Pepe Unchained Presale Sparks FOMO with Layer-2 Chain – ​​The Next Big Meme Coin of 2024?

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The hottest new meme coin sensation is Pepe Unchained ($PEPU). The presale of $PEPE tokens has taken the crypto world by storm.

$PEPU rides the viral wave of the iconic Pepe, which brought jaw-dropping 44,000% returns to early investors in over a year. 

Pepe Unchained ($PEPU) is set to launch a native Ethereum layer-2 blockchain. It is touted to bring “double the staking rewards, double the Pepe, and 100X the fun”.

Most Speed, More Fun, and More Rewards

Pepe Unchained is a layer 2 chain.

Secondary layers are designed to address the scalability, speed, and efficiency challenges often faced by layer-1 blockchains like Ethereum. 

These secondary frameworks are built on top of existing layer-1 blockchains. They efficiently address the above problems, which often become more pronounced during bull markets. By preventing network congestion, layer-2 blockchains allow investors to efficiently capitalize on market opportunities.


Pepe Unchained

Pepe Unchained comes with “better speed, better gains and the same delicious Pepe flavor”. It facilitates instant bridging between ETH and Pepe Chain at lower transaction fees. It also supports higher volume capacity. The project claims to be 100x faster than ETH with a dedicated block explorer.

A New Blockchain for Meme Coins

Pepe is originally built on the Ethereum blockchain. As expected, it has been held back by the limitations of layer-1 technology.

Network delays and rising gas fees have long put traders in trouble. The congestion doesn’t allow them to react quickly to price movements. 

The new Pepe meme coin is run on Pepe Unchained. It enters the market with an intriguing narrative:

“With a stroke of Giga Brain genius, Pepe devised a plan to break free from his chains and embrace the future with PEPE Unchained.”

By utilizing its native layer-2 blockchain, Pepe Unchained processes transactions off the main Ethereum chain. It is designed to deliver a smoother, more efficient experience for its users. The lower operational costs and increased efficiency translate to more passive income for $PEPU investors.

The money that is usually spent on transaction costs can now be redirected for higher returns.

Strong Vision, Ambitious Roadmap

Popular meme coins often feature catchy themes and fun narratives. But more importantly, they have a strong community backing them. A sturdy community can’t be built without a strong vision. 

This is where the tokenomics and roadmap enter the picture. 

Make Pepe Great Again

Pepe Unchained has tokenomics designed for sustainable growth. The project’s roadmap, on the other hand, clearly outlines its ambitious goals. If the project unfolds as laid out in the roadmap, it is poised for long-term success.

20% of the supply is set aside for the presale, nurturing an early community of investors. To further reward them through passive income, staking is implemented right from the presale stage. 30% of the supply is used as staking rewards. 

Although Pepe Unchained is an instant crowd-puller, thanks to its Pepe tag, it has 20% of the token supply set aside for marketing. 10% goes to liquidity for decentralized exchanges, and another 10% goes to project finance. The remaining 10% is set aside for the development of the Pepe Unchained Layer 2 chain.

PEPE vs. PEPU – Which Has Higher Upside Potential?

Pepe is one of the most iconic meme coins ever. In over a year, it has expanded to a gigantic market cap of $5.31B. 

But for the same reason, $PEPE doesn’t appeal to new investors. The frog-themed coin has jumped 44000% in a year. But it’s unrealistic to expect exponential returns from Pepe again. It is saturated. 

Buy Pepu

That underscores the speculative potential of Pepe Unchained. Due to its lower initial market cap, it is expected to be more rewarding. The quirky narrative and the robust utility aspect of the project underpinned by Pepe Unchained layer 2 chain position it for a meme coin pump. 

Moreover, $PEPU taps into the viral $PEPE craze. 

Strategic meme coin investors are seizing the ongoing presale opportunity to enter the project at its most profitable stage. The meme coin is expected to skyrocket once it hits the market. The staking rewards add to the presale craze.

The staking rewards will be distributed at a rate of 570.77 $PEPU tokens per ETH block over 2 years. The discounts and staking rewards will reduce as the presale progresses to new stages, encouraging early action.

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