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Final Report: Tech Lab Findings for Elastic SQL

The tests are done. The results are in. What did we discover about elastic SQL in our Tech Lab? Register for this findings webcast to learn from veteran Analyst Mark Madsen of Third Nature. He and his Tech Lab team put NuoDB through rigorous testing to find its sweet spot, and its limitations. They sought to determine how it performs across five key dimensions:

– Transactions: does it pass the ACID guarantee test?

– Scalability: any distributed database should scale out, not up

– Elasticity: a cloud database should demonstrate elastic scalability

– Availability: does it handle unreliable resource problems effectively?

– Provisioning: how does it handle containers, which are stateless?

Madsen will share key findings from the Tech Lab's months of work. He'll be joined by NuoDB who will answer questions and explain how they've tackled the significant task of designing an MPP, SQL database for the cloud.

Mark Madsen


Daniel Brault

Senior Manager

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