The Best HR Software for Payroll 2024

Companies use HR software for various management functions, including payroll. A good HR software helps your company automate payroll and ensure employees are paid correctly and on time. We’ve reviewed the best HR software for payroll to help your business make the right choice. Follow us as we delve into the best solutions you can choose.

Best Payroll Software 2024

Papaya Global — Best for Integrated Payment Processing

Papaya Global is a well-known HR platform designed for employers with global workforces. It has an integrated payment processing system that enables businesses to pay employees in over 160 countries. Papaya Global supports 12 currencies with competitive foreign exchange rates and low fees.

This software’s competitive edge is an integrated payment system built on top of JPMorgan and Citibank’s infrastructure. Thanks to this system, Papaya Global guarantees payment deliveries within 72 hours and takes liability if they exceed that time. The integrated payment solution lets you avoid choosing a third-party payment system that adds extra fees to your HR software budget.

Papaya Global has an easy onboarding process for businesses. You can sign up anytime and open a new wallet for your desired currency. After creating a new wallet, you’ll wait up to f 2 days for Papaya to complete the know-your-customer (KYC) process. Once the KYC process is completed, you can start disbursing payments from your wallets to global bank accounts. Whether full-time employees or contractors, Papaya Global makes payroll as seamless as possible for your company.

This HR software integrates with other HR software solutions, such as Workday, NetSuite, BambooHR, etc. Thanks to these integrations, you can seamlessly import data from external platforms into Papaya and calculate payroll based on that data. For instance, you can import the number of hours worked, vacation time, bonus pay, deductions, and other vital data from other platforms to calculate payroll accurately.

However, Papaya Global has some noteworthy drawbacks, beginning with its need for more support for as many currencies as some competitors. For instance, Deel supports 120+ local currencies compared to Papya Global’s 12. This platform also has limited features outside payroll, unlike some platforms that combine payroll and other HR management tasks into one system.

Deel — Best for Global Teams

Deel is a relatively new entrant in the HR software sector, as it was founded in 2019. Nonetheless, it has won a lot of trust from global companies and has grown rapidly because this platform makes hiring and managing international employees and contractors painless.

Deel is supported in 150+ countries, allowing companies to hire and pay employees in 120+ currencies. Thanks to Deel’s automation, you can bulk-pay employees or contractors around the globe in a few clicks. This platform handles everything associated with international payroll — local compliance, tax deductions, and filings — while you sit back and relax.

If needed, Deel acts as an Employer of Record (EoR), employing international staff on your behalf so that you don’t need to register new subsidiaries in every country from which you want to hire people.

Deel offers much more than payroll. It acts as a central repository for all your employees’ data, allowing you to retrieve any needed data swiftly. It assists with registering foreign entities to hire employees, with in-house experts to guide you through the process. It helps you run background checks on employees and expedite visa applications for employees you want to relocate. You don’t need to use separate HR management and payroll solutions, as Deel combines both into one platform.

The main drawback with Deel is its lack of a mobile app. Users can only access this tool from their web browser, which feels limiting and inconvenient. Many users have complained about the lack of a mobile app; Deel said it’s considering their complaints but hasn’t provided concrete details.

Rippling — Best for Versatility

Rippling is an all-in-one HR software with many features. It allows businesses to manage payroll, benefits, expenses, apps, and more from one platform. It offers a complete payroll system for businesses of different sizes, enabling them to automate payroll and reduce costs, thanks to lower fees and competitive exchange rates.

Rippling is available in over 100 countries, although it provides tools to pay contractors but not full-time employees. Payroll for full-time employees is, for now, mainly available in North American and European countries. Rippling continues to expand rapidly, so you can expect to enter more countries soon. With this platform, you can seamlessly pay employees in their local currencies. It doesn’t support as many currencies as Deel, but Rippling is still a reliable payroll system for global workforces.

This platform incorporates a lot of automation, helping you handle tax and compliance issues while focusing more on running your business. New hires get notifications to fill out the necessary forms, such as I-9 and 1099. Rippling automatically generates W-2 forms (for US-based employees) based on their payroll data, saving you the stress of filling out the forms manually for every employee.

Of course, Rippling lets you import data from other HR platforms to calculate employee payroll. If you’re already using Rippling to store employee data, that’s fine. But there’s no worry if you use a different HR platform for this purpose; you can still import data from other platforms at the click of a button.

Rippling is famous for its versatility. It’s one of the few HR platforms that combines payroll, benefits, expenses, onboarding, and employee management into one platform. Not only can you process payroll, but you can also use Rippling as the central hub to store and manage all your employees’ data, manage device access, manage expenses, manage recruiting, etc.

Paycor — Best for Large Businesses

Paycor is a suitable online payroll tool for medium to large-sized businesses. It provides robust features that enable businesses to automate their payroll and accurately compensate employees.

One of this platform’s unique features is the Paycor Mobile Wallet, a digital wallet where employees can get paid instantly for their hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly schedules. Employees can access their paychecks instantly on this app, unlike with direct deposit, which takes up to 2 days to complete. The mobile wallet users also have access to complementary budgeting and expense management tools to help them manage their paychecks.

Paycor helps you comply with payroll tax laws across the local, state, and federal levels. You get proactive alerts and warnings if you run afoul of ever-changing laws, letting you rectify the issue and avoid legal issues. Paycor provides tax guidance based on an employee’s location, so you’re clear about what to do.

Employees can view their paystubs up to three days before payday to correct mistakes. The self-service app allows employees to submit the required tax forms and change their paycheck accounts at any time – there’s no need to disturb the accounting team to do this.

One of Paycor’s main drawbacks is its lack of a standard pricing plan. Pricing is available on request and depends on the company size and your desired features. This non-standard pricing chases away small businesses with tight budgets, as they’re not often sure of what to expect. Small businesses are better off with platforms like Deel and Papaya Global, where they can firmly estimate their bill beforehand.

Remofirst — Best for Remote Companies

Remofirst is a payroll software built for remote companies with employees scattered across the globe. It allows businesses to automate employee payroll across 180+ countries, one of the highest number of supported countries you’ll find in a payroll platform. For comparison, Deel hovers at 150 countries, Papaya Global at 160, and Rippling at 100.

If you run a remote-first company with many employees worldwide, Remofirst is an ideal solution for processing their payroll. This platform allows you to seamlessly pay international contractors with locally compliant contracts. For full-time employees, Remofirst acts as an Employer of Record (EoR), employing local employees on your behalf in foreign countries.

This platform makes it noticeably easy to onboard new employees or contractors. You can onboard staff within minutes and add them to your payroll structure. Remofirst acts as a central hub to store every information relevant to your employees’ pay, such as hours worked, vacation time, holidays, bonuses, and commissions. It automatically calculates employee payroll based on their specific data, and you can simply approve it or make further changes.

The main drawback with Remofirst is that it feels more restrictive and less user-friendly than rivals like Deel and Papaya Global. It also lacks as many third-party integrations as rivals like Paycor and Rippling.

The Best HR Software for Payroll Compared

Provider Best For Starting Price Free Trial Countries Served Reporting? Top Feature
Papaya Global Integrated payment processing $15 per month/employee Demo 160+ Yes Seamless foreign payroll transactions
Deel Global teams $49 per month/contractor Free version available 150+ Yes Foreign incorporation assistance
Rippling Versatility $8 per month/employee No 100+ Yes Extensive third-party integration
Paycor Large businesses On request Demo 199+ Yes Automatic payroll processing
Remofirst Remote companies $199 per month/employee Free version available 180+ Yes Multi-country payroll support
Paychex Flex Small business $39 base fee + $5 per month/employee No 140+ Yes Intuitive mobile app
Bambee Medium-sized businesses $299 per month + a $500 setup fee No 1 (US) Yes Personalized support
Trinet Small businesses with simple payroll On request Demo 180 Yes Assisted payroll setup
ADP Workforce Now All-in-one HR functions On request Demo 100+ Yes Automated onboarding and payroll processing
Insperity Non-US-based companies with US operations On request Demo 1 (US) Yes Compliance assistance
Justworks Customer service $59 base fee per month/employee Demo 30+ Yes Payroll and benefits administration
Patriot Software Custom reporting 17 base fee + $4 per month/employee Demo 1 (US) Yes A built-in accounting tool
OnPay Affordability $40 base fee + $6 per month/employee Demo 75+ Yes Powerful customized reporting
Eddy Onboarding $50 base fee + $6 per month/user Demo 1 (US) Yes Automated tax fillings
Gusto Scalability $40 base fee + $6 per month/user Demo 120+ Yes Payroll reports
PrimePay Ease of use On request Demo 1 (US) Yes Extensive customization
Natural HR Employee tracking On request Demo 150+ Yes Extensive payroll analytics and reporting
Push Restaurants $6 per month/employee Demo 1 (US) Yes One-click payroll
NetSuite SuitePeople Very large organizations On request Demo 1 (US) Yes Tax compliance automation
BambooHR User-friendliness On request Demo 190+ Yes Advanced time-tracking tools
Remote Remote companies $50 per month/employee Demo 30+ Yes Global Payroll
Factorial Document management $62 per month/user Demo 60+ Yes Centralized payslips and data
Oyster HR Fast-growing companies $29 per month/contractor Demo 180+ Yes Swift Onboarding
Humi Customized records and reporting $8 per month/user Demo 1 (Canada) Yes Detailed payroll reporting

What Is HR Software for Payroll?

It refers to the digital solution you use to manage, maintain, and automate employee payments. The system helps you calculate employees’ pay accurately, pay the required taxes and deductions, and disburse to every employee their required paycheck.

Payroll software lets you manage payments both for local and foreign employees. You can pay foreign employees in different currencies, enabling you to maintain a global workforce and boost productivity.

The Key Benefits of Using HR Services for Payroll

  • It reduces errors: HR software calculates employee pay based on the data you feed it, reducing the chances of mistakes compared to calculating the pay manually. It ensures you pay employees their required dues and avoid complaints.
  • Compliance: HR software enables you to comply with employment and tax regulations across different jurisdictions and avoid legal issues.
  • It enhances security: Payroll data is confidential, and security is critical for choosing payroll software. This software lets you store payroll information securely, out of the reach of malicious actors.
  • Cost reduction: Payroll software reduces the cost of compensating global employees thanks to competitive exchange rates and bank fees. You’ll save a significant sum using payroll software compared to managing payroll manually.
  • Automation: Payroll software lets you automatically pay employees on specified dates. You don’t need to go to the bank anytime you want to pay employees when you have a reliable platform that handles it automatically.

          How Do I Choosе thе Bеst HR Softwarе for Payroll? Kеy Factors to Considеr


          Payroll constitutes sensitive information that can cause severe damage if leaked. Hence, consider a payroll system’s security features before choosing it. An ideal one should have advanced encryption, two-factor authentication, and other security features to prevent data leaks and theft.


          You’ll likely need to import data into your payroll software or export from your payroll system to other platforms. Thus, examine the third-party integrations your payroll software supports before choosing. It should be integrated with other HR or general enterprise software tools that your business already uses.


          Different payroll systems have different pricing plans. Look for one that you can afford in the long term without issues. Fortunately, many payroll tools charge a fixed monthly or annual fee for each employee or contractor, making estimating what you’ll pay beforehand easy.


          Check what support services a payroll system offers before choosing it. A good one should allow you to contact its support team via email, telephone, and live chat to solve your issues. Preferably, the support team should be available 24/7.

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