8 Best Free Project Management Software for 2024

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Why Trust Techopedia

The best free project management software will offer all the essential features that businesses of any size can utilize to manage projects, collaborate, generate reports, and cover basic day-to-day tasks.

With numerous automations, the free project management apps can speed up your workflows by moving away from spreadsheets or the pen and paper method. For streamlined project management, you’ll get access to basic tools like resource allocation and task management with no additional burden on your budget.

It’s worth noting that all of our top free project management tools can scale alongside your business. So, should your needs outgrow what is offered by any of the free plans below, you’ll be able to upgrade at a later stage with the same platform, without needing to find new software.

Techopedia’s Top Free Project Management Software

monday.com — Popular free project management software for ease of use

200+ Templates
Free Forever
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Wrike — Best free project management solution with AI features

No CC Required
Free Forever
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Smartsheet — Best for spreadsheet-style project management

Unlimited Viewers
Free Trial
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ClickUp — Best free project management solution for unlimited users and tasks

No CC Required
Free Forever
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Teamwork — Robust free project management tool for time tracking

Up To 5 Users
Free Forever
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Zoho Projects — Top free project management software for collaboration

Up To 3 Users
Free Forever
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Notion — Best free project management software for customization

Up To 10 Guests
Free Forever
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The Best Free Project Management Tools

  1. monday.com — Popular free project management software for ease of use
  2. Wrike — Best free project management solution with AI features
  3. Smartsheet — Best for spreadsheet-style project management
  4. Zoho Projects — Top free project management software for collaboration
  5. Teamwork — Robust free project management tool for time tracking
  6. ClickUp — Best free project management solution for unlimited users and tasks
  7. Notion — Best free project management software for customization
  8. Asana — Best free project manager for unlimited projects, tasks, and messaging

Top Free Project Management Platforms Reviewed

To help you decide on the best free project management solution (or even the best cheap project management tool), we’ve reviewed each one below, focusing on their key features, pricing, pros and cons, and their free offerings.

1. monday.com — Popular Project Management Software for Ease of Use

Free Version
User Limit on Free Version 2
Free Version Offerings 3 boards, unlimited docs, 200+ templates
Starting Price of Paid Plans $9/user/month
Device Support Desktop, Android, iPhone
Time Tracking on Free Plan
Why We Chose It

monday.com is easily one of the best free project management software options. It’s also incredibly user-friendly compared to tools like ClickUp.

With the free plan, you can create up to 3 boards with 1,000 items each. An item can be a task, project, or customer. You also get over 200 professional templates to visualize your workflows.

With 20 column types, monday.com’s free plan even allows for decent customization. It offers excellent collaboration features, too, including embedded documents and whiteboards, where you can add elements like charts, shapes, notes, and links, among others.

You’ll also get unlimited messaging and the ability to set custom notifications. However, this plan is limited to just 2 users. You also only get the Kanban board view—other views, automations, integrations, custom fields, and time tracking are all reserved for the paid plans.

The good news is that Monday’s paid plans make it easily one of the most inexpensive project management software options. Its Basic plan starts at just $9/user/month, which many project managers and businesses agree is great value for money.

We recommend starting with the free plan to determine if it’s the right project management software for you, but most will find the best value in the Standard paid plan ($12/month), as this is the first plan that offers automations and integrations.

Plus, you get different views, like Timeline and Calendar, to manage tasks and project timelines and easily oversee resource allocation.

Who It's Best For

monday.com’s free project management software is great for solopreneurs, startups, and small businesses. For businesses with more than two staff members, its best for testing the platform before committing to a paid plan.

The paid plans are budget-friendly, and with ample customization options, we’d recommend monday.com for any size business in any industry.

Pros pros

  • An extensive library of 200+ templates
  • Whiteboard collaboration
  • Best free basic project management software
  • Offers cheap, scalable plans
  • Very user-friendly

Cons cons

  • Only 3 boards on the free plan
  • Time tracking is only on the 2nd-tier paid plan

2. Wrike — Best Free Project Management Solution with AI Features

Free Version
User Limit on Free Version Unlimited
Free Version Offerings Subtask management, generative AI, client collaboration
Starting Price of Paid Plans $9.80/user/month
Device Support Desktop, Android, iOS
Time Tracking on Free Plan
Why We Chose It

Wrike is one of the best free project management apps for AI functions. Its Work Intelligence suite, for example, helps you keep your projects on time by analyzing historical patterns.

You can also use mobile voice commands to create and check project statuses, analyze meeting notes, and create tasks from them.

Like some other project management apps, Wrike’s free plan is for unlimited users and generously offers Table and Kanban view, task management (including subtasks), and even lets you collaborate with contractors or clients.

However, we suggest upgrading to its Team plan at $9.80/user/month, as you can build custom workflows and custom fields with views such as Calendar and dynamic Gantt charts. This is also the first plan that offers automation (50/seat).

In addition, you get 400+ integrations, although not all are available with the Team plan. The Business plan ($24.80/month) is quite a jump from the Team plan. It offers portfolio management, real-time reports, custom approval workflows, and workload management.

If you’re after more features like time tracking or more automations, consider alternatives like ClickUp, which offers both features right from its free plan.

Who It's Best For

With the inclusion of rare AI features, Wrike undoubtedly offers one of the best free project management software plans. The no-limit to the number of users is also incredibly generous, making it more suitable for small to medium-sized businesses compared to Monday‘s limit of 2, for example.

That said, while you get some standard project management features, many of its valuable features are reserved for paid users.

Pros pros

  • One of the best sets of AI features on the free plan
  • 400+ integrations
  • Beautiful and intuitive visual dashboards
  • Request forms with custom fields

Cons cons

  • Only a handful of automations
  • Sharp learning curve

3. Smartsheet — Best for Spreadsheet-Style Project Management

Free Version
User Limit on Free Version 1 + 2 editors
Free Version Offerings 2 sheets, Gantt charts, Grid, Card, and Calendar view, dependencies
Starting Price of Paid Plans $7/user/month
Device Support Desktop, Android, iOS
Time Tracking on Free Plan
Why We Chose It

Smartsheet works differently than most other project management software options, with its unique yet familiar spreadsheet-style interface. Thanks to its broad functionality and vast customization capabilities, it’s a popular option for many.

You get a familiar spreadsheet-style app with rows and columns where you can add various projects, tasks, and subtasks. Like an Excel spreadsheet, it lets you add attachments and comments, use filters, and set up conditional formatting.

Smartsheet is far more than a simple spreadsheet, though. The free plan offers 100 automation triggers and integrations alongside various views beyond the table format, including List, Gantt, and Calendar. However, you can only add 2 sheets with the free plan.

We suggest going for its Pro plan at $7/user/month, which offers unlimited projects. This plan also lets you invite unlimited viewers and onboard 10 editors, which provides excellent value for money, considering the price point.

With each project sheet, you also get a separate dashboard with visual reports on task statuses, project completion, and overdue tasks. Beyond this, we were impressed with Smartsheet’s collaboration capabilities.

All team members can see all the attached documents, instructions, and comment history and contribute their thoughts and ideas. Project managers and team leads can also request changes or approve the current version of the deliverable with a single click.

Who It's Best For

Smartsheet is an ideal project management platform for those who love using spreadsheets but need more versatility. Think automation, reporting, different project views, and fantastic collaboration and task management features.

Its starter paid plan also makes it one of the best inexpensive project management software options, with unlimited viewers, sheets, forms, and even reports.

Pros pros

  • Detailed templates with video explanations
  • Very similar to Excel sheets
  • Automations and integrations on the free plan
  • Sheets can be interconnected for related projects

Cons cons

  • Scaling can be expensive for some
  • Has a slight learning curve

4. Zoho Projects — Top Free Project Management Softwre for Collaboration

Free Version
User Limit on Free Version 3
Free Version Offerings 2 projects, subtasks, basic issue reports, feeds
Starting Price of Paid Plans $4/user/month
Device Support Web, Android, iOS
Time Tracking on Free Plan
Why We Chose It

Zoho Projects is an intuitive online tool that facilitates project planning, task tracking, and team collaboration. It’s a great pick if you need something more contemporary.

For starters, Zoho Projects offers social media-like feeds to keep communication between teams more interactive. On your Zoho feed, you can post updates on important tasks, make announcements, and more, form groups or 1:1 private chats, and even create forums.

We found Zoho Project’s free plan to be pretty basic, though. It only lets you manage 2 projects and offers limited features like document sharing and a few templates. If you want to get the best out of this platform, you’ll need a paid plan.

Thankfully, it’s easily one of the cheapest project management software solutions, starting at a mere $4/user/month. With this, you can manage unlimited projects and access time-tracking and budgeting features. To add to this, even Zoho’s most expensive plan costs just $9/user.

Zoho Projects’ AI, Zia, is also included in all paid plans, which can help with tasks like scheduling. That said, the platform only offers three views: list, Gantt, and Kanban. If you need more, consider ClickUp, which offers 15.

Who It's Best For

Zoho Projects is ideal for anyone already using Zoho (whether Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, or Zoho People). While its free plan is great for basic task management, custom project statuses, and team collaboration, it easily offers the cheapest project management software.

So, while Zoho Projects’ free plan does have its limitations, the paid plans offer excellent value for money, giving you access to advanced issue reports, an AI chatbot, and budget management.

Pros pros

  • AI-powered chatbot named Zia
  • Affordable top-tier plan
  • Excellent team collaboration features
  • A dedicated issue-tracking feature

Cons cons

  • The free plan is limited to 2 projects
  • Lacks project view options

5. Teamwork — Robust Free Project Management Tool for Time Tracking

Free Version
User Limit on Free Version 5
Free Version Offerings Timesheets, 4 project views, 100 automations
Starting Price of Paid Plans $5.99/user/month
Device Support Desktop, Android, iOS
Time Tracking on Free Plan
Why We Chose It

Teamwork offers the best free project management software if you’re after features like billable time tracking, timesheets, project budgeting, and invoicing.

Unlike platforms like Wrike that reserve this functionality for top-tier plans, Teamwork is excellent if you’re after free project time tracking.

You can track time, maintain extensive timesheets, mark time tracked as billable or non-billable, and set estimated time for each task. The free plan even includes 100 automations.

Teamwork also has some of the most affordable introductory plans, starting at just $5.99/user/month. With this, you can manage up to 100 projects with massive storage of 50GB.

The best thing about Teamwork is its dedicated collaborative document management system, Spaces, where team members can upload and access any document at any time.

If you need more reporting functions, such as project status and planned vs. actual reports, you’ll need to upgrade to its Deliver plan ($9.99/user/month), which is still cheap.

One thing Teamwork lacks is templates, though. Even on its $19.99 plan, you get only 50 templates. Monday, on the other hand, offers 200+ templates on its free plan.

Who It's Best For

Teamwork’s simple project management software is ideal for smaller teams that need built-in time management features and invoicing capabilities.

It provides a bird’s-eye view of all task and project data, including owners, due dates, task progress, and your budget.

Pros pros

  • Excellent time tracking on the free plan
  • Dedicated document management platform
  • Automations on the free plan
  • Great for internal and external collaboration

Cons cons

  • Limited custom fields
  • The free plan limits you to 5 projects

6. ClickUp — Best Free Project Management Software for Unlimited Users and Tasks

Free Version
User Limit on Free Version Unlimited
Free Version Offerings Unlimited tasks, automations, dependencies
Starting Price of Paid Plans $7/user/month
Device Support Desktop, Android, iOS
Time Tracking on Free Plan
Why We Chose It

ClickUp is the best free project management software app for anyone looking for unlimited users, time tracking, and automations. It’s an incredibly popular project tracker app, and even the paid plans offer insane value for money if you’re after a cheap project management tool.

Both free time tracking and automations are a biggie—most other tools offer this on higher-end paid plans. With ClickUp, you get 100 automations and 50 active rules. Better yet, you get templates where you can quickly choose your desired no-code automation rule.

With the free plan, you’ll also get unlimited tasks, List, Board, Calendar, Gantt chart, and Timeline views (60 uses each), and even in-app video recording. However, if you can spend $7/user/month, we suggest going for its Unlimited plan.

With the Unlimited plan, you’ll get additional perks like unlimited file storage and portfolio management, where you can club multiple projects together to keep track of them simultaneously. We also love ClickUp’s Mind maps and whiteboards for visual collaboration.

Besides team collaboration and task management features, ClickUp is excellent for resource management. With over 15 views, you’ll see exactly what everyone is working on, their availability, and capacity.

All-in-all, ClickUp offers among the best free project tracking software and the paid plans are an absolute bargain, too. However, unlike Wrike, ClickUp AI is a separate add-on that costs $5/user/month.

Who It's Best For

ClickUp is an all-in-one machine, perfect for managing complex projects and is great for teams of all sizes in any industry. It’s highly scalable and customizable and offers great value for money on all of its plans, as well as a free plan suitable for business use cases.

Pros pros

  • Automations on the free plan
  • Native time tracking features
  • One of the most comprehensive free plans
  • 15+ project views

Cons cons

  • Fewer security features on the lower-level plans
  • Has a high learning curve

7. Notion — Best Free Project Management Software for Customization

Free Version
User Limit on Free Version 10
Free Version Offerings 6 project views, basic automations, 10,000+ templates
Starting Price of Paid Plans $8/user/month
Device Support Desktop, Android, iOS
Time Tracking on Free Plan
Why We Chose It

Once just a popular note-taking app, Notion is now a capable and affordable project management solution with a solid free plan for solopreneurs or for personal use. It follows a blank slate approach, which is great for building company databases.

What we mean by databases is things like company policies, hiring guidelines, and employee code of conduct. You can add as many “Blocks” as you want to a blank page, meaning customization is endless.

A block refers to various kinds of content you can add in Notion. From simple texts, headings, and to-do lists to tables, files, videos, and codes, there are a lot of things you can do with blocks.

You can build anything—project trackers, attendance sheets, and issue trackers, among others. Notion even lets you publish your pages as websites for free, and the 10,000+ templates are a huge bonus, too.

However, Notion has quite the learning curve. Plus, its Business plan, at $15/user, can be a bit expensive for those on a budget. Even its Plus plan, at $8/user, doesn’t have as many features as ClickUp’s $7 plan.

Like ClickUp, you’ll also have to purchase the AI features separately for $8/user/month.

Who It's Best For

Notion’s free plan is best for personal use and solopreneurs. Its paid plans are ideal for businesses looking for a highly customizable project tracker app. However, it’s very different from other project management software.

For starters, it lacks resource management tools, workflows, and even reporting, which will make it less ideal for larger businesses.

Pros pros

  • Offers lots of customization options
  • 10,000+ pre-built templates
  • Allows adding guest collaborators

Cons cons

  • Has a steep learning curve
  • Lacks traditional project management features

8. Asana — Best Free Project Manager for Unlimited Projects, Tasks, and Messaging

Free Version
User Limit on Free Version 10
Free Version Offerings Unlimited tasks and projects, 5 project views, 100+ integrations
Starting Price of Paid Plans $10.99/user/month
Device Support Desktop, Android, iOS
Time Tracking on Free Plan
Why We Chose It

Besides its interface and free security features, Asana is one of the best free project management software solutions—especially if you’re looking for a tool that lets you create projects and tasks without limitation.

In addition to unlimited tasks, projects, comments, activity logs, storage, and due dates, Asana’s free plan offers 5 project views, including List, Board, and Calendar, and 100+ integrations. This is quite rare for a free plan.

That said, while it has a lot going for it, the free plan lacks some key features other tools like ClickUp offer, including time tracking and automations. This makes Asana’s paid plans well worth it.

With the starter plan, you’ll get access to Asana’s AI for smart summaries, for example, as well as Timeline and Gantt chart views for project dependencies, a workflow builder for automations, and loads more.

We found it to be excellent for breaking complex projects into easily digestible tasks with clear owners, due dates, and priority levels. With Asana, you can also assign goals and sub-goals for the entire company, particular projects, or specific departments.

Who It's Best For

While it has a learning curve, our Asana review found that it is ideal for small teams. Some of the free plan offerings are incredibly generous, but we’d only recommend this for personal use. Small and medium-sized businesses will find the paid plan more valuable.

Pros pros

  • Ample unlimited free plan features
  • 100+ integrations on the freemium plan
  • Highly reputable and secure

Cons cons

  • Key features are missing on the free version
  • There’s a learning curve

The Best Free and Low-Cost Project Management Software Compared

Here’s a table highlighting the main differences between the best project management software for small teams on a budget so that you can compare them side by side:

Best Free Project Management Tools Free Version User Limit on Free Plan Free Version Offerings Starting Price of Paid Plans Device Support Time Tracking on Free Plan
Monday 2 3 boards, unlimited docs, 200+ templates $9/user/month Desktop, Android, iOS
Wrike Unlimited Subtask management, generative AI, client collaboration $9.80/user/month Desktop, Android, iOS
Smartsheet 1 + 2 editors 2 sheets, Gantt, Grid, Card, and Calendar view, dependencies $7/user/month Desktop, Android, iOS
ClickUp Unlimited Unlimited tasks, automations, dependencies $7/user/month Desktop, Android, iOS
Teamwork 5 Timesheets, 4 project views, 100 automations $5.99/user/month Desktop, Android, iOS
Zoho Projects 3 2 projects, subtasks, basic issue reports, feeds $4/user/month Desktop, Android, iOS
Asana  10 Unlimited tasks and projects, 5 project views, 100+ integrations $10.99/user/month Desktop, Android, iOS
Notion 10 6 project views, basic automations, 10,000+ templates $8/user/month Desktop, Android, iOS

How We Review And Test Project Management Software

We base our recommendations on first-hand testing. All the project management software products we feature, have been tested based on the following criteria:

  • Features: We ensure the provider offers the basic functionality we’d expect, like task management and scheduling, resource management, built-in communication and collaboration capabilities, and reporting.
  • Integrations: We check what platforms the software supports for integration, looking for common business tools like CRM software, email marketing platforms, and document management tools.
  • Collaboration Capabilities: We assess and test the extent of collaboration on offer, including built-in chat, comment threads, mind mapping, and whiteboard capabilities.
  • Pricing and Scalability: We evaluate the value for money on offer based on the functionality, and we factor in the ease and price of scaling.
  • Customization: We check whether the platform offers things like custom fields, customizable dashboards, reports, and templates to check how easily the platform can be tailored to different businesses.
  • Security: During testing, we note what security measures are in place, including authentication protocols, access controls, data encryption, data backups, and compliance with regulations like GDPR.
  • Ease of Use: We assess how easy the platform is to navigate (across mobile and desktop), and we look for things like easy drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Reputation: To add to our own analysis of the tools we review, we also factor in feedback from other users to ensure we offer our readers a complete overview.
  • Support and Training: Some of the best project management tools do have learning curves. As such, we assess the level and quality of support on offer, including any online documentation.

Is Free or Cheap Project Management Software Enough?

This really depends on your specific needs. Free or cheap project management solutions don’t necessarily skimp on features—their functionality just accommodates individuals or small teams. You’ll find free project planning software has more stringent limitations.

For example, free project management tools have limits on things like users and custom fields and usually reserve advanced features for their paid plans. These can include AI predictions, automations, and even project views and integrations.

Whether it’s enough depends on your needs. That said, some free solutions like ClickUp are incredibly generous, offering unlimited users and tasks, and can prove sufficient, even for small businesses.

Generally speaking, though, free project management software isn’t ideal long-term, so we always recommend factoring in the cost to scale before you make your decision and considering affordable project management software instead.

The Benefits of Free Project Management Software

Managing projects without a project management tool can be messy. These apps offer numerous benefits to individuals and businesses. From increased visibility to enhanced collaboration, here are the key benefits of using the best cheap or free project management software:

Project Planning and VisibilityGoal SettingResource ManagementIncreased Productivity and CollaborationRisk and Issue Management

Even free project management software tools let you visualize every project stage, from ideation and planning to execution. When you clearly define every task that needs to be completed in each stage, assign task owners, set priorities, and establish due dates, it’s easier to plan work.

An added benefit of project planning is that every team member will know exactly what they’ll be working on, and as a project manager, you’ll be able to monitor project progress and manage roadblocks and dependencies.

Project and task management software allows you to set clear, measurable goals for your team. The project can be broken down into phases, sprints, and tasks with defined OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) that help motivate your team and allow them to measure progress.

Setting milestones also helps boost productivity and provides an additional incentive to your team, especially if you include bonuses or other benefits for reaching the established goals within the given timeframe.

Planning a project is one thing, but for the project to be successful, you need to ensure that your employees, equipment, materials, and other resources are used optimally.

Project management software lets you see your team’s capacity and resource availability at a glance—vacations, sick days, unpaid leave, and equipment maintenance—so you don’t over-commit resources and have to pause or delay your project.

Project management software can be used for far more than simply assigning tasks. You can set different task priorities, have multiple people collaborate on a single task, leave instructions, attach documents, and set task dependencies.

Some, even free and cheap project management software, include real-time chat, further facilitating communication and file sharing. You can also leverage automations to ensure the right people are notified whenever a task status changes.

They’ll also get notified when a task is completed. All of this boosts productivity, visibility, and collaboration.

Successful project execution involves more than planning and resource management. Project managers need to adapt to changes, prioritize certain tasks, and reallocate their resources accordingly.

Project management software offers project tracking capabilities, letting you monitor project progress in real-time, identifying risks and issues before they become costly problems. This helps your organization stay agile and ensures the project is executed on time despite any road bumps.

How to Choose the Best Free Project Management Tool

Choosing the right project management tool on a budget is hard, as you don’t want to compromise on features. Here are factors you need to consider when choosing one:

Value for MoneyPain PointsFeaturesScalabilityReportingIntegrationsEase of UseSupportCustomization

Value for money is the core consideration when choosing project management software, as one person’s cheap may be another’s expensive. Value for money is about the feature-to-cost ratio—how much you get for the price you pay.

Depending on your needs, a free project management app or the cheapest project management software may very well suffice. Where some free or cheap plans are lacking, others may have everything you need.

For just $4-8/user/month, you can get unlimited boards and projects, templates, integrations, and automations with providers like Monday and ClickUp, for example.

When you choose project management software, think about your organization’s biggest issues and how project management systems can help resolve them. For example, if you’re finding it challenging to track billable vs. non-billable hours, you might want to consider selecting project management software with native time tracking.

Shortlist the features you absolutely need to ensure the project management platform you opt for can handle your requirements. This is important, as features like automations and AI functions, for example, are often locked behind higher-end plans or may not even be on offer with the project tracker app.

Cheap project management software or a free project management tool may suffice for now, but it’s vital that you factor in the cost of scaling.

How much would it cost to onboard more users or to access certain integrations or a particular feature? Are there problematic limitations on the higher-end plans and enough flexibility?

For example, scaling with a provider like Basecamp can be quite expensive. Your options are limited as it only has two plans, and the higher-end plan may not have everything you need.

Reports are an important aspect of project management. They help you measure the results of your project-related activities and identify and correct deviations, if any.

They give you a quick overview of important project KPIs, project progress, or team/department performance, aiding in strategic decision-making.

However, a cheap project manager app, and especially free project planning software, may and often do offer limited reporting capabilities.

Advanced reporting is often limited to higher-end plans, so make sure that the plan you pick offers the reporting capabilities you need.

Look for a project management tool that offers integrations with the platforms you already use, such as Slack or MS Teams. Some platforms may lack the integrations you need or reserve certain ones for higher-end plans.

In today’s world, budget project management software shouldn’t mean a poor user experience. We highly recommend using any free versions to test the platform yourself before deciding.

Tools like ClickUp can require some time to get used to, for example, whereas ones like Monday are known for their simplicity. All offer budget and even free options, but the learning curves vary.

Support is non-negotiable, even with cheap or free PM software. Before choosing a project management tool, consider the support hours and available methods, as well as the online documentation.

If your organization has unique processes and complex workflows, you want flexible project management software that can be adapted to your needs. All offer varying levels of customization and you may find that some offer less flexibility on their free or cheap plans.


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