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Will 2024 be remembered as the year that smart rings entered the mainstream? Samsung certainly thinks so, with its upcoming release of the Galaxy Ring.

And rumors of an Apple Ring suggest that big tech is preparing to compete with current market leader Oura.

But before we grab our ring-side seats for the spectacle, let’s deep dive into everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Ring, the new tech wearable that was unveiled during Samsung’s Unpacked event in January.

This unexpected reveal was quickly followed by a further teaser at the Mobile World Congress in February, leaving tech fans hanging on every word of strategically drip-fed press releases.

Techopedia rounds up all the Samsung Galaxy Ring news, photos, and leaks – all you need to know before the big release.

Key Takeaways

  • Samsung Galaxy Ring will be unveiled at Samsung’s Unpacked event in July.
  • Health tracking is expected to include an ECG sensor to monitor heart rhythms and a PPG sensor for blood oxygen levels.
  • The new smart ring will work seamlessly in Samsung’s ecosystem, including the Health app, SmartThings, and Samsung Pay.
  • The Galaxy Ring will be available in three colors: platinum silver, ceramic black, and gold.
  • The Galaxy Ring will be available in American ring sizes 5 to 13.

When Will the Samsung Galaxy Smart Ring be Released?

Expected Release Date: July-August 2024

When can we expect to see the Samsung Galaxy Ring on our fingers? While Samsung has not confirmed an official release date, all signs point to a pivotal reveal in July in Paris, just before a Samsung-sponsored Olympic Games.


The Samsung Galaxy Ring release date is expected to be a few weeks after the August event. This would enable the tech giant to promote health benefits during the Olympic games. This schedule aligns with the anticipated release of Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Galaxy Z Fold 6 at the biannual Unpacked event.

Samsung Galaxy Ring vs. Oura, Apple Ring (Rumored Specs)

Model Samsung Galaxy Ring Oura (Generation 3) Apple Ring
Battery 5 to 9 days Up to 6 days Unknown
Weight Between 2.3-2.9 grams 4-6 grams depending on materials Unknown
Sizing 5-13 6-13 Unknown
Durability Water Resistant Water-resistant up to 100 meters (more than 328 ft) Water Resistant
Sensors ECG and PPG sensors with ability to track heart rate, respiratory rate, night movement and sleep latency 3-axis accelerometer, heart rate monitor, relative Sp02 sensor, ECG sensor, EDA sensor Rumours suggest heart rate monitor, SpO2 Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor
Contactless Payments Yes Not yet Yes
Colors Platinum Silver, Ceramic Black, and Gold. Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Titanium, Dark Gray, and Black. Unknown
Price Around $300 $299 or $79.99
Subscription Reportedly considering a subscription price for the Galaxy Health app $5.99 a month Unknown
The Fitness Plus subscription fee is $9.99 a month or $79.99 annually

What is the Launch Price of the Samsung Galaxy Ring?

Estimated Price: Under $300

Given the competitive landscape of the smart ring market, the Samsung Galaxy Ring price is likely to be designed to tempt users away from the market leader, Oura Ring, which is priced at around $300.

An image of the Oura Smart Ring

The competition: The Oura Smart Ring. (Oura)

Samsung, known for its strategic pricing to capture market share, might set the Galaxy Ring’s price slightly lower to attract users from Oura and other competitors. A cost of under $300 would make it an attractive alternative, offering similar or superior features.

While Oura requires a monthly £5.99 subscription to access premium features of its smart ring, Samsung currently does not impose a similar fee for its Galaxy Health app. However, there are indications that this could change with potential subscription plans to secure recurring revenue. But as subscription fatigue sets in, we suspect this could come much later once adoption has been secured.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Features

Health Monitoring & a Connected Lifestyle

Predictably, the Galaxy Ring promises comprehensive wellness tracking, allowing users to take a more proactive approach to managing their health and well-being. Expected features include an ECG sensor to monitor heart rhythms and a PPG sensor for blood oxygen levels.

With the rise of FemTech, Samsung is also expected to extend its functionality to include menstrual and fertility tracking, ensuring a wide array of health monitoring. The integration of Samsung’s My Vitality Score will offer users a holistic view of their physical and mental readiness, synthesizing data from various health metrics into a single actionable score.

Strategically positioned, the Galaxy Ring wants us to think bigger than just another tech wearable to charge, but a health tool that works seamlessly with Samsung’s Health app enhancements.

Pending regulatory approval, we expect the app to introduce improved smart sleep analysis tools and potentially sophisticated features like blood pressure monitoring.

In the long term, the Samsung smart ring could appeal to gadget lovers and health-focused individuals by incorporating meal planning via Samsung Food support and integrating seamlessly with existing Samsung ecosystems like SmartThings and Samsung Pay for a fully connected lifestyle experience.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Colors

Platinum Silver, Ceramic Black, and Gold

The Galaxy Ring will be available in three appealing colors: platinum silver, ceramic black, and gold. This rollout introduces the first products in Samsung’s new ‘Q series’ and marks a significant expansion in the wearable market, catering to diverse consumer preferences with a broad range of sizes and stylish color options.

The Galaxy Ring’s understated design resonates with individuals who avoid more conspicuous smartwatches. Samsung’s focus on simplicity and user-friendly features could make the Galaxy Ring a preferred choice for those new to smart wearables or looking for a discreet way to embrace the connected lifestyle.

By combining health monitoring with a minimalist design, Samsung aims to carve out a significant niche in the smart ring market currently dominated by Oura.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Battery Life

Samsung Claims 5-9 Days

When recently speaking with Financial News, Samsung representatives shared that the Galaxy Ring boasts a battery life of five to nine days on a single charge — a noteworthy enhancement over the Oura Ring’s six-day capacity. However, the true performance of Samsung’s claims will only be validated once the product hits the market and undergoes rigorous real-world testing.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Sizes

Choosing Your Perfect Fit from Sizes 5 to 13

According to recent leaks, the Samsung Galaxy Ring will be available in nine American ring sizes 5 to 13.

Only eight model numbers have been confirmed: SM-Q500 through SM-Q502 and SM-Q505 through SM-Q509. This intriguing discrepancy hints at the possibility of a ninth variant yet to be unveiled, potentially filling the gaps in the sequence with either SM-Q503 or SM-Q504.

Who Is Samsung’s Galaxy Ring Really For?

Samsung’s Galaxy Ring emerges as a new contender in the smart wearables arena, distinctively designed for users who prefer discretion and simplicity in their devices. As the novelty factor of bulky smartwatches begins to fade, bright rings target a niche yet growing demographic that values health monitoring without the bulk or conspicuousness of traditional wearables.

It’s safe to say that the type of people who feel compelled to tell you how many steps they have taken will soon be telling you their vitality score.

The Bottom Line

The Galaxy Ring offers a minimalist tech wearable that promises to deliver all the essential health and fitness tracking capabilities without the downsides of a bulky smartwatch.

However, users should be wary that big tech companies may be using the allure of gadgets and new features to gather extensive personal data and pivot towards recurring subscription models — effectively charging users to access their private health information as they shift their revenue from single purchases to continuous financial commitments.

Regardless of these warnings, many will attempt to justify the purchase by saying they want to combine style with functionality or explore the broader change in how we interact with our smart devices.

But in the months ahead, we can expect consumers to channel their inner Golem while muttering, We wants it. We needs it. My precious.


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