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Real-World Data Fuels the ‘New Intelligence’

The information supply chain now extends around the globe, connecting people and organizations in truly remarkable ways.

Today's most forward-looking companies are harnessing diverse data sets to create highly contextualized products and services, while optimizing workflows to expedite production and delivery.

By blending a critical mass of real-world data, these organizations are benefiting from a new kind of intelligence which can lead to tremendous business value.

Register for this inaugural episode of Real World Data to hear Analyst Eric Kavanagh explain why this 'new intelligence' will fundamentally change business as usual.

Eric will be joined by Helen Arnold, President of the SAP Data Network, who will demonstrate how her company's vision, technology, and methods are coming together to deliver game-changing results for many of the world's biggest innovators.

She will explain why real-world data at scale will help reinvent business models, helping people and enterprises achieve new heights.

Eric Kavanagh

Bloor Group CEO

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