Smartsheet Review: Is it the Best for Customization?

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Smartsheet is a spreadsheet on steroids — Perfect for any-sized business

Despite the learning curve, Smartsheet is easily one of the best project management solutions. We can confidently recommend it to any-sized business — it’s intuitive, affordable (and scalable), and powerful.

It’s especially popular amongst anyone who enjoys working with sheets but wants more oomph in terms of functionality — like automations, an AI resource manager, and similar.

That said, if spreadsheets aren’t your style, Smartsheet does an excellent job of offering solutions for various needs. You also have the common Kanban-board management, calendar, and Gantt views.

There’s really little we can and should say to deter anyone from trying Smartsheet. It holds a high reputation and phenomenal user reviews to back it — all concurring with our findings.

There’s a generous free plan, too, and it’s among the cheaper options when it comes to scaling.


  • Highly customizable
  • Offers powerful reporting and analytics
  • Robust data security features
  • Wide range of templates


  • Some find it has a steep learning curve
  • Certain features (ecommerce) are add-ons

Looking for project management software? Smartsheet software makes use of the spreadsheet-esque interface we all know and love with added automation, custom reports, and color-coded graphs, charts, and lists for A+ project management. In this Smartsheet review, we explore the platform in-depth, let’s take a look.

Smartsheet Pricing

With a free plan and a paid plan that costs just $7, Smartsheet is an affordable tool with great functionality. Here’s how the plans compare:

Free Pro Business Enterprise
Starting Price $0 $7 $25 Custom
User Limit 1 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Free Version Free plan 30-day trial 30-day trial 30-day trial
Task/Project Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Time Tracking
Project Views Gantt, Grid, Card, and Calendar view Unlimited – Gantt, Grid, Card, and Calendar view Unlimited – Gantt, Grid, Card, and Calendar view Unlimited – Gantt, Grid, Card, and Calendar view
Automation 100 250 Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Fields
Security SSO SSO and admin center SSO and admin center SSO, domain validation, and admin center
Integrations 200+ 200+ 200+ 200+
Free Plan

Free Plan

The Free plan gives one user access to two sheets. While this may be among the best free project management tools for solopreneurs or personal use, it’s not ideal for companies of any size.

If you want basic project management functionality for multiple users for free, take a look at Wrike — which facilitates unlimited users on their free plan.

On the plus side, you get unlimited dashboards and access to a range of views with Smartsheet’s free plan — including calendar and even Gantt charts. You also get access to 100 automations per month.

Pro Plan - $7/user/month

Pro Plan – $7/user/month

Smartsheet’s Pro plan offers great functionality for a small fee — It gives 10 users unlimited access to sheets, reports and dashboards and 250 automations every month.

However, reports are limited to just one per sheet. You also get 20 GB of storage. When it comes to pricing, Smartsheet holds its own among the main Smartsheet competitors in terms of affordability.

For example, Monday costs $9 per user each month, while ClickUp starts at $7 per user per month.

Business Plan - $25/user/month

Business Plan – $25/user/month

This plan gives you more flexibility, freedom, and customization options. You also get unlimited free editors, dashboard widgets, sheets per report, and automations.

Attachment storage also ramps up to 1TB, and admins get free reign when it comes to managing users, licenses, and groups via the Admin Center.

Enterprise Plan - Custom

Enterprise Plan – Custom

Like most tools, Smartsheet offers a custom plan. It comes with enterprise-grade security, including SAML-based SSO that restricts access and offers additional company-mandated authentication.

This plan provides additional analytic capabilities, too, and gives you the ability to build your own web and mobile apps with the WorkApps feature.

There’s even generative AI for text creation and automation functionality. However, as we found in our Monday review, AI tools can be found on cheaper plans with tools like Wrike and Monday.

Smartsheet Features

From impressive analytics capabilities to in-app conversations, Smartsheet is more than just an Excel replica. Here are the key standouts that we found during our Smartsheet review.

Multi Views

Smartsheet charts and graphs

Smartsheet goes way beyond spreadsheets, giving you several ways to visualize and access your data. Views include grid, Gantt, card, and calendar — giving you full flexibility in reviewing your data.

You can customize your charts and sheets with a few clicks — changing information like assigned, due date, and more. We also liked how easy it was to switch between each different view.

In addition, you can also view forms and content from other plans like Power BI and Google Docs on the Smartsheet dashboard. Plus, you can add comments and @mentions to your graphs, charts, and sheets if you need someone on your team to weigh in on something.

You can also access multiple views in the Smartsheet app, which we found to be a nice addition.

Document Management

Want to send contracts and proposals without leaving the platform? You can use Smartsheet to create custom PDFs and send documents for signature.

Smartsheet automates document creation, sending, completion, signing, and storage. You can use the data stored in your sheets to help populate your PDFs and automate form population, too.

You can also track signing statuses automatically from your sheets — keeping you in the loop when it comes to the status of your contracts, proposals, purchase orders, and more.

This is a standout feature among other providers, but while we found in our Wrike review that you can integrate an eSign platform with the platform, for example, this feature isn’t in-built.


List of different Smartsheet reports

Smartsheet project management capabilities are enhanced by their reporting and analytics features. You can easily filter and combine your sheet data to create customized reports, for example.

You can pool data from multiple sheets and apply filters by column values or metadata to get a granular view of your projects and teams’ performance.

We liked how easy reports were to share, send, add to the dashboard, and export to PDF. We also liked that they’re bi-directional — sheets update reports and vice versa, you don’t need to do this manually.

While the custom reports are a super valuable feature, if you’re looking for deeper analytics on risk, then you may want to check out project management platforms like Wrike, for example.

54% of companies surveyed are using GenAI, and Wrike offers an in-built AI assistant that you can use to perform an in-depth analysis of your data and risk.


Keep your online communications on the platform with this feature

16% of companies are fully remote, meaning online communication is more important than ever. Ditch emails and messenger, and keep your conversations on the platform with Teamwork’s conversations.

Conversations are an easy way to ask questions or make comments about different phases of your projects. We were big fans of the flexibility, you can leave comments in a sheet, row, or workspace.

The Conversations feature is also integrated with email — your colleagues can reply to @mentions in the sheet or via email, depending on their preferences.

Smartsheet Integrations

Like its main competitors, Smartsheet integrates with most cloud-based tools out there — including HubSpot, Slack, DocuSign, Teams, and Google Drive.

Integrating your go-to apps with Smartsheet is relatively easy using the Smartsheet API, however, unlike most, Smartsheet isn’t transparent about how many tools you can integrate with.

Smartsheet Customer Reviews

Smartsheet has a 4.5 rating on G2, with most boasting that they love how easy the platform is to use and how you can jump between different sheets and graphs.

Across the board, Smartsheet boasts a stellar reputation online, with most Smartsheet reviews being incredibly positive. This is a true testament to this tool’s functionality and usability.

Smartsheet review

Users liked how they could connect data between sheets and easily find relevant information with filters, too. Plus, many are big fans of Smartsheet’s automated reminders.

However, some note that they want more features than what it provides, and others mention sheet limitations, like how it’s sometimes tricky to combine data from several sheets into one.

Other Smartsheet reviews note that it only allows 500 lines to be copied at one time, too, making it somewhat time-consuming to transfer data from sheets on Excel if they were moving over.

What is a Smartsheet Good for?

Smartsheet is easily one of the best project management software tools, particularly for Excel devotees looking for additional project management features. If you love a good spreadsheet, then you’ll love Smartsheet.

It has an incredibly intuitive UI and ample other project views if you need added flexibility. It’s highly customizable, but there are limitations you wouldn’t get with tools like Monday, for example.

Albeit, very minor.

Smartsheet vs Top Competitors

How does Smartsheet compare to top competitors? Here’s an overview of how it fares against the best Smartsheet alternatives:

Smartsheet Monday Wrike ClickUp Teamwork Awork
Best For Spreadsheet-style management Any-sized team Generative AI capabilities Businesses on a budget Client-service teams Agencies, consultants, and tech companies
Starting Price $7/user/month $9/user/month $9.80/user/month $7/user/month $5.99/user/month $9.80/user/month
Free Version Free plan Free plan Free plan Free plan Free plan 14-day trial
Compatibility Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows
Top Features Fully customizable spreadsheets, in-app messaging, customizable dashboard, and reports Impressive AI assistant, visual dashboard, over 200 templates Automations, analytical and generative AI capabilities, custom reports Checklist reminders, nested subtasks, 15+ project views Budget tracking, portfolio management software, detailed client view Time tracking, option to invite guests, Kanban boards

Smartsheet vs Asana

Asana is a leading Smartsheet competitor. Both are great for managing your projects, giving you access to Gantt and calendar views as well as Kanban Boards to track all your projects.

You can also create custom fields on both platforms, but Smartsheet offers additional project insights, including the Nifty Critical Path feature, which logs the start and finish dates of each of your projects.

This gives you a clear view of your project’s schedule in real-time. When it comes to pricing, however, Smartsheet is the more budget-friendly option at just $7/month compared to Asana’s $10.99/month.

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Smartsheet vs Excel

Excel is an awesome piece of software that can be used to efficiently organize information, but while Smartsheet is a spreadsheet-style tool, it offers several additional capabilities for project planning.

Smartsheet gives you access to a number of views (from charts to graphs) from a centralized digital dashboard, custom reporting, integrations, and automations.

If you’re looking for a tool to help you keep track of all your projects rather than a tool for data entry and management, then Smartsheet is the one to go for.

Smartsheet vs Monday

Monday is known for its super visual and easy-to-use interface — getting rave endorsements from users across the web.

While Smartsheet offers several views and intuitive features, some have noted a learning curve when using the platform. In terms of pricing, though, both are incredibly affordable.

Monday offers some additional features that are worth noting, too, like the social media management feature that lets you manage your social media accounts without leaving the platform.

In addition, they also offer hundreds of customizable templates.

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How We Test Project Management Tools

For over 13 years, we’ve been testing and comparing the best tools on the market spanning various categories, including CRMs, project management tools, and even AI products.

We provide a thorough analysis of all the top tools — navigating dashboards, trying out automations, and testing integrations to ensure we offer well-rounded overviews of each one.

To ensure we don’t miss anything, we also provide a synopsis of what reviewers are saying online to ensure you know exactly what to expect when you sign up.

How to Choose the Best Project Management Solution

What do you need to consider before saying “yes” to a particular piece of project management software? Here are some key factors to take into account when choosing the best project management app:

PriceFeaturesScalabilityEase of UseIntegrationsCustomer Support

Budget should always be your primary consideration. Does the solution you’re looking at offer a plan at the right price with all the features you need?

Time to list the features you want most. Factor in features like customizable reports, analytics, automations, AI assistants, integrations, and customization options.

Can you scale easily with your chosen provider? Certain products and plans may facilitate your needs at an earlier stage but not be the best fit for you as you grow.

As with all tools in your stack, usability should be a key consideration. How easy is it to integrate your other software? Does it have an intuitive interface? Can you quickly and efficiently set up any automations?

How important are integrations to you and your team? Some providers offer 200 integrations, while others offer thousands. Weigh up the importance of having these tools at your fingertips.

What kind of customer support does your provider offer? What days and times is support available? How is support delivered — in-person, over email, via chat, or on the phone?


Why use Smartsheet instead of Excel?

What are the limitations of Smartsheet?

Is it easy to learn Smartsheet?

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