SurePayroll Review 2024: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons

Our Verdict

Basic platform but easy, straight-forward payroll

We found SurePayroll to be a worthwhile option, but only for a limited market. If you only have two or three employees, and you’re not an experienced business owner, it’s a good choice. You can perform all the basic tasks such as calculating wages, paying wages, and filing taxes on a easy-to-use platform. However, even companies with ten or more employees may struggle with the limited features and lack of integrations.


  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Generous six months free trial
  • Support for household employees
  • Employer mobile app


  • Limited integrations
  • No time and attendance tools

SurePayroll Plans & Pricing

Starting at just $19.99 per month, SurePayroll is one of the best options for small businesses on a budget. There’s a choice of three plans with add-on services for an additional fee.

No tax filing Full-service Household Payroll
Monthly Cost $19.99 per month plus $4 per employee $29.99 per month plus $5 per employee $49.99 per month plus $10 for each additional employee (one is included)
Free Trial ✅ – 6 months free ✅ – 6 months free ✅ – 6 months free
PTO Management ❌ – only available via integration for an extra fee ❌ – only available via integration for an extra fee ❌ – only available via integration for an extra fee
Expense Management ❌ – only available via integration for an extra fee ❌ – only available via integration for an extra fee ❌ – only available via integration for an extra fee
Reporting Standard reports Standard reports Standard reports
Customer Support Phone and live chat support Phone and live chat support Phone and live chat support

No Tax Filing – Starts at $19.99 Per Month

If you only have two or three employees, and you’re on a tight budget, SurePayroll’s lowest cost plan is for you. You can access all the payroll and HR consultancy features and handle the tax filing yourself to keep costs down.

The per-employee rate is also very low compared to other solutions which usually start around $6 to $8 per month. Although the features are a bit limited—they don’t include time tracking or benefits administration—they’re ideal if you just need the essentials to start up a side gig with a couple of friends or family members.

Full Service – Starts at $29.99 Per Month

The main difference between the low and high-cost plans is the tax filing service. We were happy to see there wasn’t a large jump in the monthly cost so users won’t stretch their budget if they upgrade.

However, there are lots of additional fees for filing and local taxes. These costs could add up and push the overall price higher than more advanced solutions like Gusto. We’d only recommend this plan for single-state businesses with one location.

Household Payroll – Starts at $49.99 Per Month

SurePayroll has a specialized plan for US employers with household staff. The price tag may seem high for just one worker but you can manage all their payments and withholdings. If you’re not an experienced business owner, handling these tasks alone could take you hours and leave you open to costly penalties from the IRS.

As it only costs another $10 for each additional worker, you’ll get the best deal if you have a few household staff. While one worker is $50 a month, three come to just over $23 each.

To cancel any of these accounts, you have to call SurePayroll and go through their offboarding. Users also have to complete a termination request form. SurePayroll keeps your account open until they’ve made all the required payments and reports to authorities, as per US law.

SurePayroll Overview

Starting price $19.99 per month plus $4 per employee
Best for Small US businesses with 10 employees or less
Customer support Live chat and phone support
App integrations Accounting and time clock apps like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Homebase
Security & Compliance Encryption, data backups and proactive monitoring
Reporting & analytics ✅ – only reporting
Mobile app ✅ – for employers and workers
Auto-alerts and reminders
International Payroll
Digital Payslips

SurePayroll’s Standout Features

SurePayroll has a stripped-down feature set that’s perfect for small business owners who prefer a do-it-yourself approach. Let’s look at the main three tools in more detail and how they stack up against other providers.


A screenshot of SurePayroll's dashboard

The payroll feature is rather basic compared to other budget-friendly options on the market like Gusto and Square. However, we felt this made sense considering their costs and target market. SurePayroll only offers the essentials so users have the option to pay less and manage more of the tasks themselves.

All the basics are covered. You can calculate wages and withholding, handle direct deposits, and send employees online pay stubs. You can even manage payroll for multiple pay rates and bonuses on the lowest-cost plan.

We were happy to see that SurePayroll has an employer and worker mobile app. Many similar providers don’t have a version for administrators which forces them to rely on the desktop platform. If you’re often on the go, having a mobile app means you don’t have to wait until you’re back at the office to handle tasks.

Tax Filing

SurePayroll’s standout feature is its tax filing feature for household staff such as nannies and gardeners. We haven’t seen many other providers offer this service, despite how many customers need it.

Household staff are often subject to different tax regulations than ordinary employees. Their employers may not have any expertise as they’re not necessarily business owners. With SurePayroll, they can withhold and file taxes compliantly with help from a specialized team of experts.

HR Consultancy

Check popular help topics or contact SurePayroll via chat or emails

We were happy to see there’s an HR advisor available on all the SurePayroll plans. Other providers like Homebase don’t include compliance management in the lowest-cost tiers. However, very small businesses are the most likely to need support with staying compliant as they won’t have the resources to hire in-house experts.

As well as providing advice, SurePayroll can help you find the right forms and report new hires. You can stay compliant with labor laws and build trust with your employees.


As SurePayroll doesn’t have built-in time tracking and accounting tools, they provide integrations with popular apps including:

  • Freshbooks
  • Xero
  • Sage
  • QuickBooks
  • ZohoBooks
  • Homebase
  • BuddyPunch

We were disappointed to see you have to pay an additional monthly fee for integrations. However, SurePayroll’s low prices mean the overall cost is still reasonable.

SurePayroll Customer Reviews

SurePayroll reviews are generally positive with an aggregate rating of 4.4/5 on G2 and 4.2/5 on Capterra.

Users often praise the SurePayroll team for being responsive and helpful. They note that representatives are knowledgeable about payroll and taxes, never needing to hand them over to different members of staff.

A customer's review of SurePayroll on G2

SurePayroll reviews suggest it’s especially good at meeting the needs of its target market. Very small businesses say the monthly costs are affordable but they’re still receiving high-quality service.

One downside that SurePayroll reviews noted was how they can’t pause their service easily. As customers are likely to be small, they may have months with no revenue. However, many said they had to keep paying the fees even if nobody was on the payroll.

What is SurePayroll Good For?

Given the low costs and basic features, we believe SurePayroll is best for side hustles. If you’re just starting up a part-time venture with friends, you’re unlikely to have the budget for QuickBooks or Gusto. You just need the essential tools SurePayroll can provide to ensure you’re paying everyone correctly.

SurePayroll’s specialized support for household staff also makes it perfect for nannies. With their expert guidance, you can set up casual daycares with one or two childminders without violating labor laws.

SurePayroll vs Top Competitors

Comparing SurePayroll to other top payroll providers on the market can help you understand its best use and determine whether it’s the right software for you.

SurePayroll QuickBooks Payroll Paycom Rippling
Best for Small US businesses with 10 employees or fewer Small to medium US companies Organizations that want to invest in the employee experience Businesses looking for an all-in-one payroll, HR, and IT solution
Starting Price $19.99 per month plus $4 per employee $45 per month plus $6 per employee Custom pricing Custom pricing
Free Trial ✅ – six months free ✅ – 30-day free trial
Standout Features • Support for household workers
• Option to do tax filing yourself
• Deep integrations with other QuickBooks products
• Tax penalty protection
• Employee self-service tools
• Performance management
• Possibility to connect to the range of Rippling IT and HR features
• Range of integrations
Reporting Standard Custom Custom Custom
Mobile App ✅ but requires you to buy QuickBooks Time to access all the features ✅ for employees

SurePayroll vs QuickBooks Payroll

While QuickBooks has a competitive monthly rate, it’s not one of the cheapest solutions on the market. Very small businesses on a tight budget may find they can’t afford it and don’t need all of the features.

On the other hand, small to medium businesses may find SurePayroll doesn’t allow them to do everything they need. For example, there’s less support for time tracking so little shops and cafes with staff on hourly wages may prefer QuickBooks.

For a closer look, read our detailed QuickBooks payroll review.

SurePayroll vs Paycom

As Paycom has more support for workforce and performance management, it’s a better fit for large, less intimate teams than SurePayroll. You can monitor your staff from afar and invest in their development to build a better work culture.

SurePayroll doesn’t include these features but they’re less likely to be necessary for very small teams. Even if you don’t know your employees well, with only two or three staff, you’ll have a lot more oversight and you’ll probably work closely alongside them. For example, those hiring nannies have to get to know them well to ensure they’re entrusting their children to the right person.

Discover more in our Paycom review.

SurePayroll vs Rippling

SurePayroll is best if you don’t intend to grow your business and keep it as a small outfit or a side hustle. That’s especially likely to be the case if you’re hiring household workers—you’ll only employ as many as you need then stop. The platform has one low fixed rate so you can keep costs predictable and avoid cutting into your profits.

Whereas Rippling supports growth with its range of features and modular pricing. As your needs change, you can add tools and integrate with other apps. Rippling also offers custom pricing to tailor costs to your size and requirements.

Explore all features in our Rippling review.

Verdict – is SurePayroll Worth it?

If you’re in a certain niche, SurePayroll is worth considering. Many companies may struggle with the limited features, even quite small businesses. However, micro-businesses and those employing household staff will appreciate the tradeoff of the basic tools for the low monthly costs. The HR advice will also be an asset to inexperienced employers and business owners who need help setting up payroll and tax filing.

How We Test Payroll Software

So you understand how we reached our verdict, here’s a look at how we research and evaluate all our payroll software:

  • Pricing – As cost is often one of the top considerations, we first check whether the provider offers competitive pricing for their target market. We consider the value of each plan and how they compare to competitors.
  • Features – Most payroll software offers a free trial or demo. We use these to test all the features and see how much we can customize them.
  • Integrations – We see whether the provider offers all the integrations we expect to see or whether there are some notable exceptions.
  • Automation – The main feature of payroll software is automation so we check its ability to auto calculate and process different types of workers and payments.
  • Ease of use – We see how long each feature takes to use and how many steps we need to take to get the desired result.
  • Third-Party Reviews – To understand how the software performs in different contexts, we research and analyze hundreds of user reviews.

How to Choose the Best Payroll Software

If you’re still unsure which software’s right for you after our SurePayroll review, here’s a checklist of the most important factors to consider:

  • Price Your ideal software should meet your budget. Look for providers with all the features you need at a predictable monthly rate.
  • FeaturesGreat payroll providers should do everything you need them to. Check they have all the tools you need and let you customize them to fit your workflow.
  • Scalability – As your business grows, your needs will change. Your provider should let you upgrade easily to access more advanced tools but offer the same value for the cost.
  • Ease of use – Consider your team’s expertise. The software should be easy for them to use without being so basic they can’t perform all the tasks they need to do.
  • Integrations – Make a checklist of all the apps you currently use and may need in the future. Your provider should connect with these or suitable alternatives.
  • Customer support – As you run payroll, you may face challenges. Your platform should have responsive customer service to advise you on using the tools and staying compliant with relevant tax and labor laws.


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