deel Global Payroll Management No $19 per employee/month for payroll in the U.S 150+ Global Payroll Reports, Localized Compliance Experts, Global Hiring Knowledge Hub No
                    Rippling Payroll Automation No $8/month per employee 185+ Prebuilt Integration Recipes, Unified HR, Finance, and IT Management, Admin Roles and Permission Setting Yes
                    Paychex User Experience No $39 per month plus $5 per employee 140+, and works with international partners Automated Payroll Tax Admin, Mobile App for Employers and Employees, Employee Retention Tax Credit Support Yes
                    Remote EOR Yes, with its HR management $29 per contractor per month 200+ Localized Contract Management, Fully Owned Entities, Legal, HR, and Finance Experts Yes
                    Sage Advanced Reporting No Custom 200+ Payroll Automation, Real-time Data & Reports, Seamless Integration Yes
                    OysterHR Hiring International Talents Yes, 30 days for the Contractor plan $29/employee/month 180+ Deep Local Intelligence, Payroll Simplification, Visa Sponsorship Yes
                    OnPay Simple Tax Filing Automation Yes, 30 days $40/month + $6/month/employee US Only W-2 and 1099 Workers, Remote Workers Tax Filing, Industry Specific Payroll Services Yes
                    ADP Workforce Now Full-Service Payroll Management Outsourcing Free demo Custom 140+ Highly Configurable Reports, HCM Capabilities with ADP SmartCompliance, AI and Error Detection Yes
                    Paycor Payroll Reporting and dashboards Yes, 30 days Custom US only Compensation Planning, Compensation Insights and Benchmarking, Wage Garnishments Yes
                    Gusto Fast and Effortless Payroll Yes, 3 months free $40/month + $6/month per person 120+ Payroll Autopilot, Time and Expense Management Integrations, Licensed Benefits Advisors Yes

                    How We Review And Test Payroll Products

                    To provide our readers with accurate and well-informed recommendations, we test the most popular payroll products on the market to find the best options for you. Our methodology consists of the following criteria:

                    • Features: We examine the features to determine what capabilities are offered, how useful those capabilities will be for the user, and how the variety of features compare to competitor software.
                    • Scalability: We look at how many users can be added to a platform, and how easy it is to do so, to ensure companies can bring more employees on payroll with ease as they scale their operations.
                    • Error Handling: Errors in payroll can be disastrous for a company, so it’s critical payroll software safeguards against them. We evaluate how quickly each software can adjust and fix errors to ensure there are no interruptions in payroll operations.
                    • Price and Value for Money: We look at the features, integrations, customer service, and extras to determine if the price matches the value it provides. We score a product higher if it offers a free trial, and if it is transparent about its pricing plans.
                    • Integrations: We evaluate the integrations of each piece of software to determine how well it fits in with other key pieces in a business’s software stack, and whether its functionality can be expanded as required.
                    • User Experience: We get hands-on with each product to put ourselves in the shoes of a new user, testing each platform to gain understanding if the platform is easy to use or requires onboarding.
                    • Security: We dig into the security policies of each company, interrogating the safeguards they have in place to ensure the software protects user data properly.
                    • Compliance: We evaluate payroll software based on whether it offers local compliance when it comes to accounting, taxes, documentation, and more.

                    What is Enterprise Payroll Software?

                    Enterprise payroll software is an advanced system designed to manage and streamline payroll processes for large organizations with more employees. It automates salary calculations, tax deductions, and benefits administration and ensures compliance with tax and labor regulations.

                    Also, enterprise payroll software integrates with other business tools, such as HR and accounting software, providing real-time data and reporting capabilities. Like every other software, enterprise payroll software functionalities may be basic or advanced. Therefore, you must consider your organization’s key features to choose a suitable solution.

                    Benefits of Using Enterprise Payroll Software

                    Using enterprise payroll software undoubtedly helps teams get hands-off on workforce management tasks. Here are other benefits of using enterprise payroll software, highlighting how it can support payroll management and overall business efficiency:

                    • Automation: Spending hours on repetitive tasks could lead to burnout and reduce HR efficiency. With the help of enterprise payroll software, manual tasks, and errors are reduced by automating payroll calculations and processes.
                    • Compliance: Payroll software helps organizations monitor changes in labor and tax laws to ensure adherence, minimizing legal risks and penalties.
                    • Integration: Most enterprise payroll software supports integration with businesses existing tools, such as HR and accounting systems, enhancing data accuracy and workflow efficiency.
                    • Scalability: An enterprise-level payroll software provides flexible, integrated, and automated solutions that can grow with the business. This accommodates complex payroll structures and multiple employee types required as an organization grows.
                    • Employee Self-Service: With the help of a flexible payroll system, employees can access payment invoices and manage personal details, reducing administrative workload. This reduces HR workload, freeing more time to work on business goals.

                    Key Features of Large Enterprise Payroll Software

                    Enterprises have more payroll demand than small businesses or startups. To make sure you choose an enterprise-level payroll that matches your exact needs, consider the features below:

                    • Unlimited Payroll Runs: It’s common for enterprises to have many payroll schedules due to their large employee capacity. Therefore, an enterprise payroll system must support unlimited payroll running to allow businesses to process payroll whenever needed.
                    • Payroll Processing Automation: More than a startup or small business, an enterprise has more business operations to handle. However, with the help of automated payroll management, HRs can become more efficient while maintaining consistency in payroll processing.
                    • Multiple Pay Rates: This feature supports flexibility in payment structure, allowing businesses to set different pay rates for other roles, departments, or locations.
                    • Advanced Payroll Reporting & Analytics: An enterprise payroll system must provide in-depth and customizable reports to help managers analyze payroll expenses, trends, and employee payments accurately.
                    • Tax Filing: This feature is important as it ensures the company’s taxes are monitored and accurately calculated.

                    How to Choose the Best Payroll Software

                    Choosing the best payroll software can be overwhelming, as there are several checklists to get right. To ensure you select the right option, consider the following elements when choosing an enterprise payroll software.

                    BudgetKey FeaturesEase of UseCompatibilityScalabilityCustomer Support

                    Evaluate your budget with your business’s key features. Ensure the provider you choose offers a flexible price option to reduce expenses, such as a per-organization price plan instead of per-user pricing.

                    You need to understand your enterprise’s critical features that you can’t overlook. Doing this helps you choose an appropriate payroll software that aligns with your company goals.

                    Look for payroll software with an intuitive user interface with organized categories and tabs, easy-to-configure-and-customize dashboards, and integrations that require minimal manual effort.

                    As an enterprise, you must consider accessibility when choosing payroll software. Consider a payroll system compatible with a mobile app to facilitate easy communication or collaboration. Also, identify solutions that integrate with your existing HR, accounting, ERP, and other relevant software. This will save time and effort, facilitating automatic data importation across business tools.

                    No matter your current employee count, look for a payroll system that can handle hundreds more. Also, don’t hesitate to read customer reviews from larger companies about how these tools perform as they scale.

                    At the enterprise level, you’ll want to find 24/7 support availability and, ideally, a dedicated customer support specialist or team you can access.


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