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Past the Platform: Enabling Fluid Analysis

When the analysts aren’t happy, no one is happy. That’s because these days, practically every aspect of the business is driven by insights. And because information architectures are increasingly complex, any number of issues can cause a slowdown in queries, or even basic reporting. How can your organization ensure that all systems are go? Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to learn from veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor as he explains the common roadblocks to successful BI and analytics. He’ll be briefed by Stan Geiger of IDERA, who previously demonstrated how his company’s SQL BI Manager can optimize platform health and performance. In this episode, he will dive deeper into how IDERA’s solution resolves resource constraints, user activity and capacity issues, making tiresome troubleshooting a thing of the past.

Bill Ellis

IDERA - Precise Systems Engineer

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