The Best International Payroll Software for 2024: Top 7 Tested & Compared

The best international payroll software should offer excellent country coverage, support for multiple currencies, have a range of self-service tools for employees, and pricing transparency.

Of course, every business has particular needs for payroll services, and we want to help you find the best fit. That’s why we’ve listed our top 7 international software providers so you can make the best decision for your business.

The Best International Payroll Software Ranked

  1. Papaya Global — Best for in-house international expertise
  2. ADP — Best for enterprise companies
  3. Remote — Best EOR payroll software
  4. Rippling — Best time tracking for international employees
  5. OysterHR — Best for small businesses preparing to scale
  6. Paychex — Best for reporting and analytics
  7. Sage — Best all-in-one solution

The Best International Payroll Software Reviewed

Here are detailed reviews of the top 7 international payroll software so you can see what you can expect from different international payroll solutions and how they align with your business needs.

1. Papaya Global – Best for In-House International Expertise


Starting Price Free Plan Top Features Countries covered Reporting
Starting from $15/mo/employee if you have over 1,000 employees • Payroll services for over 160 countries
• Support from in-country payroll experts

Papaya Global’s professional employer organization (PEO) solution enables small and medium-sized businesses to hire contractors and employees in more than 160 countries and run payroll in 100 local currencies. Employees and contractors get a native iOS or Android app for time tracking and payslip access, while managers can access Papaya on their mobile web browser. Staff working abroad can receive push alerts, upload and view tax documents, and receive company notifications.

Papaya’s global footprint is wider and deeper than competitors like Remote or Rippling. Papaya wins easily on the number of countries and currencies it supports, then ups the ante by providing access to its network of in-country experts.

Global payroll providers can help small businesses onboard, pay, and handle HR tasks for international employees — even to the extent of obtaining work and residence permits. Papaya also offers employee benefits management and generates pay stubs in the employee or contractor’s native language.

Its pricing structure is more transparent than solutions like ADP and Rippling, though additional fees for setup, onboarding, and transaction processing mean you’ll have to wait for the final price quote to really know if the cost-value ratio is right for your business.

Read our full Papaya Global review.

Papaya Global Pricing Plans

Papaya Global’s pricing structure offers three tiers for employees and a special fourth tier to make it easier to engage overseas contractors. Given the growth of freelancing and gig working globally, we liked the special emphasis given to contractors. Like other global payroll services on our list, Papaya provides a per-employee price, though final pricing is quote-based.

  • Grow Global — Starting from $25 per employee per month
  • Scale Global — Starting from $20 per employee per month
  • Enterprise Global — Starting from $15 per employee per month
  • Contractor — Starting from $30 per contractor per month


  • Payroll management for workers in over 160 countries
  • 100 currencies supported
  • Global contractor payment


  • Fees for setup and onboarding
  • Contract required

2. ADP – Best for Enterprise Companies

A screenshot of ADP's dashboard

Starting Price Free Plan Top Features Countries covered Reporting
Custom pricing • All-in-one app with access to broad range of ADP services
• Direct debit card
• Retirement planning

ADP is arguably the world’s first truly global payroll processing solution. It offers a suite of payroll and HR solutions for organizations of every size and sector, and its function-rich smartphone app acts as a gateway to all of them.

While ADP’s family of global payroll services promises something for just about everyone, its ADP Global Payroll solution is one geared for international payroll needs. It’s built for large enterprises with a multinational presence, e.g. with at least 500 employees in at least one country outside the US.

On that basis, we found ADP best for big companies looking for support with international payroll. It offers powerful options for automating pay runs, provides expert support for local employment law, and comes with a range of add-ons for streamlining HR operations.

Global payroll services like Oyster HR and Paychex have impressive payroll functionality but can’t match ADP when it comes to delivering a comprehensive people-management solution.

On the flip side, that strength can also be ADP’s weakness. For SMBs that need some enterprise-size capabilities but only have mid-sized budgets, ADP’s robust offer (and big company pricing) will be harder to digest.

Read our full ADP review.

ADP Pricing Plans

ADP offers four pricing tiers, but you’ll first need to complete their qualification questionnaire, watch an online demo, and then request a quote to get the costs. When conducting our in-depth ADP payroll review, we were given a quote of $59 per month plus $4 per employee for the Essential plan.

As a point of reference, the below are the tiers on offer.

  • Essential Payroll – Includes payroll, reporting, and tax features and onboarding.
  • Enhanced Payroll – Includes above tier plus job costing feature and ADP ZipRecruiter.
  • Complete Payroll + HR – Includes above tiers plus access to HR services.
  • HR Pro Payroll + Payroll – Includes above tiers plus personalized expert HR support.

However, ADP Global Payroll operates on a quote-only basis.


  • Robust functionality on the user-friendly mobile app
  • Multiple countries supported
  • Wide range of payroll and HR services available
  • Multiple international versions of the solution
  • Top user ratings in the iOS and Google Play stores


  • Lack of transparent pricing
  • Focused on large enterprises

3. Remote – Best EOR Payroll Solution

A screenshot of Remote's team feature

Starting Price Free Plan Top Features Countries covered Reporting
$50/mo/employee for Global Payroll • End-to-end payroll services across 17 countries
• Option to add indemnity coverage for contractors
17 (21 more on the way in 2024)

Remote is an employer of record (EOR) solution that aims to eliminate the administrative headaches around paying international staff. Employees and contractors get a native iOS or Android app. Managers can access Remote’s mobile-optimized website on their smartphone browser.

What sets Remote’s offer apart from our top two, ADP and Papaya Global, is the option to start for free and then move up to a more complete package of services when the time is right. Pricing transparency also sets Remote apart.

Global payroll services make it easy to work out what you’ll pay for a package that wraps together payroll processing and reporting, direct deposit, employee onboarding, local regulatory compliance, and time tracking for more than 17 countries and currencies.

Obviously, that’s a much smaller geographic footprint than our top two contenders, but with plans to add 21 more countries by mid-2024, it could be enough for a smaller business focused on expansion to a major market.

Larger firms will likely find the small footprint restrictive, but Remote’s per-employee pricing structure could also be a barrier. Pricing based on headcount alone starts to look expensive when international employees number in the hundreds or even thousands. For them, enterprise-level solutions like ADP are going to be a better fit.

Read our full Remote review.

Remote Pricing Plans

Remote’s pricing is built around use cases rather than the size of the organization. You can start for free and use it for time tracking and scheduling, pay $29 per month to manage individual contractors or move up to its employee of record services or Global Payroll plans when your needs become more complex.

  • HRIS — Free (time tracking but not payment)
  • Contractor Management — $29 per contractor per month
  • Employer of Record (EOR) — Starting at $599 per month
  • Global Payroll — Starting $50 per employee per month


  • Seamless onboarding
  • Compliance support
  • Employee benefits management for multiple countries


  • Lack of full pricing transparency
  • Limited features in the free plan

4. Rippling – Best Time Tracking for International Employees

A screenshot of Paychex's payroll reports

Starting Price Free Plan Top Features Countries covered Reporting
Starts at $7/mo/employee • Straightforward time tracking
• Single sign-on for other apps
Not disclosed

Rippling bills itself as a workforce management platform offering a payroll package as part of its broader HR Cloud solution suite. That’s good news for small businesses that need a combined global payroll service and HR solution. Rippling also lets you extend HR services with an expansive library of user-friendly integrations for your HR team, including third-party apps for employee benefits management (US 401k and pension), expenses management, and time tracking — plus synchronization of payroll data to your accounting general ledger.

Based on global payroll features alone, Rippling dropped toward the bottom of our top-7 list. It climbed back to mid-table thanks to its scalable range of complementary capabilities that even bigger competitors like ADP can’t match.

On geographic footprint, Rippling plays its cards close to its chest. There are potentially over 100 countries supported, but with variability in the type of employee, you can pay from one country to the next. In some countries, it’s contractors only, in others, it’s employees only. A handful of countries offer both.

That said, a freelancer-friendly time-tracking app makes it easy for hourly workers to punch in and out or use a built-in clock for more exact timings. Rippling can also be used as a single sign-on for other solutions and as a self-service solution for HR services.

Read our full Rippling review.

Rippling Pricing Plans

Rippling’s Global Full-Service Payroll service is offered as a standalone module. As with all Rippling services, however, price is only available by quote. It starts from ‘as low as’ $7 per user per month, though you’ll need to contact Rippling to find out which features are included. There is no free plan, and there’s no trial period.


  • Robust set of payroll and complementary HR features
  • Easy time tracking for hourly workers
  • All-in-one payroll and HR solution


  • Lack of pricing transparency
  • Frequent app updates

5. OysterHR – Best for Small Businesses Preparing for Future Growth

A screenshot of OysterHR's payroll

Starting Price Free Plan Top Features Countries covered Reporting
Starts at $499/month • Seamless optimization for mobile web
• Intuitive user interface
180 countries supported (for payments to contractors).

OysterHR’s forte is helping small businesses expand their global presence one staffer at a time. It simplifies payments for international contractors and ramps up to a full spectrum EOR service when you need to hire and pay an in-country employee.

There’s no dedicated payroll app, but employers and their overseas workers can both use Oyster via its seamlessly integrated in-browser app for the mobile web. We found it to be as fast, responsive, and easy to use as top-rated iOS and Android payroll apps like Paychex.

Pricing for both its contractor and employee of record services is level with direct competitors like Remote. User reviews have noted that held desk support by telephone is difficult to access, and in some countries, Oyster outsources to local contractors. That could mean less control over the quality of service.

One area where OysterHR really stands out above other payroll services is by combining payroll with comprehensive employee benefits management. Employers can offer employees in 165 countries a package that includes retirement savings, maternity leave, holidays, health insurance, sick leave, and health insurance — all in compliance with laws that differ from country to country.

Oyster also sets itself apart from the other names on our top 7 list by including big-name support from global insurance brand Allianz. Allianz offers competitive and cost-effective employee benefits packages. It’s also one of the best payroll service providers for employee self-service.

Read our full OysterHR Review.

OysterHR Pricing Plans

When you need to hire internationally but also incrementally, OysterHR’s one-at-a-time pricing for payroll features fits the bill.

  • Contractor — starting at $29 per contractor per month
  • Employee (EOR) — starting at $499 per employee per month
  • Scale — customer pricing for teams of five or more


  • Browser app, so no installations or updates to manage
  • Exceptional user experience on mobile web
  • Up to 5,000 third-party app integrations


  • Lack of clarity on currency exchange rates
  • Limited technical support for international employees

6. Paychex – Best for Reporting and Analytics

Paychex dashboard

Starting Price Free Plan Top Features Countries covered Reporting
Custom pricing • Integrated app for employers & employees
• Feature-rich self-employed plan
140 via Paychex partnerships

Paychex mixes user-friendliness with convenient automation to make foreign payroll easier. It’s geared towards the smaller end of the SMB market: small businesses that need to pay international staff and sole traders in one country who need to pay a local partner in another.

We loved how intuitively the Paychex Flex app works for international employees, simplifying how they track time, access pay stubs, and manage their personal details. Managers can use it to execute payroll runs. That’s even more beneficial for self-employed individuals when multi-country projects require paying a local expert.

Paychex also comes with payroll features like reporting and analytics capabilities that solutions like ADP only offer as an add-on module (and charge considerably more for). HR and accounting teams will love how it captures patterns and measures performance, particularly in areas like diversity, benchmarking, and comparing pay rates for equivalent roles.

The lack of transparent pricing does put Paychex on the back foot against higher-ranked competitors like OysterHR and Remote. After the entry-level Essentials plan, you have to go through the firm’s qualifying process and request a quote.

Read the full Paychex review.

Paychex Pricing Plans

Paychex’s pricing starts out looking like it might be more cost-effective than competitors like ADP and OysterHR. But moving up the tiers and adding payroll features like PTO management will cost more. How much more depends on the quote.

  • Essentials – 1-19 Employees – $39 per month plus $5 per employee per month.
  • Select – 20-49 Employees — Payroll for growing small businesses. Pricing by quote
  • Pro – 50-1,000 Employees — A blend of payroll automation and personal consulting for large organizations. Pricing by quote


  • An all-in-one app for employers and employees
  • Benefits management tools
  • Advice from payroll experts is available


  • Lack of transparent pricing
  • Inconsistent customer support
  • Some app menus are complex to navigate

7. Sage – Most Comprehensive Back Office Solution for Small Business

A screenshot of OysterHR's payslips

Starting Price Free Plan Top Features Countries covered Reporting
By quote based on number of employees • Pre-integrated with UK HMRC
• Customizable payroll reports
• Easy data migration from other systems
2 (potential to add more through DEEL integration).

Like ADP, Sage is a legacy name in back office technology with a suite of accounting, HR, and international payroll solutions designed to help SMB employers track, manage, and pay employees with ease. Sage is one of the payroll services that can simplify payroll features like shift scheduling, time tracking, reporting, expense management, benefits management, and PTO management with a modular design that’s easy to customize.

In North America, that end-to-end approach makes Sage one of the best and most widely used small business accounting solutions out there, so we were surprised to learn that its international payroll capabilities are comparatively underpowered.

In contrast with most of the other solutions on our list, outside the USA, you can only use Sage to pay international employees based in the United Kingdom.

Awkward. But if you’re a die-hard Sage fan depending on it for accounting and HR and you don’t want to break your workflow, you do have options. Signing up for Sage Intacct opens the door to a broader geographic spread for payroll functionality.

Through the Intacct platform’s integration with Deel, you can weave together a combined solution with the potential to pay people in over 150 countries.

Read the full Sage Review.

Sage Payroll Pricing Plans

Pricing for Sage People Payroll is only available by quote.


  • Trusted and established brand
  • Access to a complete range of back-office solutions for small business
  • Multiple third-party integrations


  • Limited country coverage
  • Lack of pricing transparency
  • Limited integrations

The Best International Payroll Compared

Provider Best For Standout Features Free Plan Offer Countries Covered Expense Management Mobile App
Papaya Global In-house international expertise • Payroll services for over 160 countries
• Support from in-country payroll experts
Over 160 countries in over 100 currencies
ADP Best for big companies • All-in-one app with access to broad range of ADP services
• Direct debit card
40-140 depending on company size
Remote Best EOR payroll software • End-to-end payroll services across 17 countries
• Option to add indemnity coverage for contractors
✅ Time tracking and expense reimbursement only 17
Rippling Best time tracking for international employees • Simplified time tracking
• Single sign-on for other apps
Not disclosed
OysterHR Most scalable solution • Automated cross-border payments
• Exceptional user experience on mobile web browsers
180 countries supported (for payments to contractors).
Paychex Best for reporting and analytics • Integrated app for employers & employees
• Detailed reporting
Up to 140 countries potentially available through Paychex global partnerships
Sage Most comprehensive back office solution for small business • Pre-integrated with UK HMRC
• Customizable payroll reports
• Easy data migration from other systems
2, with potential to add more through Sage Intacct/Deel integration.

How We Test International Payroll Software

Our independent reviews of international payroll solutions are conducted with the needs of businesses of all sizes in mind. We start from the premise that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our goal is to give you enough intel to choose the best payroll software for you.

When we review an international payroll solution, there are six criteria:

  • Pricing — What are the different price tiers of a payroll platform, and what’s included/excluded?
  • Features — We Will Start with the main desktop solution and then consider how a payroll platform executes on smartphones and tablets.
  • Integrations — We examine how easily a payroll platform could be integrated with the accounting tools you already have in place.
  • Global Footprint — We look at the number of countries supported worldwide and whether service levels vary, either by plan or from one country to the next.
  • Ease of Use We examine the mobile user interface, the range of menu options, and the amount of training required for new users.
  • Third-Party Reviews —We consider what hands-on users say about the app on respected platforms such as Trustpilot.

How to Choose the Best International Payroll Solution

The choice of payroll app can make the difference between time-saving convenience and cumbersome nuisance. If you’re thinking of trialing a new payroll solution or investing in one for the first time, here are some key considerations:

Ease of useEssential FeaturesPricingScalabilityIntegrationsCustomer Support

Ease of use – Is the interface and functionality intuitive, or will training be required?

Essential Features – Does the solution combine payroll with complementary features like time tracking, PTO management, income tax calculation, and expense management?

Pricing – Is there a plan for my budget that covers all the countries where I have employees and contractors?

Scalability – How easy is it to move up or down price plans if business needs change?

Integrations – Can the solution blend easily into my existing payroll workflow?

Customer Support – What levels of support are offered, and do they change depending on where international employees are based?


What is the best global payroll provider?

What is global payroll software?

Can ADP do international payroll?

Does Paychex do international payroll?

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