Rollbit and Owl Games Have a New, Strong, and Hungry Competitor: Scorpion Casino

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Rollbit and Owl Games have been around the crypto casino sphere for a long time, bringing investors multiple perks and high levels of returns through their unique crypto offerings as well. However, things are about to change.

Amidst the burgeoning competition in the crypto casino space, Scorpion Casino has emerged as a leading competitor to these established players. With its unique features of being simplified, decentralized, and staying true to the ethos of blockchain-based transparency, Scorpion Casino is a crypto casino project that holds immense potential and may very well lead the crypto casino arena in the days to come. 

Rollbit – High Potential Crypto Casino But No Passive Income 

Established in February 2020. Rollbit emerged at a time when the blockchain space was about to go through the third Bitcoin halving. Through its unique crypto-facing approach, it was able to entice players into becoming investors. 

Despite its promising start, Rollbit’s flagship token, RLB, initially struggled to gain traction. After two years of trading around the $0.033 mark, RLB experienced a surge in value during the bullish frenzy surrounding Bitcoin and other crypto assets. However, even as Bitcoin reached new heights, RLB’s price action failed to meet expectations. 

Rollbit Coin price

This can be attributed to the lack of passive income. Since RLB emerged during the early days of NFTs, it didn’t provide anything beyond standard perks. The community token allows holders to have some say in its development, and the NFTs keep things fresh. However, the token itself couldn’t generate passive income.

Scorpion Casino – Bringing Passive Income to the Forefront

A novel face in the world of crypto casinos, Scorpion Casino gambling site embraces the ethos of decentralization to the fullest. That comes from the project’s staking pool. 


Staking offers two benefits to the Scorpion Casino’s ecosystem. One, it limits the supply of the $SCORP token, its native crypto, and second, it allows stakers to earn annual percentage yields (APY) as the user base grows. 

Beyond the native token itself, Scorpion Casino also exemplifies long-term sustainability through its daily USDT staking. Since the staking rewards are tied to the growth of the user base and the number of tokens a user stakes, Scorpion Casino’s profit potential is high. 

Owl Games – Missed Potential for Long-Term Perks 

While Rollbit has attempted to bring a sense of novelty to the crypto space through its community tokens and NFTs, Owl Games barely recognized its potential to adopt crypto ethics. A simplified gaming site with humble offerings, its native token—OWL—only works as a way to interact with casino games. 

The OwlDAO, the decentralized autonomous organization of this project, no longer attracts the crypto community. In 2022, the token managed to fly high, peaking at its all-time high of $0.0255. However, the token’s value has subsided since then.


In a bizarre phenomenon, while most cryptocurrencies witnessed a surge in the market thanks to Bitcoin gaining more ground, Owl experienced a downturn. It has only been in April that it has bounced a little, but its value is still far below what it could have been if it had just provided more to the community. 

Scorpion Casino Introduces More Robust Measures to Make Crypto Casino Worthwhile

Unbridled by the limitations of centralization, Scorpion Casino invites all to join its ecosystem. Making the wins worthwhile as a decentralized crypto casino offering high returns with no lock-up period, the casino offers more than just novelty—it offers an insight into the world of crypto-focused gambling.

Buybacks, Burns, and Affiliate Rewards – The Trifecta Formula of Scorp

Scorpion Casino puts its foot forward with a sharp focus on innovation and providing more upside to its investors. It does so by getting the basics right and then introducing advancements that put it on a steady path to growth. 

The advanced elements of this crypto casino come into play with the addition of buybacks, burns, and affiliate rewards. Users can leverage the affiliate model to bring more users to the casino and earn rewards in return. 

While that’s standard, it is the buyback and burn that matters. The casino buys back the profit it makes in SCORP tokens, half of which are burned to decrease the supply, and the other half is given to stakers as daily passive income. These factors exemplify what Scorpion Casino is capable of in the long run. 

Popular YouTubers have also had their say in favor of what Scorpion Casino could bring. 


Through its unique approach to staking, which is woven into its revenue-sharing model, and a slew of games that take a more standard route, Scorpion Casino will likely give the leading crypto casinos of today a run for their money. While only time will tell how well it performs, for now, its new incentives, such as daily staking, are worth keeping an eye on. 

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