Galaxy Z Fold 6: Release Date, Specs, Features, Prices & Rumors

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As anticipation builds for the heavily rumored Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event in July, we have already discussed the Galaxy Z Flip 6.

But now, we turn our attention to the Galaxy Z Fold 6. Predictably, there is increasing excitement about artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and intense speculation surrounding a potential Ultra model.

What can we expect from the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6?

Key Takeaways

  • The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is rumored to be announced in July at a Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event.
  • The latest foldable is expected to be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor and feature AI capabilities.
  • Leaks suggest Z Fold 6 will retain its predecessor’s camera setup and 4,400mAh battery.
  • Rumors of a new “Ultra” model suggest Samsung is expanding its foldable lineup.
  • Samsung may be making a long-term commitment to the foldable market.

When is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Release Date?

Rumored Release: July 2024

Samsung is rumored to host a new Galaxy Unpacked event in Paris on July 10. The event will likely spotlight the Z Fold 6, the Z Flip 6, and new wearable technology.

Speculation hints at ambitious marketing plans that mixes the future of foldable smartphones with the fitness themes of a Samsung-sponsored Olympics a few weeks later in the city.

While Samsung’s release windows are normally later in the year, launching the Fold 6 in July, along with the company’s latest roster of products, would give Samsung a Gold medal in product exposure.


Galaxy Z Fold 6 Design

Thinner and Lighter, Increase Screen Resolution?

Ice Universe, a reputable tech community source, recently revealed a thinner and lighter device than its predecessor. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is also rumored to elevate design aesthetics to improve the practical aspects of its form factor.

With an unfolded thickness of merely 5.6mm and a weight reduction of 239 grams, the Fold 6 aims to deliver a more sleek and manageable device without compromising screen size or display quality. These enhancements, including an increased resolution for internal and external displays, signal Samsung’s commitment to refining the foldable experience, making it more appealing and accessible to a broader audience.

Insider sources also suggest two distinct models within the Fold 6 lineup: a standard edition that brings foldable technology to a more accessible price point and an ‘Ultra’ variant that pushes the boundaries of premium specifications.

This hints at Samsung’s strategy to diversify its foldable offerings, potentially increasing its appeal across different market segments.

The rumored Ultra model carries an intriguing codename, SM-F958. This vocabulary suggests it will sit at the pinnacle of Samsung’s foldable lineup, much like its Galaxy S Ultra counterparts.

Design cues from the highly acclaimed Galaxy S24 series are expected to influence the Fold 6, which will bring a more streamlined aesthetic, complete with flat sides and revamped speaker placement.

Smartprix and renowned leaker @OnLeaks unveiled detailed renders of what the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra might look like alongside a comprehensive 360-degree video. These visuals provide a glimpse into the potential design direction.

The proposed design language departs from its predecessors’ softer curves, favoring a more robust and boxier silhouette reminiscent of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 Specs & Features

Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, AI Enhancements

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is predicted to be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor. However, we expect AI-enhanced capabilities to steal the show and position the Z Fold 6 against Google’s latest offerings and the anticipated AI-enhanced iPhone 16.

On the camera front, despite expectations of hardware enhancements to keep pace with the competition, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 might maintain the status quo with its rear lens setup. Historically, Samsung has alternated between sensor upgrades across generations, leading to speculation about introducing a 5x optical zoom lens—a feature now common among competitors.

However, recent leaks suggest that the Z Fold 6 will continue with the existing camera configuration, sidestepping a significant overhaul in this department. This decision may disappoint users hoping for a foldable device that doesn’t compromise on photographic capabilities, especially given the premium price point of these innovative smartphones.

The challenge remains for Samsung to elevate the camera experience without inflating costs, ensuring that the Z Fold 6 can offer value that justifies its position as a flagship foldable device.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 Leaks

Existing 4,400 Battery? Extended Updates?

Although many have hoped for a significant battery upgrade, recent leaks suggest that Samsung will stick with the tried and trusted battery that has powered the last three iterations of the Z Fold series.

For some, the familiar sight of a 4400mAh battery and 25w charging power combined with its predecessor’s camera system could dampen enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s rumored commitment to providing seven years of software and security updates for the Galaxy Z Fold 6 suggests that foldable phones are here for the foreseeable future.

It also reflects the broader industry trend toward sustainability and long-term usability as we move away from an upgraded culture and a throwaway society.

Samsung’s move could also set a new standard for the entire mobile industry, emphasizing the importance of long-term device utility. But will this be enough to tempt you to enter the foldable smartphone market?

Galaxy Z Fold 6 Price

Expected Price: Starting at $1,600

The speculative pricing strategy for Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 6 series is stirring considerable interest, hinting at possibly recalibrating the market’s approach to foldable device affordability.

With the introduction of a potential “Ultra” variant alongside a standard model, there’s a buzz around the possibility that Samsung might lower the entry point for its next generation of foldable.

Historically positioned at a premium, with prices hovering around the $1,800 mark for base models, the Z Fold series has represented a significant investment. However, the rumored differentiation between a more accessible Galaxy Z Fold 6 and a premium “Ultra” model suggests a possible strategic pivot designed to appeal to a broader audience.

The rumored Ultra model muddies the waters and will provide hope of a starting price for the standard model at a more palatable $1,600 or lower cost.

Samsung could challenge existing price perceptions and democratize access to foldable technology. Could this be the moment that bridges the gap between high-end innovation and affordability?

The Bottom Line

Samsung has already addressed concerns over the fragility of foldable devices. The heavily rumored introduction of an “Ultra” variant alongside a more affordable standard model suggests a strategic diversification of Samsung’s foldable portfolio.

This approach would broaden consumer choice if the speculation surrounding the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is true. Finally, joining the exclusive seven-year support club would provide some much-needed reassurance that foldable phones are not a gimmick.

They look set to remain in service beyond 2030, but will that be enough for you to ditch your dated-looking candy bar phone?

Bringing the timeline closer, July looks set to be the month we find out more — stay tuned here for all your Galaxy Z Fold 6 news.


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