Poodl Inu Leads the Meme Coin Rally This Month – The Next Shiba Inu?

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Poodl Inu is the latest meme coin to ignite a crypto frenzy. Investors are hoarding the token in large quantities, as the presale nears an early sell-out.

Could $POODL become the next Shiba Inu? Here is an analysis.

POODL Has all the Viral Elements to Fuel Meme Coin Crazy 

POODL is a poodle-inspired meme coin, as the name suggests. The quirky narrative that is bold and brazen has turned the meme coin into an overnight sensation. This image gives an idea of the project, which is designed to catch the eye.

Since the more a meme coin catches the eyes, the more it pumps on the price chart. So the strategy works well for POODL. The introduction of the meme coin published on the website provides another example of the style that Poodl Inu intends to convey. 

“Poodl Inu is gonna be a star! His face is gonna be plastered over every crypto website, crypto influencer, and YouTube video in the entire world. Normies and non-believers are gonna be crying into their $0.25 bowl of microwave ramen for not buying during Presale.”

The project doesn’t shy away from making its plans to overthrow meme coin icons like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, although it comes across as a little aggressive. But isn’t that what all meme coins are here for? To seize the spotlight and build wealth for investors? 


Poodl makes sure that its goals are not limited to meme coin virality, however. There are far bigger things that a meme coin can achieve, tapping into its hype and popularity.

A Rich Ecosystem for Sustainable Price Action 

Poodl Inu is building a utility-rich ecosystem where POODL acts as the primary payment and reward token. As the platform onboards more users and expands its features, the demand for the token will increase. As the demand for the token increases, the price will boost over time.

Even though speculation will largely power the price action of $POODL in the first stage, the role will be overtaken by the utility ecosystem in the subsequent stages.

The key pillars of the utility ecosystem are DEX Dog Park and a staking module. While there are many general DEXs in the crypto market, a DEX dedicated to meme coins is relatively unexplored. The niche, however, is one of the largest in the crypto market. The platform has the potential to acquire a large user base, as a result.

The staking module, on the other hand, will play a key role in influencing the decisions of passive investors. The high staking APY motivates them to hold onto the tokens right from the presale stage. 

As a meme coin, Poodl Inu is prone to massive pumps and dumps. To prolong the pump and dampen the dump, staking is a highly effective mechanism. It will help the token set a high support level soon after its initial launch and lay the groundwork for more bull runs.

Staking has already begun, although the token is still in the presale stage. Since a new meme coin is highly prone to pump-and-dump speculative trading, staking will uphold the price action of the meme coin over the long term.

Is Poodl Inu a Better Investment than Shiba Inu in 2024? 

Poodl Inu’s lower initial market cap gives it larger room for returns than Shiba Inu in 2024. Especially for early investors who secure the token at low costs, the potential ROI can range from 700% to 4500% depending on how the trend picks up after the debut launch. 

Shiba Inu, on the other hand, is a blue-chip meme coin if there is any. Along with DOGE, SHIB has maintained a strong presence over the years. That goes on to speak for its high credibility. Another thing that substantiates the token’s high market relevance is its utility ecosystem, which supports the demand and price of SHIB. 

But SHIB’s potential returns for new investors will be much lower when compared to an emerging meme coin like Poodl. 

Poodl Inu Presale is Set to End Soon

Investors have little time left to grab Poodl for fixed discounted prices. The presale is set to end ahead of schedule if the growing traffic is any sign. The project is trending across social media platforms as the quirky, humorous narrative went viral. 

Various crypto publications and analysts have featured Poodl Inu as one of the top meme coins to watch this season.

To buy POODL ahead of its much-awaited exchange launch, visit the official website. The presale supports purchases in ETH, USDT, and cards. 

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