GanttPRO Review: Is it the Best Gantt Project Planner?

Our Verdict

GanttPRO is a top choice for Agile teams after an easy-to-use, customizable tool

GanttPRO, despite not being as mainstream as some of the other options, boasts a phenomenal reputation and is easily one of the best project management solutions for agile teams.

Its interface is intuitive, it’s affordable, and there’s ample functionality to dig into without the learning curves that you’ll find with similar products.

That said, minor drawbacks are its lack of integrations and the absence of a free plan – neither are outright dealbreakers but may be depending on your specific needs.

We recommend reading this full GanttPRO review before deciding, as we explore everything we found during our testing and we compare it to other tools we’ve used to help you decide.


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Reasonably priced
  • Best-in-class for Gantt charts
  • A free trial for risk-free usage before committing


  • Only 3 integrations on its most basic plan
  • No free plan
  • Lacks some functionality on offer with rivals

Our GanttPRO review dives deep into what’s one of the most popular project planners on the market. It’s a great tool to have if you want to use Gantt charts for one or more of your projects. However, with several project planners fighting for the top spot, is this the best one for your needs? Read on as we discuss its features, pricing, pros and cons, and how it compares to top rivals.

GanttPRO Pricing

GanttPRO offers 4 plans, including an enterprise-level plan with custom pricing. Here’s a closer look at how each of the plans compare:

Basic PRO Business Enterprise
Starting Price $7.99/user/month for 5+ users $12.99/user/month for 5+ users $19.99/user/month for 5+ users Custom
User Limit
Free Version 14-day trial 14-day trial 14-day trial 14-day trial
Task/Project Limit
Time Tracking
Project Views 3 – Gantt chart, board, and list 3 – Gantt chart, board, and list 6 – Gantt chart, board, list, dashboard, portfolio, and workload 6 – Same as Business
Custom Fields
Security 2FA 2FA 2FA 2FA, SAML SSO (Okta, Azure AD, OneLogin, etc.)
Integrations 3 – Slack, OneDrive, and Google Drive 3 – Slack, OneDrive, and Google Drive 7 – including Slack, OneDrive, Jira Cloud, MS Teams, Google Drive 7 – including Slack, OneDrive, Jira Cloud, MS Teams
Basic - $7.99/user/month

Basic – $7.99/user/month 

Right off the bat, what’s interesting about GanttPRO is that it costs less if you can onboard more than 5 users. For example, on this plan, it’ll cost $9.99/user/month unless you onboard 5+ people.

A free plan is also missing – all of its competitors, including Notion, ClickUp, and Monday, offer a free plan with basic (and even some advanced, as we found in our Asana review) functionalities.

This Basic plan does come with all the core project management features you’d need, though, like Gantt charts, auto-scheduling, project calendars, and unlimited virtual resources.

It’s ideal for small teams looking for basic project management features, as it lacks Dashboard, Portfolio, and Workload views, as well as the majority of GanttPRO’s project planning features.

PRO - $12.99/user/month

PRO – $12.99/user/month

GanttPRO’s PRO plan is best for medium-sized teams that want to streamline team collaboration. It comes with advanced planning tools like custom project templates, fields, and filters.

It also offers overdue task notifications and a nifty bulk change feature that lets you make changes of the same type in just a few clicks by applying filters.

A shortcoming of the PRO plan is that it only offers 3 integrations (Slack, OneDrive, and Google Drive). As we found in our Notion review, for example, the base plan costs $8 and offers 80+ integrations.

Business - $19.99/user/month

Business – $19.99/user/month

This plan is designed for businesses that want to make use of different project views. Here, you get all 6 GanttPRO project views, including Dashboard, Portfolio, and Workload views.

There’s everything from the PRO plan plus features like budget planning, time tracking, portfolios and reports, and even workload management. You also get an additional 3 native integrations.

These integrations include MS Teams, Jira Cloud, and Google Single Sign-on – as well as GanttPRO’s API. However, it doesn’t give you a dedicated customer success manager.

The level of security is also the same as the previous plans, which is a bit disappointing at this price point.

Enterprise - Custom

Enterprise – Custom

With the Enterprise plan, GanttPRO offers a full-fledged project management solution with all the features it has to offer. Besides everything on the other plans, you get:

GanttPRO Features

During our GanttPRO review, it was clear to see why it was seen as one of the best project management software solutions. Here are some standout capabilities we found during our testing of the tool.

Gantt Charts

GanttPRO Gantt Charts

Responsive Gantt charts are, as the name suggests, a standout offering of GanttPRO, proving a serious asset for project scheduling and planning, task management, and progress tracking.

With this overview, you’ll be able to ensure project deadlines are met. You’ll be glad to hear that despite the complex look, we found it really easy to navigate, and the color-coding options are great.

We found this really helped pinpoint any roadblocks on our timeline. What’s more, there are Board, List, Grid, and Portfolio views as well, letting you choose what format you want to view this data in.

Team Collaboration

GanttPRO Team Collaboration

Effective team collaboration is what ultimately decides the success of your projects. GanttPRO will send notifications and personal reminders to ensure everyone is on the same page about deadlines.

Real-time data synchronization is a solid offering, too, as all information is displayed in real-time, allowing project managers to track changes in plans without missing a beat.

For example, if a department head adds a new task, everyone involved will get a notification with an image of the person next to the task message outlining who added that task.

There are no real-time approvals, but team members can share attachments, add comments, and use @mentions, ensuring your team never needs to leave GanttPRO to collaborate efficiently.

Time Tracking

GanttPRO Time Tracker

GanttPRO has a built-in time tracker that shows you how long each team member spends on a task. You can input the time taken for a certain task upon completion OR start/stop the timer as you go.

What’s more, team members can also leave any notes for time log entries – and you can see who logged the time, when, and what comments were left, all at a glance.

The only downside to this is that it’s only available from the Business plan – the first two plans lack it. This is unlike what we found in our ClickUp review, which offers time-tracking even on its free plan.

That said, for many teams, this is a serious asset, especially if you bill clients.

Budget Tracking + Auto-Scheduling

GanttPRO Budget Analysis

A unique advantage of GanttPRO is its simple yet effective budgeting features. You get to play around with 3 resource types – per hour, item, and cost.

This means you can accurately and neatly manage all your labor and material resources, for example. During our GanttPRO review, we were also impressed with the auto-scheduling capabilities.

For one, it’s available on every plan, which is nice. It recalculates the dates of your project and all of the tasks therein, automatically tracking all changes that happen to project dependencies.

GanttPRO Integrations

GanttPRO isn’t very impressive when it comes to the number and quality of integrations it offers. You can connect with Slack, Google Drive, OneDrive, Jira Cloud, and MS Teams, but that’s it.

This is far behind Monday (200+) and ClickUp (1,000+), for example. These platforms also offer ample additional integrations through Zapier, which is something you won’t find in GanttPRO.

That said, whether this is a disadvantage really depends on your specific needs. As we’ll see below, GanttPRO is loved by those who use it for their project management needs.

GanttPRO Customer Reviews

GanttPRO isn’t as mainstream as, say, Monday, for example. It hasn’t got many reviews online – just 60 on TrustRadius, 61 on TrustPilot, and 500+ on G2.

This isn’t a bad thing. On G2 alone, it’s rated 4.8/5 stars, which is a clear testament to its functionality. So what do GanttPRO reviews highlight most?

GanttPRO Customer Reviews

The majority laud GanttPRO’s interface and how easy it is to use. Users also like how easy it is to move projects along the timeline to accommodate changes in priorities over time.

However, we came across complaints, too. Some experience occasional bugs, such as the hyperlinks not working. Although we didn’t come across these issues during our GanttPRO review.

Other flaws mentioned include a lack of integrations and a free plan, but again, this isn’t a bad thing for everyone, it really depends on your specific needs, and there is a 14-day trial on offer.

Another huge plus with GanttPRO is its solid customer support. They’re responsive and have garnered ample positive reviews for the platform. Overall, it’s a highly reputable solution.

What is GanttPRO Good for?

GanttPRO is an easy-to-use project management solution ideal for small teams, solopreneurs, and personal use. The basic plan offers enough usability and customization at an attractive price point.

You get auto-scheduling, dependencies, a project calendar, comments & attachments, and, of course, interactive Gantt charts for just $7.99/user/month, making it a top choice for Agile teams.

The pricing is on par with entry-level plans of industry leaders, such as ClickUp ($7/user/month) and Monday ($9/user/month) – and cheaper than some like Asana ($10.99/user/month), for example.

However, if you want a project management tool that offers a feature-packed free version or that’s capable of integrating with lots of third-party apps, we suggest looking elsewhere.

If you’re in two minds, keep reading, as we’ll now give you the best GanttPRO alternatives to consider before deciding.

GanttPRO vs Top Competitors

GanttPRO is undoubtedly a decent task manager, especially for Agile project management, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for everyone. Here’s how it compares to top GanttPRO competitors:

GanttPRO Monday Wrike ClickUp Smartsheet Teamwork
Best For Small teams Any-sized company Marketing-focused businesses and integrations Free project management software and automation Spreadsheet and table-like project management Client-service teams
Starting Price $7.99/user/month $9/user/month $9.80/user/month $7/user/month $7/user/month $5.99/user/month
Free Version 14-day trial Free plan Free plan Free plan Free plan Free plan
Compatibility Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows
Top 3 Features Interactive Gantt charts, built-in time tracking, budget planning & tracking AI assistant, unlimited boards and documents, whiteboard collaboration Project blueprints, customizable dashboards, Gantt charts Sprint management, frequent checklist reminders, tracking with measurable targets Fully customizable spreadsheets, no-code app builder, conditional form logic Portfolio management, budget tracking, billing & invoicing

GanttPRO vs Monday

Monday is easily among the best free project management tools, offering unlimited project views, 200+ templates, and even 2FA on its free plan. GanttPRO, as we know, lacks a free plan.

As we covered in our Monday review, it also offers more customization, making it a breeze to understand project statuses at a glance. Its automation capabilities are also top-notch.

That said, when it comes to Gantt charts, GanttPRO is the top choice. You can create sub-tasks and play around with the intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

Overall, it really depends on your specific needs, both are similar in pricing but differ in functionality.

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GanttPRO vs MS Project

MS Project is a feature-rich project management tool, but we found it to be quite complex, especially for beginners. This is partly because it comes jam-packed with features.

As such, MS Project is ideal for large enterprises when compared to GanttPRO. GanttPRO is a newbie’s delight, thanks to its intuitive UX/UI design and clearly laid out features.

Also, it starts around 20% cheaper than MS Project – its most basic plan is $7.99/user/month, whereas MS Project starts at $10/user/month.

GanttPRO vs Smartsheet

While both their entry-level plans cost the same, Smartsheet has a free plan that boasts automation and Single Sign-On. GanttPRO’s Single Sign-On is only on its highest-end plan.

That said, there’s 2FA on the rest, so that’s good, but it, of course, lacks a free plan altogether. Also, Smartsheet has 200+ integrations, whereas GanttPRO only has a handful.

However, an area where GanttPRO is better than Smartsheet is time tracking. Smartsheet doesn’t come with any time-tracking abilities, whereas GanttPRO has a built-in time tracker.

Smartsheet – hailed as the spreadsheet-killer – offers superb customization and automation and, similar to GanttPRO, is a top choice for Agile teams, too. We recommend trying both.

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How We Test Project Management Tools

Our experts have been evaluating tech products, including project management solutions, for over 13 years. Our testing process involves vigorous evaluations of the tools we review.

We analyze whether the platform’s features are up to the mark and work as they should, how well/poorly designed the app interfaces are, and if the solution offers good value for money overall.

To compile a well-rounded and honest review, we also take into account other user reviews, alongside testing abstract things like their customer support.

How to Choose the Best Project Management Solution

Here are a few things you need to consider while looking for the best project management app:

PriceFeaturesScalabilityEase of UseIntegrationsCustomer Support

Decide how much you’re willing to shell out on a project management solution, then consider the prices of different plans and pick one that fits your budget, factoring in its feature-to-price value.

Specific features may be non-negotiable for your business – avoid compromising on this for a low-cost plan. Instead, invest in a plan that, first and foremost, gives you the features you want at a price you’re willing to pay.

As and when your business grows, your project management solution should be able to grow with you – without asking you to burn a hole in your pocket. Remember, the flexibility and scalability, as well as the cost of scaling, are all important.

Depending on the functionality and provider, learning curves vary. To determine whether the provider is right for you, try it on for size with its free plan (or free trial). This way, you can decide if the solution is worth your time and money.

Every business uses an array of tools in their day-to-day processes, including ones like Slack, for example. To streamline your workflows and consolidate data between all your apps, it’s important to consider the integrations on offer. Some solutions don’t offer many, or some integrations may be limited to higher-end plans.

Quick and responsive customer support is a must. Help should be available 24/7 (preferably) via various methods – email, phone, and live chat. Additionally, choose a solution whose support hours match your time zone to avoid delays.


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Is GanttPRO easy to use?

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