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Who, What, Where and How: Why You Want to Know

In our increasingly data-driven society, knowing who did what with information assets is a must-have. The story gets even more serious when sensitive information comes into play. The modern business needs to know what’s happening where, and who is involved in the process. Register for this episode of Hot Technologies to hear Dr. Robin Bloor and Data Scientist Dez Blanchfield extol the virtues of data awareness. They’ll be briefed by Bullett Manale of IDERA, who will demonstrate how his company’s software allows organizations to gain deep insights into their data, right down to the column level. He’ll show how to audit the most sensitive information, monitor and alert on suspicious activity, satisfy audits for PCI, HIPAA, FERPA and SOX — all from a Web-based dashboard that simplifies access from any browser.

Bill Ellis

IDERA - Precise Systems Engineer

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