The 10 Best Gantt Chart Software Solutions in 2024

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The best Gantt chart software tools help project managers quickly and easily plan tasks, set deadlines, track progress, and collaborate with teams. Whether you’re managing a big project or want to streamline daily operations, having the right Gantt chart maker can make all the difference., Wrike, and Smartsheet are some of the best Gantt chart software tools on the market today. Read on as we rank and compare the top 10 solutions head-to-head, analyzing their project management features, pricing, user experience, and integration capabilities to help you find the one that’s best for your needs.

10 Best Gantt Chart Software Solutions in 2024

We’ve done the heavy lifting to help you find the best Gantt chart software solutions available. Here are your top choices with a short outline of why they made it on our list:

  • Overall best Gantt Chart software on the market thanks to its AI-powered task scheduler, cheap pricing plans, intuitive interface, and solid customer support.
  • Wrike Best for enterprise-level project management with easy-to-use custom workflow builder.
  • Smartsheet Best Gantt platform for capacity planning, allowing teams to visualize and manage their resources effectively.
  • ClickUp Best free Gantt chart maker thanks to its efficient task management system and customizable Gantt Chart views.
  • Teamwork Best Gantt chart software with real-time collaboration features, enabling teams to allocate tasks efficiently.
  • Zoho Projects Best Gantt chart software for small to medium-sized businesses looking to get a handle on their project management needs.
  • Awork Best Gantt chart software for agile project management with Kanban boards, sprint planning features, and advanced workflow automation functions.
  • Quire Best Gantt chart software for remote teams.
  • ProWorkflow Best project management software for collaboration within and between teams.
  • Resource Guru Best Gantt chart software for helping teams optimize their use of resources.

The Best Project Gantt Chart Tools Compared

Gantt charts are a popular project management tool as they allow people to quickly and easily access a project’s timeline, as well as progress, deadlines, and more. Here’s a comparison table of the market’s best project Gantt chart project management tools:

Best Gantt Chart Software Starting price Free Version Compatibility Number of Integrations $9/user/month Forever/2 Seats Windows, Mac, iOS, Android 500+
Wrike $9.80/user/ month Forever/1 Seat Windows, Mac, iOS, Android 400+
Smartsheet $7/user/ month Forever/1 Seat/2 Editors Windows, Mac, iOS, Android 3000+
ClickUp $5/user/month Forever/1 Seat Windows, Mac, iOS, Android 1000+
Teamwork $9.99/seat/month Forever/5 Seat Windows, Mac, iOS, Android 350+
Zoho Projects $4/user/month Forever/5 Seat Windows, Mac, iOS, Android 900+
Awork Approx. $10.10/user/month 14-Day Free Trial Windows, Mac, iOS, Android 250+
Quire $7.65/user/month Forever/1 Seat Windows, Mac, iOS, Android 150+
ProWorkflow $18/seat/month None Windows/Mac 800+
Resource Guru $4.16/user/ month 30-Day Free Trial Web-based 1500+

The 10 Best Gantt Chart Software Options Reviewed

Let’s take a look in more detail at the 10 best Gantt chart software solutions available today:

1. — The Best Gantt Chart Software Overall is a powerful project management tool that offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and enables users to create Gantt charts in no time. It’s one of the best Gantt chart-maker tools on the market today and a great piece of project planning software.

It makes sure that all your project tasks, timelines, and resources are managed accurately. With its intuitive design, it allows users to easily track progress in real time with visual indicators and updates. — The Best Gantt Chart Software

Starting price Free Version Compatibility Number of Integrations
$9/user/month Forever/2 Seats Windows, Mac, iOS, Android 500+

Much of a project’s success depends on collaboration and communication between team members. offers an excellent collaboration hub that allows teams to communicate, assign tasks, share files, and manage multiple projects effortlessly.

Create Gantt charts and manage groups and boards to facilitate collaboration and project planning. It even offers a discussion tab so teams can discuss tasks, progress, and goals in one place.

The project management platform also allows users to easily view their projects from a timeline view. This helps you keep track of your project’s progress and plan ahead for upcoming tasks or changes. You can either use Gantt bars or a project timeline view to manage tasks and deadlines. The timeline view is interactive and can be adjusted as needed with just a few clicks. is also listed as one of the best workflow management tools around, and its triggered workflow automations are a standout feature. These help teams save a lot of time and effort as they don’t have to enter data or manage tasks manually. It also ensures accuracy and consistency throughout the project’s lifecycle.

The project management software provides several pricing options to meet different requirements. The Free plan comes with two seats, three boards, unlimited document storage, and access to more than 200 Gantt chart templates. To use Gantt charts, however, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid subscription which starts at $9/user/month.

Read our full Monday review for more details.

Pros pros

  • Easy-to-use Gantt charts for comprehensive project overviews
  • Scheduling capabilities to set tasks, timelines, and milestones
  • Can be used alongside other views, such as the calendar view

Cons cons

  • Gantt chart view only available with paid plans

2. Wrike — Best Gantt Chart Software for Enterprise-Level Project Management

Wrike is one of the best project management software products, and it allows teams to work together on complex projects in one platform. From customizable workflow builders to Gantt charts, Wrike helps teams stay organized and function efficiently.

It’s an excellent enterprise planning solution that offers the Gantt chart software features needed for successful project management.

Enterprise-Level Project Management

Starting price Free Version Compatibility Number of Integrations
$9.80/user/ month Forever/1 Seat Windows, Mac, iOS, Android 400+

Wrike’s customizable workflow builder helps teams tailor workflows to their needs to streamline processes and ensure effective collaboration. It allows users to define stages, assign project tasks, manage progress, and even project schedule deadlines – all within the same project management platform.

Additionally, it provides a graphical overview of the entire process from start to finish, which makes it easier for everyone involved to keep track of the project’s progress.

Alongside its fully-featured Gantt chart creator, Wrike’s advanced analytics and reporting features are another strong area. These help teams gain valuable insights into their project performance with real-time data analysis.

They allow users to monitor progress, identify trends, and measure team performance so they can quickly make informed decisions. Its AI-powered algorithms, meanwhile, help predict future outcomes for better decision-making.

Given its price, Wrike is a great option for enterprise-level project management. With its enterprise-grade, GDPR-compliant security measures, Wrike is a secure and reliable project management tool. That being said, it may not be ideal for smaller teams as its pricing may be too expensive for them.

Wrike provides a selection of plans to suit the requirements of different teams. Starting with the Free plan for those just getting started, all the way up to Pinnacle for more complex workflows – each option offers additional valuable features and flexibility.

Read our full Wrike review to learn more.

Pros pros

  • Easy creation of milestones, task dependencies management, and task rescheduling via a drag-and-drop interface
  • Basic features are free for companies starting out
  • Enables setting schedules, creating timelines, and milestones

Cons cons

  • Expensive for smaller businesses

3. Smartsheet — Best Gantt Chart Software for Capacity Planning

Smartsheet is an efficient and powerful project management solution that helps individuals, teams, and enterprises to manage their projects. It offers comprehensive features, including Gantt charts, that can be used for resource planning, scheduling, tracking, and reporting.

It has one of the most comprehensive and diverse feature sets and one of the best free Gantt chart software tools, which can be used by teams of any size.

Smartsheet — Diverse Project Management Solutions

Starting price Free Version Compatibility Number of Integrations
$9.80/user/ month Forever/1 Seat Windows, Mac, iOS, Android 400+

Gantt charts are extremely useful for resource management and capacity planning. In addition to comprehensive Gantt tools, Smartsheet offers a unique Resource Optimizer feature, which helps teams track resources, prevent resource over-allocation, and create detailed reports for budgeting purposes.

It allows users to set individual availability for each team member so that the right people are assigned to the right task at the right time. This ensures projects can be completed to deadlines and with maximum efficiency.

Smartsheet also offers automated alerts and notifications that allow users to stay up to date on project progress. It sends out real-time updates about tasks and other activities, which helps teams keep track of their projects without having to manually check in all the time.

Whether you want updates on your phone or by email, Smartsheet ensures that you get notifications promptly. This helps users to be more productive and take corrective action if something is amiss.

Given its complex project management features, it comes with a steep learning curve and can be time-consuming to get used to. According to some users, the user interface could also be more intuitive and user-friendly.

Smartsheet provides a variety of payment plans to meet the needs of all users. For those just getting started, the Free plan is ideal, while the Pro package is beneficial for managing and monitoring projects with access granted to unlimited viewers. The Enterprise option also offers enhanced security and control features.

Check out our full Smartsheet review for more details.

Pros pros

  • Eliminates data silos and saves time searching for information
  • Provides tools to manage projects at all stages, from conception to completion
  • Provides flexible data viewing options
  • Report Builder simplifies report creation

Cons cons

  • Requires patience and has a steep learning curve

4. ClickUp — Best Free Gantt Chart Software with Customizable Gantt Charts

ClickUp is the best free project management software out there that lets you create Gantt charts. It’s also one of the best free project management software solutions overall, which can be used to easily create, customize, and visualize your projects with just a few clicks of the mouse.

In addition, its hierarchical view feature allows you to break down projects into smaller tasks, giving you a better overall understanding of where your project is in its entirety.

ClickUp — Simple and Powerful

Starting price Free Version Compatibility Number of Integrations
$5/user/month Forever/1 Seat Windows, Mac, iOS, Android 1000+

ClickUp’s AI Task Management feature is taking the project management industry by storm. It allows you to quickly and easily assign tasks to team members based on their availability, skills, and preferences. It comes with a dynamic drag-and-drop interface that makes it simple to assign tasks to the right team members.

Plus, its AI algorithms can detect task dependencies between different tasks and adjust schedules accordingly.

With the Gantt Chart feature, you can easily set priorities for tasks and visualize them in a timeline. This makes it easy to understand which tasks to prioritize and how much time each task takes. Additionally, the chart allows you to adjust task duration without disrupting the entire project timeline.

Its hierarchical view, meanwhile, allows you to break down large projects into smaller tasks and easily track their progress. Folders, lists, tasks, and sub-tasks can also be created to get a better understanding of the project. You just need a bit of experience to get the hang of it, as it’s quite different from other Gantt charting software programs.

ClickUp offers numerous pricing packages to meet a variety of demands. The Free-Forever plan is available for individuals and is perhaps the best Gantt chart software for free.

For small teams, there’s the Unlimited plan. Plans then scale up from Business to Business Plus and Enterprise.

Read more about this powerful Gantt chart tool in our full ClickUp review.

Pros pros

  • Clean, vibrant interface with user-friendly features
  • Great out-of-the-box usability for team members
  • Integrates with popular platforms and works smoothly with automated workflows

Cons cons

  • Steep learning curve for admins setting up the initial workspace

5. Teamwork — Best Gantt Chart Tool with Real-Time Collaboration

Teamwork is one of the best Gantt chart makers online that can help businesses manage their projects and tasks more efficiently.

Its color-coded system and drag-and-drop editor make it easy for anyone to quickly create Gantt charts, timelines, and project plans.

Teamwork — Real-Time Tasks and Project Management

Starting price Free Version Compatibility Number of Integrations
$9.99/seat/month Forever/5 Seat Windows, Mac, iOS, Android 350+

Teamwork’s Gantt chart is divided into two separate panes, one for the tasks and the other for the timeline. This allows users to quickly view their entire project in a single glance, making it easy to manage tasks efficiently. The drag-and-drop editor also makes it simple to rearrange tasks as needed, which is great for quickly adapting to changes or unexpected delays.

Teamwork’s Gantt chart also includes an easy-to-use color coding system, which helps users differentiate between tasks and plan out their project timelines in a more organized way. The feature also allows users to assign tasks to specific people or teams, making it easier for team members to keep track of what they need to work on.

However, some users have reported slower performance when using the color coding feature, so it’s important to keep this in mind when project planning.

Teamwork provides diverse pricing plans, including a free version for small teams. Higher-level plans come with additional project management tools, functionality for efficiency and automation, advanced budgeting, and much more.

Read our full Teamwork review for more info.

Pros pros

  • User-friendly interface so that new users can catch on quickly
  • Allows for real-time collaboration between team members
  • Fully customizable project options
  • Integration with popular tools for a complete project management ecosystem

Cons cons

  • Minimum of three users for paid plans

6. Zoho Projects — Best Gantt Chart Software for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Zoho Projects is one of the best easy Gantt chart software options you can find. It comes with a bunch of customizable templates that are perfect for small-to-medium-sized businesses.

It’s also popular when it comes to its seamless automation and collaboration features. It combines several tools to make tasks easier and more organized.

Zoho Projects — Custom Templates for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Starting price Free Version Compatibility Number of Integrations
$4/user/month Forever/5 Seat Windows, Mac, iOS, Android 900+

The first Gantt chart view that Zoho Projects offers is the Milestone Gantt. This view allows you to break down projects into smaller milestones and visualize them on a timeline. Say you have a project that’s due in three months – you can easily break it down into smaller tasks and assign them to members of your team.

The Chronology Gantt is another great feature offered by Zoho Projects. It helps you visualize task dependencies between tasks alongside their related milestones or on a single timeline.

This makes it easier for team members to understand the progress of each task, as well as how they are related to one another. The drag-and-drop feature also makes it easier to customize and rearrange tasks without disrupting the timeline.

You should be aware that while Zoho has a free plan, Gantt charts are only available through its paid Premium and Enterprise plans. With the Enterprise plan, you get access to Editable Global Gantt charts which can be used to visualize and track the progress of multiple projects at once.

The Premium plan provides access to Editable Project Gantt charts, while all other plans provide users with View Project Gantt Charts.

Pros pros

  • Offers scheduling capabilities, timelines, and milestones to keep an eye on progress
  • Team members can collaborate on projects with ease
  • Zoho offers other business-related apps that integrate seamlessly

Cons cons

  • Not all Gantt features are available on lower plans

7. Awork — Best Gantt Chart Tool for Agile Project Management with Visual Kanban Boards

Awork is an intuitive, user-friendly Gantt chart software product that simplifies the project management process. With Awork, you don’t need to suffer with Excel sheets anymore.

Generate Gantt charts quickly and easily to manage your milestones, resources, and tasks. Awork’s visual Kanban boards provide an agile approach to project management that allows you to adjust plans quickly and track progress.

Awork — Agile Project Management with Visual Kanban Boards

Starting price Free Version Compatibility Number of Integrations
€8 (Approx. $10.10)/user/month 14-Day Free Trial Windows, Mac, iOS, Android 250+

Using Gantt charts for project management is a time-tested and reliable way to keep track of progress. This is especially true for agile project management, where flexibility and responsiveness to changes are key factors.

Awork’s resource management functionality is a great asset for project managers. It allows you to easily assign resources to tasks and manage their availability across projects. You can also monitor task progress in real time and make sure that deadlines are met without overworking anyone.

However, the customization of the Gantt charts is quite limited, and some users have reported that the user interface can be a bit clunky. Overall, though, Awork is an excellent tool for agile project management, especially if you prefer Kanban boards over Gantt charts.

Awork offers three pricing plans tailored to different needs. The Basics plan includes features including infinite projects, a planner, time tracking, plenty of integrations, a mobile app, and project Gantt chart templates. It is priced at €8 (approx. $10.10) per user per month and is billed annually.

Pros pros

  • Highly interactive Kanban board setup for greater visibility
  • Bold, clear graphics and charts to see progress at a glance
  • Real-time project progress updates

Cons cons

  • Limited customization options

8. Quire — Best Gantt Chart Software for Remote Teams

Quire is the best online Gantt chart creator for teams scattered across the world and freelancers managing multiple projects alone. This all-in-one platform offers a variety of features that make project management easier and more efficient.

The easy-to-use and intuitive interface allows users to quickly create tasks, assign them to team members, set deadlines, and track progress.

All-in-One Platform for Remote Teams

Starting price Free Version Compatibility Number of Integrations
$7.65/user/month Forever/1 Seat Windows, Mac, iOS, Android 150+

Quire’s unique unlimited nested task list is an invaluable tool for project management. With this feature, users can break down any complex tasks into smaller components and assign them to different team members or manage them independently.

This allows users to easily track progress without having to manually update the Gantt chart multiple times for each task.

Quire’s ability to align teams across time zones is a major plus for freelancers and remote teams. It allows users to easily collaborate from any part of the world without having to worry about scheduling conflicts or miscommunication. This also eliminates the need for complicated project management software and makes it easy to keep track of progress in real time.

Quire may not be the best choice for large-scale projects, though. It doesn’t have advanced features such as resource management or budget tracking, which are necessary for complex projects. However, for smaller and simpler projects, it should more than suffice.

Quire offers several pricing plans. The Free plan is ideal for individuals or teams starting with Quire, while the Professional plan is suited for small teams looking to visualize their work.

The Premium plan is designed for growing teams and companies needing more complex workload management, and the Enterprise plan is tailored for corporates requiring ultimate management, security control, and support. Customized plans and further assistance are also available.

Pros pros

  • Robust Gantt charts for visualizing tasks and events over time
  • Scheduling capabilities enable scheduling, timelines, and milestones
  • Cloud-based project management solution promotes collaboration for small and medium-sized businesses

Cons cons

  • Not suitable for large-scale projects needing advanced features like resource management

9. ProWorkflow — Best Gantt Chart Software for Collaboration, Automation, and Budgeting

ProWorkFlow promotes an efficient and organized work environment, allowing teams to collaborate on projects with ease.

It offers a suite of tools to automate processes, track progress, and manage budgets. And when it comes to its Gantt chart feature, ProWorkFlow offers a free Gantt chart generator for you.

ProWorkflow — Collaboration, Automation, and Budgeting

Starting price Free Version Compatibility Number of Integrations
$18/seat/month None Windows, Mac 800+

By providing a comprehensive overview dashboard, users can easily see progress at a glance. The Gantt chart feature enables users to create and customize professional-looking charts that clearly illustrate tasks, deadlines, task dependencies, and interdependencies in a visually appealing way.

Projects can be broken down into individual tasks and assigned to team members accordingly; this helps ensure everyone stays on the same page when it comes to project organization.

ProWorkFlow’s Timeline Page is just as important and allows users to view tasks, deadlines, and other details concerning the project timeline. This helps users stay organized and on top of their projects while also giving them an easy way to monitor progress. The Timeline Page can also be used to identify potential risks or conflicts that could arise during a project.

Although your Gantt chart can be viewed on mobile, other Gantt chart software solutions may offer more interactive features and a better mobile experience.

ProWorkflow has two distinct pricing plans. The Professional plan, which is $18 per month per user when billed annually, is intended for individuals or small teams and provides ample project and task management along with 25GB of file storage.

The Advanced plan is priced at $27 per month per user when billed annually (with a five-user minimum) and provides hierarchical control to manage multiple groups as well as 50GB of file storage. No matter which plan you choose, you will be granted unlimited projects to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Pros pros

  • User-friendly Gantt chart software with a simple interface
  • Cloud-based, accessible from anywhere
  • Mobile app for managing projects on the go

Cons cons

  • Mobile app lacks desktop version’s full features

10. Resource Guru — Best Gantt Project Management Tool for Optimizing Resource Use

Resource Guru is the best online Gantt chart maker that promotes effective resource management and schedule optimization. It is the perfect tool for organizations looking to optimize their project management processes.

This software tool is known for its resource management focus and its ability to optimize schedules. It is also a great tool for project planning, tracking project progress, and managing calendars.

Resource Guru — Powerful Resource Management with Schedule Optimization

Starting price Free Version Compatibility Number of Integrations
$4.16/user/ month 30-Day Free Trial Web-Based 1500+

What sets Resource Guru apart from other software options is its speed and user-friendly interface, which makes a big difference in efficient project management.

The software allows users to quickly and easily set up multiple projects and schedule resources. It also has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to navigate and use the platform without any prior knowledge or experience. This means that even those with little technical know-how can be up and running in no time at all.

And Resource Guru’s powerful resource management capabilities make it truly unique. This feature allows users to quickly and easily adjust their resources and schedule based on changing demands or conditions. By automatically adapting resources as needed, it helps organizations maximize efficiency and productivity while minimizing costs.

Furthermore, the software program also provides users with detailed reports once they create a Gantt chart, with some limitations on what can be accessed using its mobile app.

Resource Guru offers a variety of pricing plans, each tailored to meet different needs. The Grasshopper Plan is great for those who need essential features without reports, including unlimited projects, personalized dashboards, and advanced clash management.

If you’re looking for standard features with reports, then the Blackbelt Plan is the perfect choice.

Pros pros

  • Easy to use and effective for team management in small-to-mid-size companies
  • Fast, reliable, and visually intuitive resource classification
  • Includes booking and time-off management

Cons cons

  • Mobile app less user-friendly than the desktop version

The Benefits of Using Gantt Chart Software

  • Facilitates Visual Project Planning – Gantt chart software provides a visual representation of project tasks, timelines, and dependencies. This enables teams to easily understand project progress, deadlines, and task dependencies at a glance, fostering better communication and alignment.
  • Helps with Resource Allocation – Gantt chart software helps in allocating resources efficiently by assigning tasks to specific team members and tracking their availability. This is important for preventing overloading or underutilization, and ensuring that tasks are appropriately distributed among team members.
  • Focuses on Timeline Management and Adjustment – Gantt software helps teams adjust project timelines in response to changes, delays, or new priorities. This lets teams make informed decisions and keep projects on track.
  • Manages Progress Tracking – Gantt project management software provides real-time tracking of task progress and milestones, allowing teams to monitor project status and identify any deviations from the planned schedule. This also promotes accountability and transparency.
  • Organizes Communication and Collaboration – Gantt software can facilitate collaboration among team members by providing a centralized platform for sharing project details, updates, and documents.
  • Assists in Decision-Making – Gantt software empowers project managers and stakeholders to make informed decisions by providing comprehensive insights into project timelines, resource allocation, and progress.

How to Choose the Best Gantt Chart Maker Software

When selecting a Gantt chart maker software tool for your projects, it is essential to consider several factors that can significantly impact your project management experience.

The following core factors should be taken into account to ensure you choose the best software that suits your specific needs:

PricingFeaturesEase of Use and Scalability

Make sure you select software that fits within your budget and offers features that meet your specific needs. It’s also important to research any additional costs associated with the software, such as subscription fees or additional services, so you can plan accordingly.

Another critical factor when selecting Gantt chart maker software is the features offered by each product. Look for tools that offer real-time data updates, collaboration capabilities, automated scheduling and resource allocation options, task tracking and reporting capabilities, and other features that can help you streamline your project management process.

The ease of use is a key factor to consider when selecting Gantt chart maker software, as it can determine how quickly your team will be able to learn the tool and start using it. Look for software with intuitive user interfaces, simple navigation, and helpful tutorials or customer support options available if you run into any issues.

It’s important to select a Gantt chart maker software solution that can easily scale and accommodate your changing needs. Check for features such as automated task scheduling, multiple project management capabilities, and customizable dashboards to ensure you have the tools to effectively manage multiple projects without hassle.

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