Pixel Fold 2: Expected Release Date, G4 Chip, Larger Display, Prices & More

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Our feeds are buzzing with rumors and wild guesses about the Pixel Fold 2 hitting the shelves soon. The Android loyalists and the Reddit sleuths are knee-deep in every tidbit of info they can find, all trying to figure out if this next version from Google will be worth ditching the old model for — and if it could finally make foldable phones more than just a tech enthusiast’s dream.

Rumors suggest that the Pixel Fold 2 will launch in 2024, decked out with new features aimed at smoothing over the rough edges of its older sibling and throwing in some shiny new toys.

Join us as we investigate a design overhaul for a more refined aesthetic, a mighty leap in processing with the Tensor G4 chip, and an intriguing departure from the signature camera bar to a sleek, square-shaped camera bump.

Will the Pixel Fold 2 fold under pressure or unfold new possibilities?

Join us as we explore all of the news and speculation.

Key Takeaways

  • Rumors suggest the Pixel Fold 2 will have a Tensor G4 CPU, 16GB of RAM, and up to 256GB of storage.
  • Leaked images reveal a 7.9-inch inner display and a 6.4-inch outer display
  • The Pixel camera visor looks set to be replaced by a protruding camera bump.
  • The Pixel Fold featured a 4,821mAh battery, and given the Fold 2’s rumored larger screens, the battery capacity will likely increase.
  • An official announcement or teaser trailer is expected at Google I/O 2024 on May 14.

When is the Google Pixel Fold 2 Release Date?

Expected Announcement Date: May 14, 2024

You don’t need to be a psychic to predict we’ll get a glimpse of the Pixel Fold 2 at Google’s I/O 2024 bash on May 14.


The dreamers among us are crossing our fingers for a grand reveal, and a June drop like with the Fold 1, but the Pixel Fold 2 rumors suggest Google might be shaking things up a bit this round.

Android Authority reported, via anonymous sources, that Google could skip the Tensor G3 so users can enjoy a leap in processing power to the Tensor G4 chip. This could necessitate additional development time, suggesting the Pixel Fold 2 debut alongside the Pixel 9 series in October 2024. This strategic alignment would mark a significant moment for Google, potentially setting a new standard in the foldable and smartphone markets.

The smartphone industry is beginning to market superior performance with the capability of handling on-device artificial intelligence (AI) tasks as the next big selling point. For these reasons alone, it would make sense for Google to wait a few months for the Tensor G4 chipset.

Google Pixel Fold 2 Specs and Features

The Google Pixel Fold 2 leaks suggest the new release will incorporate the Tensor G4 chipset. This shift suggests Google’s focus on aligning the Pixel Fold 2 with its other flagship devices, potentially enhancing AI capabilities and overall device performance.

We also expect to see 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, which indicates a strategic emphasis on providing vastly enhanced computational resources for our increasingly AI-driven world.

The Pixel Fold 2 design is rumored to have a larger display area than its predecessor. Android Authority obtained a photograph of what is claimed to be the new Fold 2 prototype, with leaks pointing to a 7.9-inch inner display and a 6.4-inch outer display. This adjustment aligns with consumer demands for larger screens on mobile devices.

Another leaker, Ross Young, suggests the inner display will be 8.02 inches.

On the battery front, while specific details remain speculative, an increased capacity over the previous model’s 4,821mAh battery could be expected, especially considering the larger screen sizes and the potentially more power-intensive Tensor G4 chipset.

The Rectangular Camera Hump and Stacked Lenses of the Pixel Fold 2

The redesign of the camera module in the Pixel Fold 2 to a more conspicuous rectangular shape signifies a deliberate move by Google towards refining the photographic capabilities of its foldable device.

This reimagined module is anticipated to host an array of four lenses, including a primary sensor, an ultra-wide lens, a periscopic telephoto lens, and an additional sensor for depth or temperature sensing, reflecting a thoughtful integration of hardware improvements and software advancements.

However, many users will see replacing the much-loved visor with a redesigned camera bump as a significant step back in aesthetics. The evolution of the Pixel Fold 2 suggests a strategic emphasis on enhancing the device’s utility in capturing high-quality images across various scenarios, potentially setting a new standard for camera performance in the foldable smartphone arena.

A leak of what is claimed to be a true Google Fold 2 prototype
A leak of what is claimed to be a true Google Fold 2 prototype. (Android Authority)

Youtuber TT Technology created this 3D prototype based on leaks of the actual device.

Youtuber TT Technology created this 3D prototype based on leaks of the actual device.
Youtuber TT Technology created this 3D prototype based on leaks of the actual device. (YouTube)
Another shot of a 3D prototype created by TT Technology.
Another shot of a 3D prototype created by TT Technology.

Another shot of a 3D prototype created by TT Technology.

Despite its questionable appearance and identity crisis, we expect Google’s investment in AI for camera optimization to be marketed as further augmenting the photographic experience. It’s also safe to predict that AI will be promoted as improving the quality of captured images and the post-processing capabilities available to users.

This approach aligns with a broader trend of the “AI effect” in smartphone development, where the convergence of advanced hardware and intelligent software is increasingly central to delivering differentiated user experiences.

How Much Will Pixel Fold 2 Cost?

Expected Prices: Starting at $1,799

The Pixel Fold 2 is expected to retain its premium starting price of $1,799. Although foldable smartphones are considered too expensive for the average user and arguably need a drop in price to increase adoption, we expect Google’s pricing strategy to mirror its predecessor.

The Bottom Line

The Pixel Fold 2 tentative specs are impressive. Rumors of a potential shift to the Tensor G4 chipset, alongside improvements in design, AI capabilities, and overall hardware, point towards Google’s commitment to making the Pixel Fold 2 a standout flagship product.

After Apple recently released a new MacBook Air range with only 8 GB of RAM, Google is preparing to release a foldable smartphone with 16GB of RAM, which is the first for Pixel phones and feels highly significant.

However, is there still an appetite for a high-end foldable smartphone? Last year’s timing of the Pixel Fold release failed to meet expectations compared to competitors like Samsung and OnePlus. But only time will tell whether a protruding camera bump will put fans off this year.


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