The 10 Best Payroll Software Solutions in the UK

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Why Trust Techopedia

Paying employees’ salaries may be an easy routine, but making accurate tax deductions with benefits can be a real pain. With the best payroll software designed to streamline the payroll processing of businesses in the UK, you can be sure of automated employee wage calculation, tax deduction, benefits, and pensions management with transparency and accessibility on both users’ ends.

We’ve analyzed multiple payroll solutions to present the best ones to you so you can make an informed decision for your business.

The Best Payroll Software UK

  1. RipplingBest for Integrated Payroll Solution
  2. DeelBest for Global Workforce Payroll Management
  3. QuickBooksBest for Small Business Payroll and Accounting Software
  4. SageBest for Built-in HR Features
  5. RemoteBest for Transparent Workflow Management
  6. OysterHRBest for Simplified Payroll Operations
  7. PentoBest for UK Businesses with Integration with HMRC
  8. Moorepay – Best for Complete Payroll Solution
  9. Bright HR – Best for Managing Employees’ Health & Safety
  10. ADP – Best for HCM Solutions

The Top Payroll Solutions Software Reviewed

Whether you’re a small business owner seeking payroll software or an HR professional looking for the right payroll management solution, this guide aims to provide valuable insights into the top payroll software companies in the market.

1. Rippling – Best for Integrated Payroll Solution

Rippling Logo

Best For Integrated payroll solution
Free Trial Free demo
Price From Starting from £7/month/user
Top 3 Features Integration with Common Business Tools, Automated Time Tracking, Expense Management
Why We Picked It

We chose Rippling as the best payroll system for an integrated solution for businesses in the UK because of its comprehensive features that extend beyond payroll management to IT and finance management.

Another fantastic perk we love about Rippling is the many integrations it supports. This makes running a business in one platform a breeze, saving you manual data entry and monitoring. Despite being a comprehensive business solution, its quote-based model may drive budget-conscious small businesses to consider alternatives like Sage, Gusto, or QuickBooks.

  • Performance Management: Rippling uses your inputted employee data to ensure everyone on your team is aligned with your business goals. Its trend analysis also allows you to access employees’ performance data, helping you unlock deeper and more meaningful insights.
  • Benefit Management: When it comes to benefit management, Rippling includes private medical care, workplace pensions, and dental coverage. It also allows employees to add a custom benefit plan to suit their specific needs– making it a stand-out option in our payroll list.
  • Employee Time & Attendance Management: Rippling makes it easy for you to track employees’ hours and connect it to paycheck automatically, saving you from manual data entry or lengthy data approval process.
Pricing Plans

Rippling offers a custom-based price option structured based on the services you need. Its price plan starts at £7 per user/month. To find out what package is best for your business, fill out the “Get a Free Quote” form on their website.

It’s important to note that Rippling has no free plan or trial. However, you can see Rippling in action before signing up by requesting a 30-minute product demo or watching its free tour video.

Who's It Best For?

Rippling is an advanced payroll solution that is suitable for medium to large-sized businesses in the UK that need robust software to manage their workforce processes in one place. It’s a good option for businesses seeking a payroll system that integrates seamlessly with other business tools.

Pros pros

  • Supports the creation of custom benefit packages
  • Wide variety of third-party integrations for business apps
  • Detailed UK-specific resource guides and training, including employee management, hiring, and payment
  • Global and UK compliance automation

Cons cons

  • Extensive features can be overwhelming
  • No free plan or trial
  • Lack of detailed pricing transparency
  • Some difficulties with reporting tools
  • Delayed issue resolution with customer support

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2. Deel – Best for Global Workforce Payroll Management

Deel Logo

Best For Global workforce payroll management
Free Trial Free demo
Price From $29 per employee/month (approx. £22.90)
Top 3 Features In-House Payroll Experts, Compliance Monitoring, Multiple Currency Support
Why We Picked It

Deel is a global payroll and compliance platform designed to simplify and streamline international workforce management. It offers payroll services that enable businesses to pay international employees and contractors while ensuring data compliance with local tax laws and labour regulations across 150+ countries. Unlike QuickBooks Payroll and Sage, which support payroll for fewer than 60 countries, Deel works in 150+ countries, making it great for multinational companies with UK operations.

  • Multiple Currency Support: Deel supports more than 120 currencies, including pounds, allowing you to pay all employees hired under your legal entities.
  • Compliance Monitoring: Deel is particularly good for companies that employ contractors, freelancers, and remote workers. It has global coverage and handles currency conversions automatically. Moreover, it helps companies remain compliant with labour and tax regulations, reducing the risk of legal penalties.
  • In-House Payroll Expert Support: With a high number of industry experts, Deel Global Payroll eliminates handovers and provides unmatched compliance and flexibility. We love this feature, as it distinguishes Deel from other payroll systems like Rippling.
Pricing Plans

Deel has many price plans, tailored to offer specific business needs. The first one, Deel HR, is completely free, and it allows you to automate HR admin and reporting for any worker with a global HR system. Other plans vary and are as follows:

Plan Deel HR Deel Engage Deel Payroll Deel Contractor Management Deel EOR Deel Immigration
1 month £0/month $20/user/month (approx. £15.79) $29/user/month (approx. £22.90) $49/user/month (approx.£38.69) $599/user/month (approx. £472.98) Custom quote

Deel HR – A free HR platform suitable for HR professionals. It offers global workforce management, global compliance coverage, expense and time off management, onboarding and offboarding automation, global reports, and document management.

Deel Engage – The Engage plan is suitable for driving engagement, growth, and performance among employees. It offers performance, learning, and career development features.

Deel Payroll – This plan is for businesses with employees all over the world. With this Deel Payroll plan, you can create payslips, pay salary and tax, manage employee benefits and deductions, and customize reports.

Deel Contractor Management – This plan is for UK businesses that hire independent contractors. With this plan, you can access local tax agreements, automatic invoicing, Deel card, flexible payment for contractors, and team bulk payment.

Deel EOR – Suitable for businesses looking for software to manage and hire employees globally. This plan allows you to access support from 200+ local HR and legal experts, 24/7 support, a dedicated CSM manager, and integrations.

Deel Immigration – This is a quote-based pricing plan that is suitable for businesses looking to relocate their workers.

Deel offers add-ons such as Background Checks, Workspaces, New hire equipment, Deel Shield, And Entity set-ups at custom-based prices.

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Who's It Best For?

Deel is particularly good for companies that employ contractors, freelancers, and remote workers. It has global coverage and handles currency conversions automatically. Moreover, it helps companies remain compliant with labour and tax regulations, reducing the risk of legal penalties.

Pros pros

  • Offers international payroll with experts’ help
  • Pays workers in 150+ countries
  • Offers a free plan
  • More than 200 localized HR and legal compliance experts

Cons cons

  • Relatively steep learning curve
  • Adding features gets expensive
  • No mobile app
  • Occasional issues with customer support
  • Difficulties transferring funds

3. QuickBooks – Best Small Business Payroll and Accounting Software

QuickBooks Logo

Best For Best small business payroll and accounting software
Free Trial Yes, 30 days free trial
Price From £0.40 per month for Payroll add-on; must subscribe to QuickBooks Online
Top 3 Features HMRC Compliant, Automatic Pension Submission, Synchronization with the QuickBooks Accounting Functionalities
Why We Picked It

QuickBooks is an integral part of the broader QuickBooks accounting ecosystem so if you’re already using QuickBooks online, then this is an excellent choice for your business. We consider this software as the best payroll solution for small businesses in the UK because it simplifies payroll processing and increases efficiency for small businesses. It can accommodate businesses or contractors up to 150 employees, so it’s clearly suited for smaller businesses. In comparison, alternatives like Rippling and Deel would better cater to enterprise firms.

  • Intuitive Payroll Interface: With its intuitive interface, you can access features like payroll dates and the list of banks used by employees from a single dashboard. And adding new employees is just as easy as adding a row to a spreadsheet.
  • Automation: We like the fact that it automatically calculates employee deductions and contractor costs, and if you’re in the construction industry, it will file your Construction Industry Schema taxes directly to HMRC. It also offers automated pension features and tools that help companies stay compliant with specific employment and tax filing laws in the UK (like CIS).
  • Synchronization with the Quickbooks Accounting Functionalities: The Payroll feature functions together with QuickBooks accounting features, giving you additional insights and financial outlook data you need in one place.
Pricing Plans

QuickBooks offers five pricing plans, with only four of them supporting payroll synchronization as an additional feature. See the table below:

Plan Simple Start Essentials Plus Advanced
1 month £14/month £28/month £38/month £90/month

Simple Start – This plan is designed for small businesses managing income tax. It offers cash flow insight, Making Tax Digital Ready, VAT error checks together with payroll features once you pay £0.40 or more for the payroll add-on.

Essentials – This is the second price plan that supports the inclusion of a payroll add-on at £0.40 or more. It’s designed for small businesses working with suppliers and managing tax. Its features include everything in the Simple Start with multi-currency support, employee time tracking, and bill management.

Plus – With this plan, you can get everything included in the Essentials plan and stock management, profitability tracking, budget management, and the opportunity to add payroll functionality. This plan is ideal for businesses managing projects, stock, and taxes.

Advanced – This is the last plan that allows adding the payroll feature. It includes everything in the Plus plan and advanced reporting, data restoration, workflow automation, employee expense management, and more. This package is ideal for businesses needing automatic data backup, custom permissions, bespoke reporting, and insights.

You can decide to try the platform for free for your first month or purchase a subscription and get a 90% discount for six months. It’s important to note that the Payroll feature is an added functionality to QuickBooks’ accounting feature.

Who's It Best For?

QuickBooks Payroll feature is designed for smaller to medium-sized businesses in the UK seeking an affordable and user-friendly solution that integrates with accounting features. Businesses using QuickBooks already for their accounting needs may find QuickBooks Payroll useful.

Pros pros

  • Great software for payroll for small business
  • Integrated with QuickBooks accounting functionalities
  • Adjustable, easy-to-use automations
  • Automatic pension submission

Cons cons

  • More expensive than most competitors
  • Too much price options to choose from
  • Steep learning curve for a new user
  • Few features for larger businesses
  • Payroll functionality is dependent on QuickBooks Accounting subscription

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4. Sage – Best for Built-in HR Features

Sage Logo

Best For Built-in HR features
Free Trial Yes, 3 month free discount when you subscribe to any plan
Price From Starting from £10/month
Top 3 Features Shift Scheduling Management, Mobile Device Compatibility, Data Transparency
Why We Picked It

Sage business cloud payroll software is a robust and widely used solution designed to streamline payroll for businesses in the UK. It’s known for its comprehensive payroll features, including tax calculations, customizable payroll reports, UK compliance, and integration with other Sage products. Its prices are affordable at first, but it does scale quite dramatically. Smaller companies on a budget may find it costly, and it’s so feature-rich you may not use everything on offer.

  • Data Transparency: With the help of Sage’s mobile applications, HR and employees can oversee records for easy and quick updates. Also, employees can add their expenses and submit them for approval to the designated expense manager using their mobile phone.
  • Shift Scheduling Management: You can add, edit, move and copy shifts, and make shift information accessible to employees using Sage.
  • Hours Tracking: Your employees can easily track hours worked and submit the timesheet for approval.
Pricing Plans

Sage offers three main pricing tiers for businesses in the UK. A standout feature is that Sage’s payroll plans are flexible, and you can cancel at any time.

Plan Payroll Essentials Payroll Standard Payroll Premium
1 month £10/month £20/month £30/month

Payroll Essentials: This plan is for basic payroll processes such as addition of 5 employees, employees’ self-serve payslips, automatic pension enrolment, HMRC real-time information, employee holiday tracking, and support. Adding more employees to this plan costs £2/month/extra employee.

Payroll Standard: The Standard plan allows you to manage payroll, build your company’s organizational chart, automate workflow approvals, and track leave or absence types. Adding more employees costs £4/month/extra employee.

Payroll Premium: This is an advanced plan which supports timesheet management, time logging per project, and shift management. Extra employee addition costs £6/month/extra employee.

All three tiers include HR features, are compatible with both Apple and Android and support 5 employees each. Sage also offers a 3-month free discount when you subscribe to any plan. In other words, you get to save £30.00, £60.00, and £90.00 in the first three months when you go for Payroll Essentials, Payroll Standard, and Payroll Premium, respectively.

Who's It Best For?

The Sage Payroll system is suitable for businesses in the UK that need a comprehensive and scalable solution that also provides adequate support and training resources.

Pros pros

  • Very scalable
  • HMRC-recognised software
  • Fully integrated HR features
  • Free three months of access are available on all plans

Cons cons

  • Can get expensive
  • UI isn’t up to date
  • Sage Payroll only supports up to 150 employees per account
  • Limited features for enterprises’ payroll support
  • Customer support could be better

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5. Remote – Best for Transparent Workflow Management

Remote Logo

Best For Transparent workflow management
Free Trial Free demo
Price From Starting from £24/contractor/month
Top 3 Features Global Hiring Planner, Unlimited Employee & Contractor Management, Automated Compliance
Why We Picked It

Remote is a global payroll provider that focuses on flexible, customizable solutions for workforces that are primarily remote contractors. The UK is among its impressive 200+ countries covered. Its workflow and document management features are particularly effective, giving employers and employees alike the visibility they need to read and review invoices, pay slips, and more directly through the software or mobile app.

We love how Remote supports unlimited employees and contractor additions. However, compared to competitors, payroll software like Sage and QuickBooks is more affordable and integrates better with accounting software, which suits many small businesses.

  • Unlimited Employee and Contractor Management: Unlike most payroll software that charges an extra fee for additional team member addition, Remote allows you to manage an unlimited number of employees and contractors on its platform.
  • Global Hiring Planner: Remote offers a tool that helps you discover where in the world to hire for popular roles like software engineer, account manager, and back-end engineer so that you can make smarter global hiring decisions. This feature makes Remote stand out among its peers on this list.
  • EOR Support: Remote acts as an EOR, assisting businesses in expanding their global workforce to countries where they may not have a legal or physical presence and handling all the legal requirements. It’s actually one of the best affordable EORs around and covers more countries than Deel.
Pricing Plans

Remote offers six price plans in total, with each of them targeting specific business needs.

Plan HR Management Contractor Management Payroll Employer of Record Contractor Management Plus Remote Talent
1 month £0/month £24/month £41/month £450/month £82/month £119/month

HR Management – This is a free plan that supports you with HR features to manage employees in one place. It features guided onboarding and offboarding, employee profile and document management, time tracking, expense management, and employee self-service portal and app.

Contractor Management – This plan is for international businesses that employ contractors. It includes features to help you compliantly onboard and pay contractors.

Payroll – This is a payroll-focused plan that helps international businesses consolidate their multi-country payroll. It includes capabilities such as tax reporting, support from in-house local payroll experts, local compliance for all countries, including the UK, and more.

Employer of Record – The EOR plan is suitable for businesses employing global talents. It includes features that help you employ workers in a country where you don’t have a legal entity.

Contractor Management Plus –This is an advanced plan of Contractor Management. It includes everything in Remote Contractor Management with added indemnity coverage.

Remote Talent – This plan is suitable for businesses that hire remote workers across the globe. It offers features that help you easily share open roles, get noticed by diverse, qualified candidates, and maintain transparency during recruitment processes.

A free trial is available for the Contractor Management plan, and a free demo is available for the Employer of Record plan.

Who's It Best For?

Remote Payroll is suitable for companies in the UK in need of a transparent payroll system to help them manage international compliance across multiple locations, multiple currency payments and automated tax management.

Pros pros

  • UK-specific contracts and benefits
  • Offers solutions in more than 200 countries
  • Helpful document and workflow management features
  • Fair & transparent pricing plan

Cons cons

  • Free trial and plan not available
  • Limited HMRC compliance support in certain products
  • Limited pension management
  • Limited customer support options and availability
  • System bugs may affect the interface

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6. OysterHR – Best for Simplified Payroll Operations

Oyster Logo

Best For Simplified payroll operations
Free Trial Free plan
Price From Starting from £25/month
Top 3 Features Risk Management, Salary Insights, Flexible Payment Methods
Why We Picked It

OysterHR is our best payroll software for simplified employee payment and management operations in the UK. This is because of its compliant contract generation and risk management features, which make payroll management easy for businesses.

For example, you can access confidentiality and IP assignment agreements directly in the platform, and you can also invest in add-ons like the visa sponsorship solution to ensure more complex processes are handled correctly and securely. Unlike Pento, you can manage your contractors with Oyster, and adding them to your payroll just takes a few clicks.

  • Risk Management: OysterHR helps you reduce risk that may arise when managing multiple employees from different locations with confidentiality and IP assignment agreements.
  • Salary Insights: OysterHR offers salary insights as an add-on that allows you to access salary bands and build competitive and equitable compensation packages with salary ranges across different countries.
  • Flexible Payment Methods: OysterHR supports flexible payment options by allowing direct debits (ACH for USD, BACS for GBP, and SEPA for EUR) and wire transfers. You can as well set up direct debit or auto-withdrawal and pay with one click on the platform.
Pricing Plans

OysterHR offers three transparent price plans with one custom-based plan. See the table below for the full price list:

Plan Contractor Global Payroll Employer of Record Scale
1 month £25/month £40/month £499/month Custom pricing

Contractor – The contractor plan is free for the first 30 days. It’s suitable for businesses managing contractors in different countries.

Global Payroll – This plan allows you to run multi-country payroll from one platform with support from OysterHR specialists. It’s suitable for businesses employing international workers.

Employer of Record – This plan allows you to hire, pay, and manage full-time employees while staying compliant with different countries’ regulations.

Scale – This is a customized plan that supports everything in the Employer of Record plan, reduced annual rates, benefits from speedy bulk onboarding, and access to dedicated support managers.

Add-ons for benefits packages, salary insights, OysterHR Shell, and visa sponsorship are available at a custom price.

Who's It Best For?

OysterHR is a good option for growing businesses, startups, and remote organizations that need software to manage hiring and paying employees across different countries while ensuring adherence to local labour laws and tax regulations.

Pros pros

  • Pay in more than 120 currencies
  • Built-in risk reduction agreements
  • Contractor-friendly pricing and tools
  • Intuitive user interface

Cons cons

  • It charges for currency exchange
  • Limited information about pension management features
  • Limited information about HMRC compliance
  • Limited integration options

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7. Pento – Best for UK Businesses with Integration with HMRC

Pento Logo

Best For UK businesses with HMRC integration
Free Trial Demo
Price From Quote-based
Top 3 Features Custom Advanced Report, Integration with Accounting & HR Tools, Payment Edit Until Payday
Why We Picked It

We consider Pento as a UK business payroll software that combines control, flexibility, and expertise in its payroll bureau software. With Pento, you can automate calculations for taxes and salaries, maternity/paternity pay, pro rata rates, and holiday entitlement.

One of the things we love about Pento is that it integrates directly with HMRC, which means any applicable reports and payments will be automatically filed, giving you peace of mind. One drawback, though, is the lack of specific provisions for contractor payments.

  • Integration with Accounting & HR Tools: We love that Pento can easily integrate with other platforms like accounting tools like Xero payroll software, pension software, and HR software. This reduces the risk of errors and saves you time because information only needs to be entered once.
  • Payment Automation to Employees and HMRC: Pento allows you to focus on other business activities while it automates payments to your employees and HMRC. It can handle calculations for statutory pay such as maternity/paternity leave.
  • Custom Reports: Pentos offers powerful and detailed reports, allowing you to gain deep insights into your payroll data. You will be able to access information such as payroll costs, employee earnings, tax liabilities, and more.
Pricing Plans

Pento offers three pricing tiers: Core, Plus, and Premium.

Plan Core Plus Premium
1 month Quote-based Quote-based Quote-based

Core – This plan is for companies with up to 30 employees in the UK. It offers features such as a monthly pay schedule, automated payroll calculations, edits of pay until payday, automated payments to employees and HMRC, accounting integrations with Xero and Quickbooks, pensions, and payroll support.

Plus – The Plus plan is designed for businesses with up to 500 employees in the UK. It offers everything in Core, and fortnightly pay schedules, maternity/paternity pay policies, Netsuite accounting integration or custom payroll journal setup, Benefits, and reporting.

Premium – Pento’s Premium plan is suitable for enterprises with 500+ employees in the UK that need more customization access. It features a single sign-on, custom bank payment files, custom reports, including a Gender Pay Gap report, and payroll expert advice.

Who's It Best For?

Pento Payroll is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses in the UK seeking a reliable, automated, and easy-to-use payroll solution that helps save time, reduce errors, and ensure compliance.

Pros pros

  • Direct integration with HMRC
  • Enhanced paternity/maternity policies
  • Access to expert CIPP members
  • Specific features for UK businesses

Cons cons

  • No contractor payments
  • Lack of transparency with price offer
  • Lack of free plan & trial
  • Customer support needs improvement in responding promptly

8. Moorepay – Best for Complete Payroll Solutions

moorepay logo

Best For Complete payroll solution
Free Trial N/A
Price From Quote-based
Top 3 Features Microsoft Azure-Backed Payroll Software, Payroll Advice from Experts, Automation of Complex Payroll Software
Why We Picked It

We considered Moorepay to be a complete payroll solution because of its detailed approach to payroll management, which leverages the power of human expertise and secure software that relies on Microsoft Azure technology. The platform is accredited by HMRC and the CIPP’s Payroll Assurance Scheme to ensure continual monitoring of updates in the UK.

Moorepay’s capacity to handle your payroll service improves as your business grows, and you can always delegate all activities to its qualified specialists if you feel you can no longer manage your payroll with the software.

  • People Analytics: Moorepay provides quick data that helps you confidently run accurate reports on your people and payroll data. We love the intuitiveness of its reporting dashboard, which allows you to filter, use charts, access real-time data, and connect with other tools to make valuable business decisions.
  • Payroll Advice from Experts: Moorepay’s payroll service is accredited by the Payroll Assurance Scheme, which fosters quality management of your payroll needs with accuracy and compliance as standard. All you need to do is enter your data into Moorepay’s easy-to-use software; its team of experts will pick it up from there.
  • Automation of Complex Payroll Software: To ensure quick and accurate delivery, Moorepay automates complex payroll calculations like OSP, SSP, SMP, and more. This automation helps you to stay compliant with auto-applied legislation.
Pricing Plans

As a comprehensive payroll solution, Moorepay offers a quote-based price plan. This option ensures different businesses focus on their unique needs while they pay for what matters to them.

Since there’s no free plan, you can request a demo or book a free 15-minute consultation with their sales team to determine how their payroll system can benefit you. Moorepay offers payroll-related add-ons such as Benefits, HR, Employee Discounts, etc, at a custom price.

Who's It Best For?

Moorepay is suitable for UK businesses that need comprehensive and compliant payroll services that offer expert advice together with its software solution. It is ideal for companies seeking payroll software that integrates with HR and accounting systems, supports automatic calculation, and detailed people reporting.

Pros pros

  •  In-depth knowledge centre to put businesses up to speed with the platform
  • Comprehensive payroll solution that integrates with other tools like HR software
  • It automates calculations to ensure compliance with changing UK law
  • Cloud-based solution fostering data accessibility

Cons cons

  • Continuous system updates may affect the reporting and other interface
  • Lack of price transparency
  • No free plan to test the software
  • Does not support unlimited payrolls
  • A steep learning curve with its usage

9. Bright HR – Best for Managing Employees’ Health & Safety

bright hr logo

Best For Managing employees’ health and safety
Free Trial Demo
Price From Quote-based
Top 3 Features Advanced HR Solution, Health & Safety Software, Employee Well Being
Why We Picked It

Bright HR is a dedicated HR solution offering in-depth payroll services and managing employees’ well-being as a benefit. Its payroll solution is comprehensive enough to cater to your employees’ finances by bridging the gap between your HR and payroll process, offering you reliable advice from CIPP-qualified payroll professionals, and minimising your risk of falling behind on HMRC payments.

We also appreciate how it offers everything to ensure your employees are at optimal performance by providing you with E-learning, employee advice, employee wellbeing, and safety. While many payroll systems on our list offer benefits as an add-on, none have provided dedicated health and safety management for employees, such as Bright HR.

  • Advanced HR Solution: Usually, you need your HR to approve specific workflows as you manage your payroll. Bright HR saves you the time of managing separate software by offering an HR solution to centralise your payroll processes with HR and cut your HR admin hours in half.
  • Health & Safety Software: Bright HR’s health and safety software helps your business and staff stay protected from over 600 health & safety risks with its suite of health & safety software and compliance support services. From the health and safety platform, you can also get online training that’s CPD-accredited
  • Employee Well-Being: Bright HR manages people holistically, ensuring employees are paid on time, and their morale and workplace productivity improve using its Wellbeing & Counselling’s compassionate support services.
Pricing Plans

Bright HR’s price plan is not publicly displayed on its website. Businesses need to request a quote to get a tailored solution and price offer.

There is no free plan. However, you can book a free demo to see how Bright HR works.

Who's It Best For?

Bright HR is designed for small businesses, start-ups, medium-sized businesses, large businesses, health and social care, and the education sector to provide an advanced tool for managing employees effectively. Any company in these categories seeking comprehensive software to manage their employees in one place can choose Bright HR.

Pros pros

  • Comprehensive enough to manage employee
  • It offers advanced payroll solution
  • Good customer support
  • It offers a central storage of employee documentation with easy accessibility

Cons cons

  • Price information is not available to the public
  • There is no free plan
  • Beginners may find it challenging to navigate the platform easily

10. ADP – Best for HCM Solutions

ADP Logo

Best For UK businesses with HMRC integration
Free Trial Demo
Price From Quote-based
Top 3 Features Global Payroll, Talent Management, Compliance Monitoring
Why We Picked It

ADP is a dynamic payroll software that offers a full range of payroll and HR functionalities. All of these features easily integrate, helping you squeeze out more automation and convenience as you plan your employees’ payroll. These integrations include HR administration, talent management, time and attendance, and HR reporting and analytics.
One of the perks of ADP is that with its import template, you can quickly enter pay data, open the pay period, create a pay run, costing, validate pay reports and close the pay cycle. We also love how employees can access their payslips online, eliminating transparency issues.

  • Global Payroll: As a UK business, you can easily manage employees from other countries without experiencing payment hassles caused by location. ADP global payroll tool helps you handle your global talents and provides on-demand reporting and analytics with built-in compliance, data privacy, and safety features.
  • Talent Management: To streamline administrative processes, ADP integrates seamlessly with HR tools and helps you with employee recruitment and retirement processes. So, whenever you need to update your employees’ payroll information based on their performance, you can easily pull data from the HR interface, saving you time and data entry errors.
  • Compliance Monitoring: You don’t have to pause other business activities because you want to track compliance or monitor regulation updates. ASP payroll system notifies you about regulation changes and provides access to mandatory forms, saving you from penalty costs.
Pricing Plans

ADP pricing strategy follows a quote-based structure, tailoring payroll solutions to different business sizes.

Small business payroll service: For small businesses with 1 to 200 employees, it offers payroll processing in easy steps, tax calculation and payment, and local compliance support.

Medium business payroll service: This plan offers payroll solutions for 200 to 1,000 employees with more customization. It provides features like fully automated employee data management, integration with HR, time & attendance, talent and more, scalable service levels and outsourcing.

Enterprise payroll services: This plan is for businesses that want to manage payroll for up to 1000 employees. Its features include customizable payroll solutions, seamless integration, and a renowned culture of service and support.

Global payroll services: This is a payroll solution for businesses with employees around the globe. Its features include simplified global payroll, unified global reporting, and compliance management with multi-lingual customer support covering 45 languages.

While there is no free plan or trial, you can contact the ADP sales team via a call or by filling out a form to request a quote or demo or get answers to your questions.

Who's It Best For?

ADP is best for small, mid-sized or large businesses in the UK that seek customisable payroll solutions to meet their HR, employee, and compliance needs. ADP is scalable enough to meet different industries’ needs, from solo businesses to retail to non-profit organisations and professional services.

Pros pros

  • Global payroll with HR solutions
  • Intuitive employer and employee-facing mobile app
  • Multiple products to support business growth
  • It offers customizable HCM solutions for businesses of all sizes

Cons cons

  • Time and attendance tracking are offered as an add-on, which incurs an extra fee
  • Lack of transparent pricing options

The Best Payroll Software Solutions UK Compared

Having explored a comprehensive guide about the best payroll solutions, here’s a quick comparison table that summarizes each product’s strengths and features.

Payroll Software Best For Free Trial Starting Price Top Features
Rippling Integrated Payroll Solution Free demo £7/month/user Integration with Common Business Tools, Automated Time Tracking, Expense Management
Deel Global Workforce Payroll Management Free demo $29 per employee/month (approx. £22.90) In-House Payroll Experts, Compliance Monitoring, Multiple Currency Support
QuickBooks Best Small Business Payroll and Accounting Software Yes, 30 days free trial £0.40 per month for Payroll add-on; must subscribe to QuickBooks Online HMRC Compliant, Automatic Pension Submission, Synchronization with the QuickBooks Accounting Functionalities
Sage Built-in HR Features Yes, 3 months free trial £10/month Shift Scheduling Management, Mobile Device Compatibility, Data Transparency
Remote Transparent Workflow Management Free demo £24/contractor/month Global Hiring Planner, Unlimited Employee & Contractor Management, Automated Compliance
OysterHR Simplified Payroll Operations Free plan £25/month Risk Management, Salary Insights, Flexible Payment Methods
Gusto Automation & Full Payroll Service Yes $35/month/contractor (Approx. £27.64) Employee Self-Service Tool, Flexible Payment Schedule, Comprehensive Benefit Options
Pento UK Businesses with Integration with HMRC Free demo Quote-based Custom Advanced Report, Integration with Accounting & HR Tools, Payment Edit Until Payday
Moorepay Complete Payroll Solutions N/A Quote-based Microsoft Azure-Backed Payroll Software, Payroll Advice from Experts, Automation of Complex Payroll Software
Bright HR Managing Employees’ Health and Safety N/A Quote-based Advanced HR Solution, Health & Safety Software, Employee Well Being
ADP HCM Solutions N/A Quote-based Global Payroll, Talent Management, Compliance Monitoring

How We Review And Test Payroll Products

To provide our readers with accurate and well-informed recommendations, we test the most popular payroll products on the market to find the best options for you. Our methodology consists of the following criteria:

  • Features: We examine the features to determine what capabilities are offered, how useful those capabilities will be for the user, and how the variety of features compare to competitor software.
  • Scalability: We look at how many users can be added to a platform, and how easy it is to do so, to ensure companies can bring more employees on payroll with ease as they scale their operations.
  • Error Handling: Errors in payroll can be disastrous for a company, so it’s critical payroll software safeguards against them. We evaluate how quickly each software can adjust and fix errors to ensure there are no interruptions in payroll operations.
  • Price and Value for Money: We look at the features, integrations, customer service, and extras to determine if the price matches the value it provides. We score a product higher if it offers a free trial, and if it is transparent about its pricing plans.
  • Integrations: We evaluate the integrations of each piece of software to determine how well it fits in with other key pieces in a business’s software stack, and whether its functionality can be expanded as required.
  • User Experience: We get hands-on with each product to put ourselves in the shoes of a new user, testing each platform to gain understanding if the platform is easy to use or requires onboarding.
  • Security: We dig into the security policies of each company, interrogating the safeguards they have in place to ensure the software protects user data properly.
  • Compliance: We evaluate payroll software based on whether it offers local compliance when it comes to accounting, taxes, documentation, and more.

How Does Payroll Software Work in the UK?

Payroll systems are designed to streamline the process of managing payroll, which involves paying your employees accurately and on time. There are a number of steps included, so let’s take a deeper look at exactly how these systems work.

  • Depending on the system you use, input your approved company’s data, such as company policy information, pay policy, leave and benefits policy, and attendance policy, into the software or integrate your HR with the payroll software to automatically generate this information.
  • Capture your employee’s information. This typically includes personal details, tax-related information, salary or hourly rates, and any other information like deductions or additional compensation. If an employee is paid an hourly rate, then you can add time, projects, and attendance metrics.
  • Once all this has been collected, you can start what is known as payroll processing. This is where the software calculates gross pay based on the information stated above. Tax deductions, retirement contributions, and any other payroll-related deductions are also factored into the calculations.
  • Your payroll software should then provide you with different payment options – either a direct deposit, where the employee receives net pay directly into their bank account, or cheque printing, which generates a printable cheque with all the necessary payment details.

As a bonus, payroll solutions should create reports and offer automatic tax filing based on the latest tax laws.

Benefits of Using UK Payroll Software

Below are the benefits of using UK payroll software for managing employee wages, benefits, and taxes.

Data Accuracy

Payroll software automates wage and tax calculations based on employee information, which increases data accuracy while saving you time and money on error correction.

Compliance with UK Regulations

Using UK payroll software means using an HMRC-approved system to oversee your payroll processes. HMRC-approved payroll software ensures that calculations and deductions adhere to current UK tax and employment legislation.

Data Security

Payroll software protects businesses’ payroll data digitally through robust security measures such as data encryption, automatic backups, and compliance with industry and location standards. Modern payroll software reduces the risk of data breaches compared to using physical spreadsheets.

Transparency with Employee

Employees can use the employee self-service tool to access and modify their payroll information, payslips, tax papers, and leave balances, reducing HR workload and improving workflow transparency.

Real-Time Reporting

Payroll software typically has a performance trend feature, which allows organizations to gain important insights into their payroll spending, financial planning, and workforce patterns. Having this information can also help organizations make data-driven decisions to improve performance.

Free vs Paid Payroll Solutions in the UK

There is usually a significant difference between using free and paid software. Free payroll software is ideal for startups or small enterprises that want to test a payroll system’s basic functionalities without incurring any additional costs. While free payroll software may be a good option, it has limits such as the number of employees, international payment management, and lack of add-ons; paid payroll software provides the flexibility you desire.

Furthermore, many free payroll software may not provide robust data privacy and security to free users, which is an important factor in securing your company’s financial information. To determine which of the best free payroll software is right for you, you need to understand their working process.

How to Choose UK Payroll Software Solutions

These are some important factors every business owner and employers in the UK needs to consider when choosing payroll software:

Business Size and ComplexityBudgetEase of UseScalabilityCustomer SupportCompliance and Tax RegulationsIntegration capabilities

Understand your business size and complexity so you can map out critical features to look out for in payroll software. Larger companies with more employees have different payroll requirements when compared to smaller companies. You also want to ensure you choose a solution that is scalable so it can accommodate a growing business.

Consider your business’ continuous spending capacity on payroll tools to determine which one offers the features you need within your budget.

Look for tools that will be easy to set up and use on an ongoing basis for your payroll and HR professionals. If possible, complete a trial or demo to determine a tool’s usability.

Regardless of your business’s current size, look for solutions that have multiple pricing tiers and features geared toward both SMBs and enterprises.

Prioritize solutions with both self-service and guided customer support resources. Pay close attention to providers’ support hours and any limitations in your time zone.

Regulations differ depending on your location, so, as a UK business, it’s important to ensure the solution you choose is compliant and up-to-date with UK tax laws. This is important so that accurate deductions can be made to save you from any potential penalties.

The payroll solution you choose should be able to integrate with your existing business tools, like HR and accounting software. The more a payroll solution can integrate with other systems, the easier it will be to consolidate employee data as well as reduce any potential errors.


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