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7 Key AI Adoption Challenges – and How to Overcome Them

AI adoption requires a lot of cross-team engagement and collaboration, but despite the large contribution to the global economy AI presents to businesses (it’s expected to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy over the next decade), a survey by Harvard Business Review in 2019 indicated that only 8% of companies were “engaging in core practices that support widespread adoption.”

Why is this? And what can companies who want to begin reaping the potential benefits of AI sooner rather than later do to avoid these pitfalls?

Watch this webinar to learn the 7 key challenges that organizations face during their AI adoption journey, and how your organization can prepare in advance to avoid these obstacles. Join two key executives from award-winning AI software company AltaML – Rick Makos and Jil Macdonald – as they deliver these key learnings and guide you through real-world examples of how one customer prepared their organization to maximize the benefits of Applied AI within their business.

As a bonus, after the webinar, you will have the option to download our exclusive AI Adoption eBook. It covers additional AI adoption topics, such as: How to Avoid the Pitfalls and Embrace the Opportunity, Aligning on Strategy and Navigating Fear, Integrating AI Solutions into the Business Workflow, and others. Advance your competitive edge – join us to learn how AI can enhance your business potential.

Jil Macdonald

Managing Director & Regional Director North America West, AltaML

Rick Makos

Managing Director & Eastern North America Services Director, AltaML

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