Rollbit Hits New Revenue Record But Competition Emerges from Scorpion Casino

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Cryptocurrency-based gambling is having a moment, and Rollbit is leading the charge after setting a new single-day revenue record. However, an up-and-coming platform called Scorpion Casino is snapping at its heels and could steal some of its thunder.

Rollbit, one of the pioneering crypto sportsbooks, announced on January 28th that it generated over $1.5 million in bets placed on its platform in just 24 hours. This smashed its previous daily revenue record, a major achievement highlighted by Rollbit co-founder Lucky on X (Twitter):

“We’ve broken a new record for our sportsbook over the last 24h, generating over $1.5MM in revenue and burning 0.1% of the RLB supply…in a single day! I’m optimistic we’ll be able to maintain this accelerated growth.”

The massive betting volume shows continued strong demand for Rollbit’s offerings. It also demonstrates the platform’s momentum coming off a very successful 2023, which saw Rollbit’s native token RLB rise over 5,000% to an all-time high of $0.24 in November.

While RLB has pulled back since, trading around $0.11-$0.13 in January, Lucky clearly believes Rollbit can sustain this growth trajectory. If so, it spells further upside for the RLB token. As the sole method to access Rollbit’s lottery and earn rewards, RLB remains integral to the platform’s success.

The RLB token powers the Rollbit platform as its native currency. It is primarily used to access Rollbit’s popular lottery, with users required to stake RLB to enter drawings. This staking simultaneously burns RLB from the overall supply – when Rollbit announced its new revenue record, Lucky also noted 0.1% of the RLB supply was burned in just 24 hours.

Part of staking fees also go to support Rollbot NFTs. Rollbit distributed these robot-themed NFTs for free to early users and reward recipients. NFT owners receive doubled rewards for connecting their Rollbot profile.


To earn RLB, users must complete daily challenges on the Rollbit platform. In December, top-100 finishers of the 00:00 UTC challenge received higher payouts. Each day, one player also won a rare Rollbot NFT. This kept engagement high over the holiday period.

However, Rollbit now faces rising competition as the crypto gambling space continues to heat up. Scorpion Casino has launched its presale with ambitions to compete directly with established players like Rollbit.

Scorpion Casino: A Formidable New Challenger

Scorpion Casino wants to offer top choices for people to gamble with cryptocurrency worldwide. It already provides over 30,000 sports betting markets monthly, 210 casino games, and 160 live betting options.

Importantly, Scorpion Casino emphasizes its commitment to operating ethically and transparently as a licensed platform. It uses provably fair systems to ensure games are random and fair for all players. With a wide variety of quality games and a focus on building trust, Scorpion is positioning itself to capture major market share in the lucrative online gambling industry.

Unlike Rollbit which launched without a token (and their native RLB token was later launched without ICO or presale), Scorpion Casino is introducing the $SCORP token through an ongoing presale. SCORP will serve as the native currency on Scorpion Casino’s platform. More intriguingly, it enables a novel revenue-sharing model.

Holders can stake SCORP tokens to earn daily rewards paid in stablecoin USDT. With USDT among the most actively traded cryptocurrencies, this innovative mechanism could supercharge SCORP’s value. Membership NFTs also boost staking payouts of both SCORP and USDT.

The presale has already raised over $4 million. Major exchange listing BitMart is coming soon, but crucially, no new SCORP will be minted post-presale – acquisition will only be possible on exchanges. Ongoing token burn-and-buyback programs plus limited future supply point to SCORP prices appreciating significantly from presale levels.

For new investors, SCORP offers compelling upside potential through involvement early in a platform seeking to shake up the online gambling industry. As an additional hedge, daily USDT income independent of market volatility enhances SCORP’s value proposition versus holding tokens without passive rewards.

Rollbit still leads as the top-earning crypto casino. However, with an ambitious vision, strategic tokenomics, and race to major listings, Scorpion Casino is snapping at its heels. As the space grows more competitive, platforms must deliver quality games while rewarding loyal users.

Only time will tell if Rollbit can maintain dominance or if the scorpion’s sting proves mightier. For now, both coins present intriguing plays on the surging popularity of crypto-powered gambling worldwide.

Viraj Randev
Viraj Randev

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