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CxO Playbook: The Future of Data and Analytics

The power of data and analytics in today’s information economy is so strong that two new seats have opened up in the C-Suite: the CDO and the CAO.

Chief Data Officers complement CIOs, and tend to focus on the nuts and bolts of data strategies.

Chief Analytics Officers roll up their sleeves and find ways to optimize the use of analytics throughout the organization.

Success in today’s business world requires that these senior executives get what they need, both in terms of technology and data.

Register for this episode of Hot Technologies to hear veteran Analyst Jen Underwood explain how organizations can find the right balance for their unique culture and business model.

She’ll provide insights for identifying the optimal roles for both CDOs and CAOs as companies try to navigate the fast-moving dynamics of today’s markets.

She’ll be joined by Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh, and an expert speaker from Alteryx, who will each share their perspective on this pivotal time in the evolution of C-Suites for data-driven organizations.

Eric Kavanagh

Bloor Group CEO

Jen Underwood

Analytics Expert

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