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Do More with Your Databases

Godfather of the modern database, Dr. Michael Stonebraker threw down the gauntlet in 2005 by proclaiming: One size does not fit all! His point was that relational databases were not optimal for all use cases. Since then, a proliferation of database technologies have transformed the foundation of information systems. As a result, database administrators today find themselves inundated with increasingly complex challenges.

Having a tool that helps to unify and simplify diverse database connectivity and management with a consistent user interface can improve a DBA’s productivity and focus more attention on important tasks.

Join Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh and IDERA Software Consultant Devin Gallagher to learn about how Aqua Data Studio can address your database administration and management tasks more effectively for multiple database platforms.

Devin Gallagher

Senior Sales Engineer

Eric Kavanagh

Bloor Group CEO

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